How to Accomplish Without Overdoing: 5 Ways to Expand Your Receiving Capacity

by yiye


As a lightworker, you can leverage your intuition and creativity and become a fabulous heart-based entrepreneur, who serves the world while providing for the family.

And if you know how to receive + increase your receiving capacity on a regular basis, this journey will be more magical than you ever thought…

Receiving is ultimately the same as giving.Β However, receiving is dangerously under-rated compared to giving.

Lately my friend launched a new offer, sales came in nicely, but she wasn’t able to receive all the money from Paypal due to the cap pre-assigned by Paypal. She had to go through a lot of hassle to fix it, thank goodness there was no major damage.

Her experience got me thinking. Isn’t our Universe is trying to send us limitless goodies, although our limited beliefs acting as a “cap” stops us from receiving.

And dammit, our internal cap is not as visible (or easily identified) as the Paypal warning sign! You have to be extremely mindful where you are being blocked.

That’s why your getting your first blog post, speaking gig, VIP client, book deal etc, takes a lot out of you. Not only the practical side, which is new to you, but you are also working hard energetically to uplift the limitation.

In order to make your desires come into reality quickly, you must be energetically balanced (ie. in the flow).

If you have taken actions, actions and more actions, but still with no desirable results, it’s definitely time to check how good you are at receiving + what blocks are holding you back.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to up your receiving capacity:

1. Start with compliments. Sincerely accept every compliment you receive, even if it is embarrassing for you at the time. Even better, write each compliment down. The more your acknowledge the compliments, the more the Universe will send to you.

Learn from children and animals, they don’t feel guilty receiving affections or compliments, rather, they thoroughly enjoy them.

Over time, you’ll find the threshold of your self-worth being improved.

2. Grace and beauty:Β can you feel the heavenly grace energy becoming more and more available lately? Channel the grace, be the grace and bring your inner-beauty out.

There is a Holy Being inside you, never wear anything that you are not comfortable with.Β Whenever I visualise, I wear a special white/floral chiffon dress. I do so to welcome my Guides and Higher Self to drop in ideas, and learn how to surrender to my highest possible vibration.

I do the same for my clients. Despite the fact that I conduct all my sessions via skype (non-video), I pick up my clothes carefully before the session, and I wear a colour and fragrance that I intuitively feel will elevate the client’s energy.

Also during my writing days, I wear my most comfortable onesy (although it can be OTT for some people, just a personal choice πŸ™‚ ), this is highly symbolic for me to relax into my Self and simply write out the truth without worrying too much.

3. Upgrade your hard-wares:Β uplift your Paypal limit; add a professional email address; increase your inbox storage; upgrade your phone/tablet/PC so that they’ll run a lot faster. Do everything you can to welcome good news + more money into your life.

4. It’s not that you are “lazy”. We all procrastinate. True, maybe you are lazy at times; but quite often it’s because unconsciously you are trying to clear some space.

Do you remember tidying your room before exams? Believe it or not, all the paperwork carries energy, you were just trying to clear space so that you could think straight during revision.

Similarly, you might be stuck with your creative projects, instead of beating yourself up, do some decluttering first + allow new inspiration to come in.

Also if you want more clients, then make yourself available time-wise + energetically. Clear your diaries, turn down events that you are not 100% interested and physically make the time slots available to conduct sessions…You get the idea.

5. Give yourself gifts regularly. One easy way to open up to the divine feminine energy is to give yourself gifts regularly. Do not be afraid to buy yourself the clothes, holiday, courses etc you have always wanted.

Gift yourself based on effort not results. For example, treat yourself to a gorgeous meal because you sent out the newsletter (not because your click rate is 100%); take a weekend break because you submitted that job application (before you receive the hot offer)…

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