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“I launched my offer, I marketed, marketed and marketed like the gurus said. I have upgraded my life: my hairstyle, my website design, I’m even having weekly massages now…I’m upleveling. I treat myself with all those things, I did almost all the internet business courses, but clients still don’t come, and worse, I feel more […]


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It is our responsibility to create and grow a business that is aligned with our desires. But at times, you”ll experience situations that drive you away from your desires: “I totally dig what you do, let’s barter?” “I want your stuff but I can’t afford it, can you give me a discount/for free? Let’s work […]


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Photo by John O’Nolan Do you resonate? Sometimes I can hear a website crying. I mean, the owner is showered by rich life experiences, marketable expertise, undeniable gifts, not to mention their big, giving heart. Perhaps he hasn’t learnt how to connect the dots yet, or maybe she didn’t believe in her worth or power, “things […]