What Lights You Up Is What Brings You Abundance

by yiye

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Abundance flow – we all want to be held in it, feeling the current of inspiration, generosity and safety; but at times we drift away.

Here are a few lessons, which are serving me well presently, but I learnt them the hard way in the past:

Δ  When you feel that you cannot afford to take any time off is when you need rejuvenation the most.

Δ  When you are counting each second and stressing that you have less and less time to meet so-called deadlines is when you need to step outside and take a deep breath or 100 the most.

Δ  When your eyeballs are locked on a screen and you are frustrated why the numbers or stats are not wildly growing in line with your expectations is when you must detach and remind yourself that how connected you are with your creativity and your happiness is the most valuable and under-rated currency

The truth we often forget is: doing what lights you up in the moment is the fastest way to bring the abundance flow back to you.

Maybe you are busy meeting the needs of others with no time to get back in touch with your real feelings.

Or you are at rock-bottom, unconsciously buying into the perception that you don’t deserve being lit up.

But I want to remind you that there is nothing enlightening in resisting pleasure, or turning down the beauty in your heart.

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“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

Go, and leap into what lights you up, what makes your cells smile, your backbone strong and eyes soft?


What lights you up? 

A quick message for you – letting go of struggle + embrace your divine feminine energy into all aspects of your work.

To share it with you, this is what really matters to me and lights me up and wraps me up in the warm and tender abundance flow…

Δ   It is writing to you with a cup of hot chocolate with rum in hand, and waiting for that kick in my tummy to brighten up this winter day.

Δ   It is dancing and body movements that illuminate our body, through which we learn about our soul’s language better.

Δ   It is to forgive everything and everyone who ever hurt me, stop holding onto things that clearly no longer serve me, then lose myself in this place filled with ease and ecstasy.

Δ  It is letting go of worries, anxiety, entangled patterns, whatever it takes to let simplicity shine through.

Δ  It is the freedom to blog about topics my soul yearns to say, and at a frequency that feels good to my being.

Δ  It is doing business by inspiration not the rules – except when inspiration is the rule.

Δ  It is giving myself permission to immerse into the ocean of esoteric studies and effortlessly apply them in daily life, leaving people wonder: how did you do that?! Then assure them that with an open heart + mind, they can do that too.

Δ  It is noting down every synchronicity and cosmic romance (small or big), leaping back to my intuition over and over again.

Δ  It is hugging my loved ones, appreciating their essence and thanking them “Isn’t it so awesome that we reincarnated together all over again, but in this form this life time?”

Δ   It is getting on the carousel, with innocence, celebrating this moment in life like a child…

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Signs that you are moving towards the abundance flow…

Stepping into abundance is not always easy, it demands us to understand ourselves, honour our desires and calling, and most importantly take action towards this direction.

Quite often that we fear we’ve made mistakes. Sometimes I am afraid too: “What if I am just filling a void instead of lifting myself up?” “Gosh, how much money does this require!”…

Here is a simple guideline to help you discern.

If this is what you truly need and want, your heart will know. You will feel a big relief. You will feel empowered instead of empty inside.

Giving yourself permission to experience what lights you up is not “guilty pleasure”, rather, it is a great way to check in with yourself. And often you will get rewarded…

For example, even when I thought I wasn’t good enough…

I wanted to attend a reception evening, just for sheer of joy, fun and optimism for my future career. But…other attendees were way more advanced than me in their work.

“Don’t go, you will just make fool of yourself,” as one voice in my head said, the other one in my heart whispered, “You are safe, just go.”

The latter won and I went, very awkwardly.  Deep down though I was happy surrounded by useful information and positive vibes.

Then it came raffle time – guess who won a bottle of champagne? 🙂 A few weeks later, my happy and surprised face was on the cover of the industrial magazine.

Or even when I had almost no money…

I came to the UK in 2001 with a big vision but mega funds. After I paid my University tuition fee and the first quarterly rent, I had about £1,200 left in my bank account.

At that time, all I wanted was a laptop so that I could get all my course work done in my room without travelling 30 minutes each way to the Uni computer centre.

In a breezy autumn day, I found an electronic shop and they were doing a deal on Acer: £1,000. I took it. Of course I worried about how on earth I could support myself with £200 for the rest of the year. So I did everything I could to find jobs.

It wasn’t easy but my reward was pretty cool:

Δ  Through my student jobs (8 of them in total across three years), I learnt some street English, not just “My aunt has a red umbrella” any more.

Δ  The shop manager offered me free installment of Microsoft office on my laptop.

Δ  The laptop helped me to stay in touch with my family and friends in China during Xmas breaks when everyone else in the block had gone home. It was less scary to stay in the ridiculously quiet and dark building by yourself for three weeks!

Δ  When the laptop went wrong two years later, outside of their warranty period, when I called the company up, the friendly angel said: “I don’t know why but we will get it fixed for you anyway.”

Or even when cashflow was minimum at the time…

When I decided to devote fully to my spiritual business, I was entering an immense learning curve. Coincidentally we also found a house that we wanted to buy. After paying for the initial lump sum, my cashflow was low.

There were some really cool courses that I wanted to invest into, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Guides nudged me: “Ask for a raise.” And they guided me to some free negotiation materials on the internet.

Day 1, I read all the materials. Day 2, I booked a meeting. Day 5, I asked for a raise and got it – just enough to pay for the courses.

My infant business has grown rapidly ever since.

The scares, self-doubt and limited beliefs felt so intense and real, but…they are just not truth.

The truth? Life is a pleasure and we are here to enjoy it.

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Your angles and guides work very hard to delivery abundance to you and reward you when you do take care of your needs.

So…what lights you up?

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