1 secret to get you started or smash any blocks to get you re-started

by yiye

Do you have fabulous goals but you just wish:”if only I’ve got more guts, credentials or money to get there?”

If your big goal means almost everything to you when it comes true, then you are very likely NOT to start at all, or get blocks on your way and feel stuck. You are not alone.

Maybe you want to write the book you have always been dreaming of, but you don’t believe that you’ve got the communication talents which other writers seem to easily have.

Perhaps you want to open your own restaurant near the beach, serving the finest food you can ever taste, but the initial investment is too much for you to even think about.

Or you want to do something positive to make your city, your country a better, safer and freer place to live. Maybe you have made some progress but you always question yourself: “who the hell do I think I am!”

Whenever you do a “reality check”, you pause, get scared or feel frustrated.

Good news is that I have a solution for you, wherever you are, whatever you want to achieve.


Acknowledge who you are and where you are now.

From my own experience and observations, I believe that if people feel reluctant to make a first step or suffer some level of blocks, it is largely because some truth is missing during the process. Being a truth teller is a fantastic way to reverse the situation.


Because any stunning creation of art, enterprise and lifestyle in history is all originated from the heart.

But only truth can set your heart free.

Truth is the only language that you heart can recognise, that the audience can resonate with.

Truth is your golden compass pointing you in the right direction.

We all have our personal truth, what’s true for me might not be true for you. But the more you live to your personal truth, the easier it is for you to connect with like-minded people.

Danny Boyle demonstrated this concept pretty well through the London Olympic Opening Ceremony. Beijing did an amazing job – the flawless sychronicity, the flashy routines and clean excution. However London has an entirely different culture (and a lot tighter budget) so there is no point to be a second class copy cat. Instead the London Ceremony was dynamic, funny, original (and perhaps a little bit more bizare and low key) – exactly relfecting what a typical Londoner is like! The ceremony is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it touches whoever it was meant to touch – and millions will remember Mr Bean’s face after years have passed.


If you want to write that book which is already within you, but you don’t think you are good or strong enough yet, instead of delaying day after day, you can just recognise where you are now. Open your first chapter like this: “I have been through a lot of pain, depression and deep shit situations in my life. I always wanted to write this book but I feel stuck at the moment, because I am not even sure if I am totally healed yet, part of me is still damaged. This is where I am now. I hope, however, the beginning of this chapter is also a new chapter in my own life”… then carry on describing how exactly you feel right now, and what in life has brought you to this point. You don’t have to be a master or a “guru” yet.

If you want to open your own restauarant or shop, admit that you are a newbie and you do need time and guidance, but you’ve also got the potential, drive and whatever it takes to be a successful restaurant/shop owner. You study your favourate restaurants/shops in the market and how they run their business. You go and talk to the owners, or even better make friends with them.

If you want to compose, sing and perform in front of audience but the lack any formal training stops you from going ahead. Then recognise that you do have the raw and powerful talents, but you’ll also need a structure and support system in order to express your gifts to the fullest. Put your aside your pride and enroll in a world-class traning programme.

If you can’t get satisfation from your current job, then try to be more objective here – examine your truest motive when you accepted this offer, despite what you said during the interview – did you just want more money, did you just want a company name/job title that makes you feel more secure etc? If this is the case, then make sure you know what exactly will satisfy you for your next move, in addition to remuneration. And don’t compromise any of them.

Be very gentle with yourself, it’s OK that you are not who exactly you want to be yet. But once you let the truth come out and have the understanding of who you are now, you will have the courage to get started or dive back into the flow!


In the past people told me that: “sure, I want to tell the truth, but I really don’t know how”.

If you are not used to listening to your heart, and find there are so many little voices in your head fighting against each other, the exersice below will help you. (Bear in mind, truth rarely comes from your head, it is from your heart, your throat or your stomach).

Go to a quiet room by yourself. Close the door and remove any outside distractions. Take a few deep breaths to start with. Put your non-dominant hand on your heart and say: “my heart is telling me __________________


Then use your dominant hand to write down the answer. What comes out in your writing should make you feel: expansive, centred and liberated, almost like you’re saying ”phew…”. That’s how you know it is your heart that is speaking. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come out immediately. Be patient and try a few times if you need to.

The answer could be remarkably simple! It is our ego/head which usually complicates things.

As always, I’d love to hear what comes out and your action steps forward to achieve your goals!

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Lesley Reid Cross

Nice exercise, Yiye. Very simple way of accessing the truth of your heart. I have a few things going through my head at the moment- one a challenge I’m encountering and one a dream. With both in mind I did the exercise and what I heard was “keep moving forward, asking questions, connecting, small steps lead to big breakthroughs”.


Beautiful Lesley! thanks for sharing, wise answer coming out too! Sending you lots of love and energy to bring your dreams to reality!


Did you know that the German word for “fortune-telling” is “wahrsagen”, which literally means “Truth-Telling”? It ties in the point you make here: if you speak your truth, your heart’s deepest truth, you can tell the future – you can *make* the future by making those dreams come true.

What you say is so powerful – it’s not necessary to be perfect. In fact, in some ventures like coaching and counselling, it’s often better to not come across as the one who’s already “there” yet. If your potential client perceive you as having it all figured out already, they’ll feel intimidated and small in comparison, as if you couldn’t possibly relate to them. If you show that you are struggling too, and have been through a lot – truthfully – they will believe that you know where they are and can genuinely help.

Ok, I’m going to stop writing a novel here 😉 In short, I LOVE this post and will share it all over the place!

Much love and blessings,


Hey Sibylle – enjoyed reading your novel :), food for thought!
and thanks for teaching me “wahrsagen” = truth telling = fortune telling.

all my love

gina rafkind

great post Yiye! it reminds me of a couple sayings about Truth…….the truth prevails……and the truth will set you free…….no wonder it’s so important to know :). And starting where we are is key…..thx for sharing………much love……..gina


Thank you Gina!
Much love, light and energy to you too!

Tanja @ Crystal Clarity

*grins* – I had to smile at the contrast between this post and Jane’s, Yiye, and yet there’s immense wisdom in both of them!

I think it’s incredibly important to know where you’re starting and accept that as your starting point. If I want to travel from London to Paris, I won’t get there any faster by getting annoyed with myself that I’m not actually starting in New York, wishing I was *actually* in New York, and creating a travel plan based on starting from New York 🙂

(am I stretching that metaphor WAY too far there?)




haha I love the metaphor!
I had to smile when I saw Jane’s post as well!! That’s so great about our community – we are free to express whatever feels right to us, but we also repsect and appreciate what others say, and celebrate the difference.

samantha jenkins

Ah I so agree. Being honest with ourself is so important, but it takes time and courage to tell our truth. My heart exercise came up with …”it’s never too late to be all that I am and I have more than enough time to do my work in the world” …who knew? hee hee!


oh wow! that’s quite a message to hear from your heart!! thanks for sharing!

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