A Lightworker’s Prosperity

by yiye

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Dear lightworker,

You are here to create a world of less violence, hierarchy, pollution and suppression, but one that is more revolved around wholeness, freedom, purity and self-expression.

You have your gifts, talents, messages and services to share. And by now, you probably have worked out that a lot of traditional marketing tactics driven by fear simply won’t work for you.

So how can you get around them?

Do nothing?

Get frustrated?

Lose your faith or become depressed?

Or you can talk about joy.

For example, you can talk about your own transformation. How you’ve reclaimed your power. How you took off your victim hat. How you lean back to your intuition. How you accept miracles with ease. How you struggled with the parts of you that are dying and renewing. How you are still a work-in-progress and be remarkably peaceful and honest about it…

Instead of forcing yourself to talk about the “pain-points” in your audience, see the divinity, intelligence and brilliance. Bless their Soul. Soothe their wounded parts. Inspire their creative Selves. And encourage their injured parts to gradually open up.

You hold a sacred container and allow your vibration to do the work.

Light will only breed more light.

Be the one who really sees the precious light in them.


By all means, sure, learn the practical tools, but understand that ultimately the true growth of your business comes from your own Soul – that’s a lightworker’s prosperity. It is a beautiful unfolding. It might not be easy but will be rich and rewarding.

Peel off the layers and witness those lifetimes when you vowed to God that you’d stay in poverty or sacrifice your own happiness.

Be mindful about your money story and re-write your family money legacy for you and the next generations.

Be courageous to expand your comfort zone, to truly live and breathe the abundance available to you every day.

You are serving your life purpose for the long run, it’s not so much about survival, endless hustling, short-term bursts, or enduring suffering anymore.

But more about pure inspiration, fun, mountains of joy, sustainable self-care and waves of pleasure wrapping around you – so that you can leap out of bed and look forward to the miracles awaiting.

Whatever problems you are struggling with right now, you are the cure.

If you feel called to learn a new way to do, be with and attract Prosperity, get your Money First Aid Kit here.

with love,

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