Post image for Become An Abundance Magnet Even During Difficult Times

“Is abundance still around? I’m such a mess right now. I guess that abundance, good things and people just don’t belong to me…” We all do such self-talk from time to time. True – it’s hard to attract abundance during difficult times. Not because abundance is not there, but we are so preoccupied with our […]

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I don’t know about you but I love seeing the higher purpose in everything I do and my life is pretty much guided by my Big Visions. This can be a wonderful thing but the more I keep my mind focused on something higher and grander than myself the more I detach from my present […]

Post image for Synchronicity, Miracles and Cosmic Romance

If there is one concept which has been well agreed among the Eastern philosophers and the Western psychologists, the Ancient secrets and the New Age spirituality, it is Synchronicity. Synchroncity = an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated, coined by Carl Jung. Here is a perfect […]