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Has anyone said this to your face and left you tongue-tied: “You are too expensive to work with…” Well, instead of finding yourself lost for words or getting offended thus saying something that you might regret later on, here is a script for you to turn around the situation, gracefully and rapidly. Before we get there, this […]


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Personally I experience a major uplevelling at least every 3 months – they are very intense to handle. I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I’ve compiled this rich post to help you. 1. There is no need to “transcend your ego” You will experience a high volume of inner critics, and you might […]


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Funding your creative dream is simple (but not necessarily easy given all the noises and hype that you are exposed to). If you strip off all the fancy models, funnels and tactics in your creative business, cutting it back to the bare bones, here is what you must do, daily, to make your creativity profitable, with striking simplicity. Tweet […]