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If there is one concept which has been well agreed among the Eastern philosophers and the Western psychologists, the Ancient secrets and the New Age spirituality, it is Synchronicity. Synchroncity = an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated, coined by Carl Jung. Here is a perfect […]

Slowing Down…

by yiye

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I have been so productive lately. I’ve finally acted on the inspiration and started writing my books – yes, plural! I’m working on my Chinese articles alongside this blog. I even find time (daily) to pray for my community and enjoy sharing the prayers across different social media channels. Our house renovation of 2.5 years […]

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Dear friends, some of the most frequently asked questions in the community are: “How can I tap into my intuition?” “How can I use my intuition to improve my work & life?” “How can I trust my intuition more.” In this (short) video, I’ll help you learn the truth about your intuition & trust yourself […]