How To Release Your Fears + Activate Your Inner-Warrior

by yiye

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Have you ever picked up gum outside your street and stuck it to your T-shirt? Maybe even have a taste of it? Of course not!

Excuse the gross opening but please let me explain.

Do you know how much fear + anxiety you might absorb from others, which you keep in your aura/energetic field on a daily basis? You might not even be aware of it and end up internalising it every time?

Day after day and year after year, gradually you thought that they are your own fears…

Then one day, you want to start a creative project or launch your biz venture, and inevitably you experience so much resistance, which you try to overcome but doesn’t seem like working…

I have a friend, who has always been secretly passionate about having a nomadic lifestyle. However, each time she attempted to bring this vision into reality, she backed off, because she thought it was “too financially risky”.

She started to work around this fear with the hope that she could eventually overcome it. But somehow, she felt like running around in circles and getting nowhere.

We were talking about this over an afternoon tea. Then “out of the blue” she started to talk about her older sister. My friend deeply loves and respects her older sister (kinda like a second mother to her). Her sister is organised, structured, conventional and predictable.

At that point, my guides were suggesting: my friend is a nomad by soul anyway, it was not the fear of “risky” or “unpredictable” stopping her (in fact, she loves those qualities), although it looks as if this is the case on the surface.

Over the years she absorbed so many fears from her sister that she buried her true essence beneath all the conventional “wisdom”.

The real fear (which was far more potent than the one on the surface) was to transform her co-dependent relationship with her older sister + become a being who can stand in her power.

Guides said, “She is trying to take responsibility of her sister’s emotions. It’s outside of the scope.”

So I invited her to put the “risky” fear aside for now, instead to release the fears imposed from her sister, and as much as she loves her sister, learn to love her own essence too.

Initially she wasn’t sure, but she was tired of years of internal battles and realised that she had nothing to lose.

So she gave it a go…looking deeper and working on the real source that is stopping her.

And she saw the difference immediately…

My friend’s experience is unique but not uncommon.

If you also tried to “conquer” your fears but didn’t quite work + want to be brave, go deeper and more forward, here are 3 steps that can assist you.

Step1. distinguish the difference between “imposed fears” and your “organic fears”

From major life events, to small day to day affairs, you unconsciously absorb your surroundings.

In my friend’s example above, when your close family/friends keep talking about their own fears + you faithfully listen to them time and time again, you also start to inherit those fears.

The problem with those imposed fears is that, they don’t belong to you originally. You might try so hard to work on them, but it’s like chasing a tail.

However, it is difficult to see the “organic fear” that is holding you back, when you are wrapped up by the fears imposed by others.

You can only move forward once you have detected the real problem.

If you are experiencing some resistance at the moment, firstly write down the top 3-5 fears you believe that you have.

Eg, “financial insecurity”, “my family/friends will judge me”, “I’ll make a fool of myself”, “it won’t work”…

Then go to a quiet room and invite your Teacher Guides for consultation.

You can either do it through inspirational writing, or contemplation, whichever way feels natural for you.

Ask your Teachers to guide you beneath each fear, and drop you ideas to tell which fears are organic and which aren’t.

For instance, when you work on your “it won’t work” fear, and all you can hear in your head is your mum’s voice. In this case, the answer is obvious – it is an imposed fear.

Then you ask your Teacher Guides to go deeper and find the real source, ie, your organic fear.

When I left accountancy profession, almost all my friends asked me: How can you provide for yourself? I got asked so many times, so I thought that leaving a safe and predictable profession was my biggest fear.

I worked around this fear, but I got nowhere. Through working with my guides closely via inspirational writing, I then understood the deepest fear was actually letting my old self go – I worked so hard to build a life in the UK right from scratch, it felt like dumping a bestie – the guilt to go after something far more exciting and adventurous was so overwhelming!

Only when I figured out where the real problem was, I had a real breakthrough (please more how- to tips in step 2 and 3).

So to recap step 1, really go under each fear and understand the driving force properly.


Step2. release imposed fears + don’t ever sleep with negative vibes

a) Shake off the “false perceptions” that stops you from manifesting your desires

If you also experience something like I (and my friend above) had, Here is a very simple solution:

Instead of being bothered by the imposed fears, it’s now the time to acknowledge that they are NOT yours to resolve + send them to the light.

Invoke Archangel Michael, communicate that you’ve learnt your lesson to tell the difference between imposed fears and your own fears. And ask Archangel Michael to help you cut the cord, these fears don’t belong to you and please send them + the entanglements to the light.

{note: it is very important to work through step 1 properly + demonstrate that you’ve learnt the lesson, in order to facilitate an effective cord cutting.}

Also remember to forgive those who imposed fears on you – they are not doing this on purpose (and we probably all have done this to a certain degree). And forgive yourself that you allowed yourself to absorb those negative vibes.

b) Daily Ritual

I see people’s auras by my naked eyes. When I was working in the corporate world, it was so interesting to see that normally my colleagues have the weakest/darkest auras on Wednesday/Thursday! And they brighten up on Monday or Friday!

Looking back, it does make sense. Busy underground full of angry people, agitated people right next to you, long heated (or incredibly boring meetings), you absorb all the dull, stagnant energy or worse anxiety from the surroundings.

When I speak to clients, especially those lovely souls who work in a harsh corporate environment, I always invite them to check in with their vibes before sleep.

There is nothing more self-sabotaging than internalising the negative vibes, transforming them into bad dreams or carrying them forward to your next precious day.

Empathy is a great quality, however if you are overly empathetic, it can be very draining -psychically, emotionally and physically.

I’m talking with first-hand experience. During my teenage years I was happy when people around me were happy, miserable when people around me were too.

I was just feeling what everyone else felt, regardless of whether I wanted to or not.

I felt squashed and trapped, but nobody was able to explain to me what was going on.

Instinctively, I had to shut down all my channels and lived my life with left-brain intellect only. I stopped being open with people and my surroundings. I received less, and gave less too. Gradually my heart closed herself – this was not who I am at all. And as you know, this extreme act was not healthy either.

Fortunately, over recent years, I learnt how to take care of myself energetically + psychically.

Here are a few things you can do for an energetic cleansing:

  • Take regular bath with epsom salts, before you enter into your bathroom, make an intention to ask the Water Spirit to wash away any fears and heal you;
  • Envisage a white light surrounding you when you are in a crowded place, with your Guardian Angel on your shoulder;
  • Envision a cube full of light at the edge of your energetic field, this is your energy bubble, whenever you feel that people are pushing your bubble (eg, in a crowded place), use your intention to push the vibes back outside of your cube. You always have the option to invite others in (eg, the loved ones), but bad vibes don’t have the power to step over you unless you allow them to.
  • Do some light exercises before you go to bed. The best is to do them outdoors, where it is easier to shake off the stagnant energy and the plants and animals can transmit good vibes to you.
  • Stop holding your “Psychic Bin” for others. In the past, I have been inviting people (especially in the corporate environment and in the crowded public) to psychically vomit on me. I was there holding the bin and giving them an energetic smile back. If you force yourself to do so just being “nice”, then you’ll become resentful too soon. When there is no choice, but to listen to people offloading + sending the miserable vibes at you, DON’T face them directly, turn your body slightly and cross your arms around your chest to protect your heart chakra.
  • Don’t ever say “yes”, when you mean “no”. Otherwise, gradually you are shutting down your third chakra – which governs the personal sovereign, that’s when you give away your power away and absorb like a sponge. If you feel this is such a big shift to manage, then at least aim to say “yes” very slowly.
  • When you encounter bullies, who always send out negative vibes, send them prayers and blessings, but do use your left and right legs and walk away. Healers – don’t try to “fix them”, “educate them”, or “show them the light”, and God forbid, don’t you dare internalise and sleep with the bad vibes every night!
  • Keep raising your vibration. Here are two really simple ways: laughter and prayer. What can you do to keep yourself amused and laughing? And even when things aren’t going your way, do you have patience just to pray? Praying is not weak, it is a sacred act to reach your true size.

It might sound selfish to do so, but the result can be very liberating and selfless, for that you’ll always be the assuring and calming influence no matter what is happening outside you. And you’ll become one of those who only send out good vibes.


Step 3. face the “real deals”

Once you peel off the “fear layers” one by one, those “real deals” will start to reveal themselves. They are a lot more irrational and potent than those “imposed fears”.

You might want to “feel the fear and do it anyway”…

Sounds so cool but in reality, the chances are that it takes a lot more than just a force/thought to overcome your fears, for they are powerful illusions.

Here are a few tips to help you.

a) Make your fear a source of fascination + inspiration.

When I started out, I really feared that my work was not useful for anyone or the society.

I had no idea why and how to release this fear, so I really surrendered to my Higher Self and Guides, and asked them to point it out for me.

They showed me one of the most recent past lives I had. I was a feminist worker but got heavily attacked. {Heads up: more juicy stuff next week for past live healing, please watch out}

No wonder why I was still scared. However, just knowing the fact my fear had a deep root gave me a huge relief. And the more I focused on healing, the easier it becomes.

Fears can be your best friends who let you re-discover yourself a lot better + teach you how to show 100% compassion towards yourself and others.

To be honest, I have stopped the “conquering your fear” approach for a while. Because this “investigation/research” based style is more fun, interesting and delightful.

I often sit it with my fears, and laugh with them, like a bestie.  It is your main clue for your soul to grow and return to wholeness again.

In essence, the purpose of your fear is to give you an accurate reflection of where you are in life, and show you where you can grow the most. Embrace and enjoy this experience. For me, that’s the beauty of being a human.

b) Be a PRO

Even the most courageous people have their own fears/phobias to face to. Its normal that you feel nervous and anxious.

Remember the first day of your last day job? You didn’t know everyone’s name in the office, you didn’t know every single function of your PC, but you didn’t let this stop you doing your work, right? You showed up to your work on your first day – and every day after that! Because you acted like a professional.

Ironically, when it comes to our life’s work, we fall short in terms of being a Pro.

It doesn’t matter if you write, coach, heal, paint, sing, dance, photograph…There will be so many things that you don’t have an answer to just yet.

And you’ll experience countless anxieties, fears and resistance.

You can stop, turn away, pretend that this is not your life purpose.

Or you can turn yourself into a Pro.

Steven Pressfield wrote a whole book about it, Turning Pro. I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it, take it in or practice it daily.

“Turning pro is free, but it’s not easy. You don’t need to take a course or buy a product. All you have to do is change your mind.

Turning pro is free, but it’s not without cost. When we turn pro, we give up a life with which we may have become extremely comfortable. We give up a self that we have come to identify with and to call our own. We may have to give up friends, lovers, even spouses….

Turning pro is not for everyone. We have to be a little crazy to do it, or even to want to. In many ways the passage chooses us; we don’t choose it. We simply have no alternative.

What we get when we turn pro is, we find our power. We find our will and our voice and we find our self-respect. We become who we always were but had, until then, been afraid to embrace and to live out.” – Steven Pressfield, Turning PRO


c) Physical assistance

Our sovereign locates at the solar plexus – your 3rd chakra. When this chakra is perfectly balanced, you’ll feel less threatened by fears.

You can activate your solar plexus by putting your hands on it, and take a few breaths. Make sure you use your belly to breathe in and out, not just your chest. For the best effect, do this while you are walking towards the mid-day sun. And gently close your eyes and imagine that your essence is being generous supported by the solar energy.

EFT (emotional freedom technique) is also a great tool to reconnect with your Spirit/Essence.

Finally, on closing, living your purpose is utterly simple, but it’s not that easy. You’ve come this so far, I salute you for your courage, wisdom and inner-light.

If you find this post useful, please feel free to share it on.

What are your favourite tools to overcome fears? Please share them in the comment area – our readers will thank you for doing so!

To your life purpose and Higher Self,

All my love + good vibes,

Learn how to give yourself permission & remove your self-doubt in 9 weeks (grab my free mini-workshop on fear releasing)

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Suzie Cheel

Hi Yiye,
What a wonderful post and blog you have some great articles here. Putting in you own social media links would be great so we can connect with you;
Yes those self-imposed fears create so much fear that does block us- yes EFT and calling in white light work for me as does a walk by the beach- my happy place usually dispels fear
thanks and great to meet you



Thank you Suzie for connecting!
You can find me on fb here:
Look forward to getting to know you more!

with love & appreciation



Wonderful advice! Boundaries have always been a challenge to me, and although I’ve improved a lot, I still take on other people’s negativity sometimes in spite of shielding. What helps me is cleansing – charging a stone with all that residual negativity and fear, and then hurling it into a river, or visualising myself under a waterfall of light which washes away all that does not belong to me. It’s an ongoing work though!

Much love xx



Hey Sibylle, thanks so much for your tips. I’ll try visualising under a waterfall of light too, sounds like fun!

All my love



Yiye, wonderful post as always 😀 And very timely. Right now I’m considering to join a Sufi order — so I can surround myself with Divine love and light and meet lovely souls, but tons of fears are always holding me back! I’m a Sufi/ mystic by heart and soul (unashamedly) but have this strong fear of judgment, fear of being “heretic”, crazy etc from anyone! Your post is like a head-smack (LOL) that I only ingrained fear from other people around me who are very anti-Sufi and spend their times poking fun about other people’s fault. Though I have separated from them it’s like they’re still “choking” on me — perhaps because I haven’t done any cord cutting! >,<

Pardon for my ramblings xD and thank youuuuu…… for this post, my lady!

Infinite blessings,. <3



Hello Seraphima, thanks so much for introducing yourself and your kind words!
YES, cut that cord and GO FOR IT! We all love to see you embrace your light outside of your “Sufi/mystic” closet!

Infinite blessings straight back to you!!


Cindie Chavez

Hi Yiye,
Great article, full of helpful tips as usual. – Laughter and Prayer( or Meditation) – YES. 🙂 xo



thank you so much Cindie!!
love & laughter 🙂



Hi Yiye,

Great for your article, right now I feel lot of fears. I don’t know why I try to make a concentrate in sometime but helping and make me good for a while.

this is my first post,



thanks for introducing yourself Chai!
Sending you waves of love and healing light!



Thank you, Yiye. I’m really enjoying your writing 🙂



Hi Yollana, thanks so much! I really appreciate that you’ve dropped by. Honoured to have your presence here!


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