2 tips to strengthen your visualisation muscle + build long-term prosperity

by yiye

As Einstein said: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

Do you use your imagination (the RICH & FREE inner-resource) to attract what you desire effectively? Do you know that your visualisation techniques can be strengthened so much more, if you avoid these 2 big mistakes?

WATCH this 3 mins video and strengthen your imagination technique by avoiding these 2 big common mistakes people make.

In the comment area, please let me know the flavour of your perfect day/biz venture/relationship/career etc. And how you have used visualisation to get to where you are now.

All my love

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Great tips, and it’s so true that we tend to omit ourselves in our dreams; I’m workign on changing that.

By the way, my dream is caramel-flavoured 🙂 It’s golden and mellow and sweet, a sunny day in my own eco log house in a garden, with my budgies and at least one large room dedicated to the Bird Sanctuary, where scared/mistreated birds can heal and forget their ordeals and live a happy life in company and being loved so very much. And all this is going to be financed by my own work as a pagan teacher and life coach, on- and offline, and reach those people who are open to change, growth, and a wild abundance of happiness!

– Woah, I think I just wrote my mission statement 🙂

Much love and blessings,


I love your mission statement Sibylle! thanks for sharing your vision! caramel -flavoured, golden and sweet – sounds great! you can even expand your mission statement in your journal too!! go as detailed as you like 🙂

love + good vibes!

samantha jenkins

Hm I definitely think I could use visualisation more! My ice-cream would be tutti-frutti …multi-coloured, varied and never quite sure what you’re going to get next. Funny that because most days I battle with a desire for certainty and security but perhaps deep down I prefer the random unknowing of what comes next 🙂


wow! sounds very advanteous! thanks for sharing Sam! enjoy your imagination 🙂

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