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It breaks my heart to see so many creatives struggling to be comfortable with their web presence. While I’m no copywriter, when it comes to infusing Abundance into your web copy, about page, sales page…I know a trick or five… I’m going to share five tips with you today. Each is simple and fun to implement, […]


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Talking about creating and attracting your desires, are you tired of pro/con lists, or not getting consistent results no matter how much hustling you have been doing? When it comes to manifestation, the process is pretty simple. You don’t need to be supersmart or born lucky to get what you want. You just need to train […]


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“I want to quit my mastermind FB groups. Some people get a lot of clients from those groups but I am not, despite the fact that I’m giving a lot. I answer questions in my community regularly, I share and comment others’ posts and events. But very little is coming back. I’m tired of this imbalance….” “I […]