Now You Can Relax: 8 Money Mantras to Ease Your Worries

by yiye

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Hands are sweating? Heart is racing? Let’s get this straight. We all suffer from a “deservability issue” from time to time.

Instead of being stuck in your old stories, or your not-so-glamorous family legacy, here are 8 Money Mantras to shift your frequency and focus on what matters.

Now steal them, tweak them, use them as your own.

1. It’s easier to create than not to. It’s easier to launch than not to. It’s easier to make Money than not to.

(This puts you back in the driver’s seat Read more here.)

2. I am at one with Joy, Money and Abundance. My true needs are always met.

(You don’t need to chase money to feel happy, because the truth is: you ARE Prosperity. Nothing outside of you can improve how you already feel within.)

3. I offer my heart’s desires as a source of love to the world. In their fulfilment, I bring a message of light to everyone that I encounter. Money is here to support me living my purpose at each step.

(We all love a bit of more meaning and purpose, yeah? So does Money!)

4. Money follows me like fish follow the water, like birds follow the sky, like the Earth follows the Sun.

(You know what, just act as if, what do you gain from otherwise? πŸ˜‰ )

5. I am now grateful that I receive at least ____ (insert your true needs here) each month.

(Gratitude multiplies, being present amplifies)

6. Receiving Money by sharing my talents and gifts is my birthright.

(Your gifts have financial value, no matter how “quirky” yours are)

Too radical for you? Your subconscious self shouting back: “nope, this is not the truth?” No problem, gentle ones like the following can work more naturally for you:

7. I am now ready to accept that charging my worth is good for my soul.

(Everything is energy in and energy out, you cannot afford not to charge your worth)

8. I am in the process of seeing Money as my divine helper.

(Darling, you are supported. Befriend Money and it will be your friend.)

Love & Abundance,

law of attraction, business coachHow would you enjoy flying through weeks’(even months’) worth of Money relationship make-over, soulful client manifesting, self-worth healing + biz nitty-gritty…into a single Abundance Date, with VIP-like attention & guidance?

In order to attract different results in your business, you need think & act differently. Let’s play together and manifest your desires.

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Thank you so much for sharing these, Yiye πŸ™‚ I love these miney mantras and will put them to good use!



Glad that you enjoyed them Nadia, they will be very happy to be used! πŸ™‚


Michael Shook

I think that especially #2 is awesome: “I am at one with Joy, Money and Abundance. My true needs are always met.” It is so true, you cannot chase abundance and expect it to stay still so you can catch up. How much better to realize our true nature. πŸ™‚



I’m so happy that you resonated Michael! Have an abundant day!


Christina Rice

Thank you for this. I like so many of these. I have always struggled with thinking I deserve money in exchange for a service. I tend to undervalue my worth. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I sometimes attract the wrong customers. If I give too much, I attract only the ones that want something for nothing.



Hey Christina, thanks for dropping by! It’s so true that if we don’t hold our boundaries then we block abundance (emotionally, spiritually and financially) in a big way! Congratulations on recognising the pattern and working on it! Here is an article might assist you further.



6. Receiving Money by sharing my talents and gifts is my birth

More than several times I have been sacked or made redundant. Whatever job I’m in there always seems to be a problem. Until one day I came across a spiritualist who told me that I was not meant to work for people but to do something for myself. I quite like writing but cannot believe that it can bring me a steady income. But your mantra has given me food for thought, that by doing the very thing that I’m meant to do, is the only way I would receive money. Do you think this is correct



Hi Maggie,
Thanks for your comment. I am glad that this mantra has given you food for thought and you are inspired to do what you are meant to do. I’m sorry to hear about your redundancy. Money relationship often reflects one’s complex giving-receiving dynamic with the Universe. I’d recommend you check this out first.


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