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20th May 2015, Mercury is in retrograde again. Although if you are sensitive towards energy, you probably have already noticed the energy shift since last week. People often feel uncomfortable towards Mercury Retrograde. Sure, wonkiness can be in various forms: missing a train/plane, tons of delays, electronic devices go wild, communication breakdowns or chaos occurs, […]

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“…I have a degree, I should be prosperous.” “I am pretty and smart. He really should have proposed by now. It’s unfair!” Overhearing some comments like this in a cafe, it reminded me of the first time that I was asked for a discount. (Bear with me, I’ll explain) He, a semi-“industry leader”, asked me […]

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Being cheated by the weather forecast again… They said that we were about to have three months of non-stop heatwave here in the UK. But really, they meant two days. Here we go. Spring rain. Daffodils. Candle. Capital FM – on. Phones – off. Heart – open. Inner-fire. I feel being understood. They call this […]