A Different Perspective on Mercury Retrograde

by yiye

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Mercury is in retrograde again. Although if you are sensitive towards energy, you probably have already noticed the energy shift since last week.

People often feel uncomfortable towards Mercury Retrograde. Sure, wonkiness can be in various forms: missing a train/plane, tons of delays, electronic devices go wild, communication breakdowns or chaos occurs, or simply everything is just weird… They can be powerful, oh so powerful that it can make many astrology-skeptics have second thoughts.

For strange things like the above, as valid as they are, they are just some stories in your life. And you are not your stories. You are waaaaaaay bigger when you connect with your essence, which will allow you to enjoy life during Mercury Retrograde, with more depth and glee than usual.

It will also be helpful, if you get to know the essence of Mercury, and develop a healthier relationship with it.

Here we go:

Mercury is a planet, or a God for Wednesday – a “hump day”,  meaning that you’ve made it over the hump of the week.

Mercury is mysterious and exotic. It is an air sign. It rules communication. It’s about mind and information.

If you feel called, Mercury can be one of your Spirit Guides, and assist you in:

+ communications (of course);

+ teaching and learning;

+ writing an effective business proposal;

+ making a collaboration request on the phone;

+ making a good first-ever impression…

See, it is not a God who punishes you on the communication sphere.

But why does Mercury stop and become retrograde 3-4 times a year?

Well, the truth is that from Mercury’s viewpoint, it actually never is in retrograde physically. It has an apparent retrograde effect on us, only because we are viewing the movement from the Earth, which is not the centre of solar system! And this means…reintegration or not, it’s only a perspective!**

Yet perspective is potent for sure. So my invitation for you in the next couple of weeks is to take this “Mercury Retrograde” opportunity to play with perception:

:: When you get frustrated by delays or anything unexpected , can you let your curiosity take over? Look into the mysteries, not overwhelmed by how something appears on the surface?

:: Can you still own your reality 100%, take a step back and tie up the loose ends? Take the most common one as an example, instead of stressing out over a potential technology meltdown every 3-4 times a year, how about figuring out a backup system which can safeguard your data ALL YEAR ROUND anyway?

:: Can you let go of the long-held belief that you should not do anything during Mercury Retrograde, take a few deep breaths, and drop into your heart consciousness, allow your deepest desire to reveal itself? You don’t have to initiate plans on it right now, but can you at least feel the heartbeat of your true desires?

:: And when, say, for example, the hot texts that you were meant to send to your boyfriend/girlfriend accidentally landed in your mum’s phone, can you choose laughter over embarrassment and really get it – life is not all that serious after all?

:: Find out your own Mercury sign and have fun with it. My Mercury was in Scorpio, translation: I love to get to the heart of things, hence keep digging this topic with no signs of boredom yet. (You can find your own mercury sign here)


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Oh, by the way, today is Wednesday, Happy Mercury Day!

**{side note: just think about the last time you were on a train, when you were passing another train which was travelling slower than yours, it seems to you that the other train was moving backwards, yet it was absolutely travelling the same direction as you.}

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