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Being cheated by the weather forecast again… They said that we were about to have three months of non-stop heatwave here in the UK. But really, they meant two days. Here we go. Spring rain. Daffodils. Candle. Capital FM – on. Phones – off. Heart – open. Inner-fire. I feel being understood. They call this […]


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(This post was originally written for T1Q) Before you learn to speak, intuition was your first ever language. Just like animals have their instincts hunting for food and avoiding danger, we human beings are born with intuitive abilities which navigate the best choices that we can make in our lives. Sadly many have gradually ignored,¬†overlooked […]


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It’s very exciting to craft your signature service, but it can be nerve racking/confusing at the same time. That’s OK – it just takes some inner-work for you to get more confidence, clarity and direction. This short training video is easy to absorb and ideal for you if you want to: improve your conversion rate; […]