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You tried to follow the old-school gurus’ advice: “Let’s conquer the fear!” But you only ended up exhausting yourself even more…

Ever wondered why?

Here is the thing, many of those doubts and fears don’t actually belong to you “organically”.

As an intuitive soul, do you know how much cr@p you’ve absorbed from your surrounding, upbringing, social conditioning and ancestral lineage?

Deep down you want to use your originality and talents to inspire and heal people; at the same time your inner-critic keeps bothering you: “Who do you think you are? such a fraud…”

People around you think you are crazy and unrealistic, you have been feeling drained and frustrated having to justify who you are.

It’s really not a fun place to be…

You are not alone. I have been there too. As someone who is naturally empathetic, I was on autopilot absorbing my surroundings: I was happy when people around me were happy, miserable when people around me were too.

I felt squashed and trapped, but nobody was able to explain to me what was going on…

Until I realised that many doubts and fears were imposed upon me by others. Instead of “getting over them”, I simply released them.

Fast forward, I ONLY do what I love throughout my day…

And I know that you can be happy, powerful and express your best self too!

Remember that it is never that you have failed, but the way you chose to approach success is not working. So be open-minded and keep exploring new ways.

You are too precious to settle for anything less.

If you are tired of running around in circles, stop beating yourself up – it cannot be your fault if you have not been given the right tools.

You just need a proven system to release your self-doubt, worry, frustration and cuts all the cr@p.

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