3 solutions to get more & better clients

by yiye

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As a heart-based, spirit-guided business owner, client attraction might cause you a headache. Especially when there is too much noise out there which gives you contradicting information.

The good news is that getting more ideal clients is actually simpler than many would think – it doesn’t require you to be perfect, have a large list or anything sophisticated. But you do need to make some subtle energy changes. Here are 3 tips, take action TODAY. Otherwise, think how many great clients you might be losing out on?

1. Have you outgrown your offering / pricing?

As an entrepreneur (or wannabe), your learning curve, both as a person and as a business owner, is so steep – spiritually, practically and energetically.

Looking back to 6 months ago, do you still feel the same person? Probably not.

Therefore, what served you before doesn’t mean it will serve you and your audience the best NOW…

I’ve seen this happening over and over again:

The soul of the heart-based entrepreneur is yearning to grow, but it was held back by her offering and pricing.

If you don’t respect this nudge, ie, look into how to tweak and upgrade your offering (or if you are new, then DEFINITELY change from freeline to charging – even if it is just a small price, it’s a huge symbolic step up), then your client attraction will become stagnant or exhausting.

Why? Because everything in your business: making products, creating free content, enrolling clients etc…underneath each aspect there is an energy exchange going on. If your offering and pricing doesn’t reflect your inner desire, it will hurt this energetic harmony.

And, trust me on this one, your Higher Self will find ways to make you realise it… πŸ™‚

In the past, people have come to me so frustrated and asking what they have done wrong in their business….Really it wasn’t that there was a big big big magic pill they didn’t take, they just forgot to give themselves permission to grow.

Once they decided to stand up, their entire world is also standing up with them.

Solution:Β Take some quiet time with your Higher Self, and ask where you are holding yourself back from stepping up in terms of your offering and pricing. Then trust this impulse, take action to tweak, change and upgrade.

Sometimes it will be freaking inconvenient for the short-term, it triggers your Upper Limit Problem, Β it triggers your past life soul injuries, it triggers the ancestry DNA imprint, it triggers all the social/cultural programming – all those stories that have been imposed upon you…

And you just feel like hiding under your duvet, locking yourself in the toilet, running around in a local park like a crazy person? No no no, I am not mocking you or laughing at you, this was exactly what I did last time I decided to make a leap.

Did I still do it? Yes.

Was it convenient? No.

Did I regret? Absolutely not. If I were given another chance, I’d do it all over again (but quicker and more decisive this time).

Has everything been simplified afterwards? (ie, was it worth it). Hell yeah!


2. Do you feel dreadful when you write your web/sales copy?

If you feel frustrated or dreadful when you write your copy, your newsletter/ezine or make an offer, then it doesn’t take a psychic to pick up that vibe! And as an intuitive, you know that people respond accordingly to VIBES.

In this case, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your page looks like, energetically you are broadcasting a message to the Universe that you are not able to serve…

Solution:Β Don’t rush your day. Have a ritual before you start working, EVERY DAY. It could be your daily morning meditation, running/jogging…anything that make you feel connected.

Always check in with your own vibes before you do any marketing/client attraction activities. If you’ve mastered how to transform fears into love – then use this “muscle” to get yourself back on track immediately. If not yet, it’s better to take some time off and come back with a fresher mind before forcing anything to happen.

And invest in learning copy writing on an ongoing basis, gradually, this skill will become your friend rather than your enemy.


3. Your intention and actions are not in alignment.

What does this mean?

For example, perhaps you want to empower other people in your life, but personally, you’d rather be pep talked all the time instead of being empowered yourself? Sound familiar?

Or, if you are a coach who wants to create a transformational experience / quantum leap for your clients, but you have never ever worked with a transformational mentor/coach extensively yourself. Then it’s hard to stand behind what you offer, isn’t it?

Or, you “think” that getting more clients is your top priority but psychologically you make it so difficult…”but I don’t want to do this, but I’m not perfect”….Oh darling, please let me assure you again, you do NOT need to be perfect, what you need is MOMENTUM and CASH.

If you are not a seasoned entrepreneur, then momentum and cash is your heart-beat of your heart-based business.

Solution: perfection is overrated, but you have to become what you teach/practice. Β Momentum, momentum, momentum – ask yourself what did you do today 1) to clear your inner space so that you can have more clients? 2) to attract more clients? If you can’t find the answer, then take a very honest look at your priorities.


All my love,

signature, yiye zhang


You and me, 1:1? Souful evolution & speedy solutions…


Sarah Jordan

Thanks for the great tips. The part about “people picking up the vibes” of your copy, etc really resonates with me. As someone who tends to rush because I want to do it all, I’m going to be more mindful of the way I feel when I’m working from now on.


Thanks Sarah!


Beautiful reminder to check in with my recovering, inner-perfectionist. I have so many ideas and so much to give… I often get bogged down by the illusion of a perfect offering. Transparency, support and mindfulness are becoming my perfect offering. Thank you!


Thanks Shann!

Cindie Chavez

Beautiful post, Yiye – I love the reminder about vibes where writing copy is concerned. Just this morning I came into my office and decided to write a Love Letter to my clients telling them about my latest offering. πŸ™‚ And I so agree with your comments about actions and intentions being in alignment, earlier this year I had a big “aha” moment about that – I realized that I had been wanting to work with a certain mentor for A YEAR and had not taken action, the big “aha” was waiting a year to hire a mentor then certainly there would be people out there that had been thinking about hiring me for a year and had not done it, I certainly did not want that!! So I took action right away to work with this mentor and yes I did see the results in my own business. Thanks for these powerful tips!


Thanks Cindie!

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