As If For The First Time

by yiye

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Iโ€™m about to further my spiritual education by studying the Five Element Acupuncture. I asked my teacher Gerad Kite if there is anything I can do now to prepare myself.

He advised me to sharpen my senses more, such as actively feeling into my surroundings, listening to the street that I am walking in, smelling the places that I am at right now.

Simply put, to experience life as if this is your first time, with child-like openness and curiosity.

I must say that I LOVE this exercise so much! It calms down my already-overly-busy-intellect, but bring my focus to the present moment, fully and whole-hardheartedly.

In the past week, I stopped wearing earphone (at least not all the time), I put my full attention to the “music” of places wherever I was in. I thoroughly indulged my gift of clairsentience…The world suddenly shows up as 5D.

Everything, even the mundane, feels so fresh and different, just like the first time you watched the sunset, the first time you found “your cup of tea”, the first time you hugged your loved ones…Those moments remind you why you have chosen Earth to be reincarnated on.


As they say, “You will never enter the same river twice.” Each moment offers you a unique perspective to deepen your understanding with yourself and life.

Some of my friends suffer from this type of depression at times: they feel lonely, despite they are with people, even those whom they love very deeply.

Are you feeling this way too? Chances are you are disconnected with your inner-world thus (as within so without).

The truth is:ย You are never alone.ย There is quantum consciousness around you.

Everything has its own essence, the pet on your lap, the flowers in your garden, the wind between your fingers, all existing at different vibrations. And you, as divine being, not separated from everything else, is part of the grand scheme.


When you tune into the essence of the moment, the entire Universe is on your side.

Tuning to the moment is a form of a divine intelligence.

You have the resource, capacity and awareness to be able to tune in to each moment. To put it in practical terms, you can โ€“

:: trust your vision even if it feels so far away right now

:: pull back from harsh judgement, but instead try to see things from the other personโ€™s perspective

:: ask your heart if this is what you really want before rushing into any YES

:: connect with the โ€œsoulโ€ of an event/conference/gathering/party, before you physically show up

:: โ€œworkโ€ with your future team and see if it is a good fit energetically before you apply for a job/attend the interview

:: โ€œplayโ€ with your next offering vibrationally before deciding on the title, duration and marketing campaigns

:: start today and each day with a deep curiosity as for which essence wants to be infused into your life this day.

You donโ€™t need to wait for years or decades to appreciate beauty of each second.

Each second itself presents an opportunity for you to feel at one with everything.


There will never be another 18 July 2016 again and you’ll never feel the exact same way again.

You are a beam of light, a stream of the flow.

You are a fragment of the pure adoration.

Because of how you feel right now, there is one more unique sparkle in the Universe,ย there is one more layer of richness and irreplaceable originality.



With love & appreciation to YOU,

Yiye zhang, spiritual realm, law of attraction

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