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Photo by John O’Nolan Do you resonate? Sometimes I can hear a website crying. I mean, the owner is showered by rich life experiences, marketable expertise, undeniable gifts, not to mention their big, giving heart. Perhaps he hasn’t learnt how to connect the dots yet, or maybe she didn’t believe in her worth or power, “things […]


money relationship, money mantra, money manifestation, spiritual entrepreneur,law of attraction

Hands are sweating? Heart is racing? Let’s get this straight. We all suffer from a “deservability issue” from time to time. Instead of being stuck in your old stories, or your not-so-glamorous family legacy, here are 8 Money Mantras to shift your frequency and focus on what matters. Now steal them, tweak them, use them […]

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Life can be messy, when you miss the train, make wrong friends, or when you put all your heart and soul into growing an online business but the EU introduced its new VAT rules. I understand your frustration: a road block for your to-be-launched projects, the fear of shutting down your online aspect, you are […]