4 ways to tell your past lives + help your CURRENT life

by yiye

Have you watched the popular youtube video about a 4 year-old boy from Hong Kong playing the piano within 3 months?

He plays like a master.

Sure, he has a great teacher.

And yes, I know what you are thinking – the Asian tiger moms! Possibly a tiger dad too in this case…

But how about himself? As a soul and spirit?

Seriously, I don’t believe this is the first life that he has touched a piano.

The flow, the interpretation, the expression…it’s not something that can be taught within a few short months. It just came out of him naturally, with the assistance of hard work and practice.

These talents and gifts have been planted and developed before he was even physically born.

He is picking up where he left off before.

You too are picking up where you left off before.

I’d love to invite you to trace back your past lives, understand your patterns better, and reclaim your most innate gifts.

Please read on to find your best self – no prior training required.

how to remember your past lives with yiye zhang

Given that you are visiting this site, you are probably an older soul.

Chances are you have hundreds, if not thousands, of past lives.

Having said that, there is actually no such thing as “past life” – they are all present in different dimensions and simultaneously co-exist with your current life. I’ll stop here, before it gets too dry.

The reason I mention this concept is to explain, why knowing your “past lives” can make a  positive impact on your current life.

Remember the chemistry class in your school, you learnt the double helix structure of your DNA? And a large proportion of DNA had no known biological function and was therefore sometimes referred to as “Junk DNA“?

Well, apparently they are not as “junk” as we thought.

Some frontier/radical scientists have suggested that your Akashic Records are embedded in your DNA.

That said, all energies you created in all lives on earth, your talents, gifts and skills, your karmic lessons, frustrations and wounds, are well stored through your soul’s journey, namely the Akashic Record or the Book of Life.

Those talents can be re-awakened, re-activated and enhanced.

dna activation

For example, if you want to further develop your skills as an communicator, leader, artist or healer, you probably have at least one past life where you were such a professional, you can call up your Higher Self to activate those codes within your DNA.

Then carry on attending your usual training, doing your daily practices, but also wait and see the miracle to unfold – it will take you to the next level.

There won’t be any dramatic changes from the outside (it’s probably too scary for you anyway), but internally there will be a quantum leap.

It really doesn’t matter how you want to call up your Higher Self.

You can, for example, simply ask your Higher Self to: “Pick up the energy from the lifetime where I  had the healthiest genes and put it into my DNA now.”  or “Activate the energy from the lifetime that I was a painter.”

What matters is a pure intention and desire. We all make our own realities.

If you resonate with what I say, and believe in your Higher Self, consciously and subconsciously, then this will work beautifully for you.

If you think I am BSing here, then in your world, I am indeed BSing, and this won’t work at all.

Either way, you are right.

You have countless gifts, skills and talents, and it’s no better time than now to reclaim them.

So, let’s dive into it.

Here are the 4 DIY tools to remember your past lives.

Firstly, before you start any process, please do a little prayer. Ask your guardian angel and Higher Self to protect you from any negative entities, or dark soul memories, which can be too much for you to handle on your own.

Pray to ask your Higher Self only to show you the necessary information for the time being – too much could overwhelm you too.

The purpose is to heal you at a deeper level and encourage you to share your gifts with the world.

1. All revealed from your face.



credit: andrewduffycca.wordpress.com

Browse your photo albums.

Search for a range of photos with facial expressions, through different ages.

And put them together as a collage.

Now, gaze at each picture.

See intuitively which one “jumps” to your attention.

And ask your Higher Self if it has any information to provide for you about a past lifetime.

Feeling stuck?

A few prompt questions to get you started:

1. Which culture/location were you from? Were you a male or female?

2. What was your occupation? Were you alone or with family?

3. What was your heart’s desire or biggest challenge in that life time?

Free your imagination and see what comes through.

If think the answers that come through are too silly, that’s probably your inner censor disturbing you.

If you think you were someone famous – that’s probably your ego playing tricks on you too.

When the true answers come to you, you will feel a sense of relief and being understood. You might even have a tendency to cry for no apparent reason.

I have a friend M, who is a dance teacher. He is convinced that one life time he was a native American.

I asked him why.

He said, it’s so obvious to him when he looked at the mirror, putting his hair back. He felt like an native American.

I thought about it, to me that’s pretty logical too.

The native Americans are famous for their alternative healing methods and mystics. M has an amazing healing attribute in his energy – this gem has been hidden behind his gift of dancing.

M is a dedicated teacher, and his style is very understated. He intuitively understands how energy flows within human body, and his choreography somehow has great healing effect. In fact, this healing effect helped one of his students to successfully recover from a knee injury.

M could certainly combine the gift of healing with teaching and to make his personal brand stand out more, as well as attracting like-minded people. 

2. Your behaviour patterns or obsessions.

We probably all have a wide range of roles spread over many lifetimes, but each of us has one key trait (possible two but no more than three) – the most frequent reincarnated role.

And this can be detected easily by observing your own behaviour. Especially if you are into something that your folks have no interests at all.

The first time I heard the opening of Tao De Ching, I was in primary school. When I heard of “道可道, 非常道。名可名,非常名。。。” It felt like home and I started to cry with joy…

The internet was not widely available in my home town back then, but I went out of my way and found this ancient book in the library.

I didn’t understand a word….I probably still don’t fully understand it, but it doesn’t stop me from loving it.

wudang mountain

I heard that many Tao De Ching lovers feel like the same – being understood just by reading the text despite the fact that you don’t understand the text fully yourself! I guess we were all Taoist monks at some point.

This life, my soul chose to reincarnate near Wudang Mountain (a Taoist heritage mountain in China). I’m sure I lived there many times before. I climbed that mountain as often as I could, every time it soothed my soul.

When I read for myself, I saw many lifetimes as truth seekers: eg, monks or researchers. This has been confirmed when my mentor read for me too.

How does this information helps me?

As a non-native speaker, my day to day English is not perfect.

I couldn’t trust myself to write a weekly blog, and forthcoming books.

But knowing that I’ve done communicating metaphysics, philosophy and spirituality many times before, it gives me comfort to just show up and do my work.

The funny thing is that when it comes to reading, speaking and writing about spiritual development, I just flow.

The anxiety and shyness temporarily disappears too – I know that my spirit is well with me.

I’m a natural observer, investigator and student of the BIG WHY. This is in my “code” and the shortage of vocabulary won’t stop me.

Go and find your core essence, your most reincarnated roles.

Go and re-visit your best self! When you reconnect with this part of you, all the excuses vanish (oh I don’t have this…I’m too old/young).

Here are a couple of ideas to help you kick off:

1. Places you are obsessed with.

It might be culturally driven, or just for tourism purposes.

Chances are you’ve been there before!

Go and visit there as often as you need. If you feel called to learn the language and culture, by all mean do it.

It feeds your soul and soothe your unconscious pains.

2. Something that you are never tired of doing, if money, time and age is not a concern.

This is your true gift. Even you don’t think it is practical or it can make you a living immediately, freely expressing this desire can bring lots of light and positivity to this world as well as your own life.

The world loves a lover – people are interested to hear you talking about something you love.

Follow your passion, surrender to your most natural gifts and let the spirit/Higher Self do the work. 

3. Automatic writing

If you have been practising the “morning page”, then inspirational writing or even automatic writing shouldn’t be challenging for you.

Next time, after your 3 normal morning pages of long hand writing, invite your Teacher Guide to step in and carry on with a sentence like this: “In this past life, I was…..”

See what comes up.


4. Getting slightly advanced

If you have tried the above and are hungry for more, feel free to go deeper.

You can find a trusted psychic or past live regression practitioner.

Or do it yourself:

Prepare your usual meditation routine in your usual spot where you feel safe, normal and grounded.

Invoke Archangel Michael to protect you during the process – imagine a white light shining onto you.

Go into your meditative state, with one question in mind.

Direct your consciousness to a higher dimension and ask your Higher Self to reveal the details which help you to answer your question at a deeper level.

What you are looking for is a particular life time that draws your most attention right now.

One morning last week, I went into a meditative state, and received some details – the postal address where my soul used to live, and it lead on to the overall picture of a particular life time:

18th century, a feminist worker, fighting for women’s rights, outspoken, radical – not popular at all – got attacked heavily, being described as ugly and sinful, lived a very long life, desire to serve but being misunderstood.

It reveals the unconscious wounds in me that I wasn’t even aware of!

My soul’s work in that lifetime proved to be challenging.

Being criticized constantly during that life time, my past self must have doubted herself and possibly everything…

Fast forward, just 200 years later, women in many countries have the same (or similar) rights to access education as men, to vote, and to follow their heart’s desires…

I’m so grateful for the openness in our society. I now certainly feel appreciated, understood and loved.

I had the urge to visit the “old” place.

So I did.

old home

 As soon as I arrived in the area, I burst out laughing.

Although I never came to this exact street, I walked past the street behind it so many times. I even had tea with friends in the cafe around the corner.

No wonder why I love this area so much! I thought it was because of the relaxing vibes in the air, but clearly there is certainly more to it.

The house where my past self used to live has been changed into a small office.

When I got there, two John Lewis delivery men were looking for the recipient.

The big truck stopped in front of me and my view was blocked.

Gazing into the space, the truck didn’t block my mind’s eye.

Through the mist and rain, I could see my past self playing around with her little sister on the blue sofa tickling each other. Mum was making tea in the kitchen behind.

I stood there for a while and couldn’t feel the time..

It’s a very weird sensation.

You past self is you because it shares the same Higher Self and soul energy. In a way you melt together.

But it’s not quite you, because you have different bodies, ego personalities and cultural influences etc.

Before I left, I told my past self quietly: “Hey, I’m back. Your work is more worthwhile than you thought. And all is well with our soul.”

I asked my guides how come I went to that area many times before.

They replied: “You are always guided”. They refer to “everyone on this planet”, whether spiritually conscious or not.

“How about my friends who had tea with me in this cafe, were they my neighbours in that life? How about the little sister and mum?”

I couldn’t hear any reply, other than feeling the loving vibration around me.

Well, guess there is no need to over-think right now.

When the time is right, all will be revealed.

I left with great curiosity.

This visit is leading to a creativity project – when I have more details, I’ll share with you.

OKAY, that’s me. How about you?

In the comment area, share your past life story + how this can help you for this life, and if you have some simple techniques to remember past lives, please share it with our community!

If you enjoy this post, please share it with like-minded souls.

Sending you all my love

signature, yiye zhangA soul-to-soul note: maybe we have known each other many times before, maybe this is our first “meeting”, either way, I treasure your soul journey and our encounter.


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Oh dear Yiye, what a beautiful and moving post full of wisdom! I loved the stories of your past life connections. I’m definitely going to try some of the techniques you describe. Thank you.

For me, I am very open-minded and not altogether decided on a belief about after- or past life. I do believe nothing ever is lost in this universe, and at this time in my life one very plausible explanation is that when we die, the boundaries of the body fall away and all souls are together in the spirit place. Therefore, I believe we can access any past life and it isn’t necessarily “our” past life but one we relate to, that has some significance for this current lifetime. And that’s how we “choose” which one to connect with. If that makes any sense 🙂

Personally, I have this connection with Ireland, so I or souls I relate to, have probably spent many lifetimes here. When I moved to Ireland as a student 21 years old, after 1 1/2 years I had picked up mannerisms, the language and the accent so completely, people who met me didn’t recognise me as a foreigner anymore. One of my professors at Galway university told me he’d never seen the like of it; he’d known Germans who after 20 years in Ireland still sound like Germans. He used to say half-jokingly that I must have an Irish gene in my family from centuries ago, that surfaced in me. I think it was a past life. I also think he was an old soul, too 🙂

When I visited Delphi in Greece, I felt such an overwhelming sense of coming home, it was staggering. It’s such a resonant, powerful place. It also has a “rock of Sibylle” (yes, really), it made me laugh when I saw the sign on it – I wasn’t surprised at all. My parents must have received guidance from another place when they named me in this lifetime.
In Delphi, I felt no vertigo although I am usually *very* afraid of heights. I sat on the low stone wall by the street and looked down the steep drop into the deep valley, but all I thought was how beautiful it was – I wasn’t feeling queasy at all.

Those were two stories, I’ll stop now before I keep going on and on!!

Much love and blessings,


wow Sibylle! I love reading your stories too! pick up the mannerisms, the language and the accent 100%, and when you were born your parents feel the vibraton of”Sibylle”! So cool – so honoured to hear these and thanks again for sharing!!
all my love

Alison Joy

Ohh, you are rocking it Yiye, I love this juicy post. If I had read it, oh, about 2 months back I would have thought something along the lines of “I don’t know. I’m sure we’ve had past lives but what would be the point to go down the rabbit hole” but now I know what the point is…and it is a lot of fun too.

Lots of love to you xx


Hey Alison – I love your “rabbit hole” description – know what you mean! there is no point to search for something just for the sak of it!! I am glad you enjoyed it! and yes it is fun! thanks again for sharing your thoughts!
All my love


What a juicy post! I got angel goosies when I read your post. It resonates with me on so many levels, why my soul is here to heal loss. How it speaks to so many of my people, as I have been there before, the wounded one, the tormented one. It inspires me to continue my work. One of the things I do is connect with my guides daily to see if they have any words for me. I keep feeling lineage of my ancestors calling.


Dear Claire, so happy that it spoke to you. Your work is important and much needed. Thank you for connecting! All my love


Hi Yiye,
This post was amazing for me as I had just finished visiting my book in the Akashics Library for the first time – no more than 30 minutes ago. I was amazed at what you wrote about what felt like home to you – reading the Tao De Ching, because I had that experience just this past week. Hearing the Medicine Buddha Mantra performed by H.H. Penor Rinpoche (on youtube) – it made me ball my eyes out because it “felt like home” – those are the exact words I had used to describe it to friends!

During meditation, I see myself on a mountaintop at the very north tip of India. I having been feeling very compelled to travel to the Himalayas and in fact am doing so soon. I see myself as a Buddhist monk and in the male form during most of my meditations, and have a very strong interest in Asia. I am a caucasian female from the midwest US, and have also always felt a very strong connection to American Indians – so much so that I KNOW in a past life I was one. When I was young, I would draw and paint Native people without ever really understanding why. I was naturally drawn to it. I was always very sympathetic to their plight growing up and have been feeling a strong call to help in their healing process.

I am in the process of changing the direction of my life. My awareness has been opened and I am experiencing spirituality in a way I never knew existed. It is so beautiful and wonderful. I want to heal myself so I can help others to awaken to this beauty and heal from the numbness of our society.

Thank you for your tips to discovering our past lives. They are very insightful:-)


Dear Jenni, congratulations on your own Akashic record reading! thanks for sharing your wonderful stories – I’m honoured to connect at this level with you.
You are already healing and uplifting this planet! but I’m sure there will be more excitement, belonging and wonders all the way!!

all my love

Petra Schwehm

Hi Yiye,
wonderful, touching and deep the way you write.
I had about 8 years ago a past life session which I still remember very clearly and which gives me new insights even of today. On of the lifes I saw was a wise man – literally with white hair and long beard -, a consultant of a kingdom, but for political reasons I was undesired, which left me feeling very sad and lonesome.
Then I love Asia, and Asian food and Asian people (that includes you 🙂 ), so I am sure I have spent some lives there, as buddhist monk.
Thank you! I got an inspiration from you to meditate on!
Love & Light


Hi Petra, thanks for sharing your story and your love of Asia 🙂
Sending you lots of healing light – your wisdom is needed and your work was needed then and so much more now!!
Enjoy the meditation, I’m glad to assist!

all my love


Dear Yiye,

I am in my late twenties and for the past two years, I have felt sense of “what can I do for this world” and “I am here to do something else than my vocation”. The feeling is so strong that it makes me cry…I feel like I need a mentor, a guide, someone who understands this feeling, because most of family and friends don’t. I feel very strongly thats its trying to tell me something and although i feel much more spiritually awakened than 2 years back, i still feel a BIG heaviness in my soul. I love your writing and like you said, spiritual scriptures, words, including your letters feel like home. Unfortuantely i did not get a reply when i asked my higher self about my past life but I am convinced that I was a healer in my past life.
Thanks again for your writing, it gives me a lot of peace…


Dear Pri, thanks so much for writing and sharing!
I want to congratulate you on this journey of ascension- although you might still feel the heaviness in your soul, you are closer to your core essence.
There is a website called http://www.Kryon.org, you might find it useful! I had this feeling you described above for about 2 years too – in my late twenties. In fact, it’s this strong feeling drove me to start this website.
I’m working on a mentoring offer at the moment, your words have encouraged me to get it done asap – sincerely thank you for your comment!!
all my love

Alison Joy

Thanks for the link to Kryon, Yiye, I’d never heard of it before, lots of info there!!


Kryon is brilliant isn’t it? 🙂 my absolute pleasure! glad you enjoy!


Dear Yiye,

thank you so much for this touching and ecouraging post. My heart right away breathed more deeply 🙂

I’ve been seeking for my true self for more then two years. My life went in patterns or circles. My inner voice told me to do things different but I never listened until my body and my heart were burnt out.

Last year, in late summer, I went to an meditation and kind of schamanic retreat for more than one week. When I got there I sat down and send some prayers out to tell me who I am, who I was and what my purpose might be. I was desperate, I was longing for an answer, I was quite frightened as well. On the last day I sat down in an meditation and all my questions got answered -also about the future. The divine power within me showed me images and told me their stories to it.

Words cannot describe what I saw and felt during this meditation. Its just not possible 🙂 Bu I can tell, since then my life has changed on so many layers, I am more confident with myself, I dont fear things, I feel that I am connected and not alone, and never was. I am safe and guided. Since I listen to my heart and voice lots of miracles happen.
I saw that I was an native american, a healer back when Christianization happened. I was told that I am a communicator, healer and my purpose is to help people transforming on their way.

Today, I am sure I was told because I was asking such a long time. For almost a year I was seeking, desperately praying to something or someone, asking for release, for a change and for the truth, for my truth. I was told, when I was ready to receive that answer. I had no real faith in myself and the power of the universe. I doubt almost everything and that was reason it took so long.

Since that happened to me I ask my spirits, talk to the universe or the devine source, or as one may call it, in a grateful way.
I realized that whatever you ask for, you get an answer. I knew it before but now I feel it. It might not always be the expected one or the one we have wished for but in the end, its always the best for us. The truth or reason why sometimes just reveals a bit later.

I am very grateful and glad to have found you on the Web. I have signed for your posts just some weeks ago. Whatever you write about is like a truthbomb to me! 🙂 My soul and heart are always smiling and dancing when I browse your advices.
You are really inspiring and its beautiful to actually feel your loving energy and soul!

Have a good easter sunday, many thanks and much love


Happy Easter Anja!
I’m so grateful and honoured to connect with you too!
What you shared above is so beautiful and wonderful! I’m sooo happy for you that you are walking your truth – communicator, healer and alchemist for transformation!. Keep shining + letting the miracle unfold!! 🙂

All my love

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