18 Breathing Mantras To Dissolve Your Stress

by yiye

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Your current meeting/session is running late and you are worried about making the next one, frantically trying to shoot off an email with your phone (and suddenly your fingers just feel too big) letting them know…

You are stressed out about being stressed or how you are perceived or how you could have done better in your previous meeting or [insert whatever is taking away your peace and ease]…

A modern-day plague, we are often overpowered by series of demands, overloaded with info and entangled by subconscious emotions.

We all have our own “stress style”.

Perhaps you are slipping into the people-pleaser trap, seeking escapisim as your coping mechanism; maybe you are a type-A personality, feeling a constant urgency to achieve; or you have a tendency to shut down and block out the help battling like a lone ranger (such as yours truly…)

While we might be stressed out by different causes, looking closely at the underlying reasons, they can all be traced back to this one simple root: disconnection with our Spirit, that is.

You may ask: “But when can I connect with my Spirit? My life is so full, I’m time hungry, and I’m only getting busier and busier.”

Let me assure you: no, you don’t need to carve hours and hours per day to do your “spiritual thing”. Because you are already a spiritual being, all you need is to switch your frequency by breathing deeply and consciously, here and now. 

Yes, connecting with your Spirit can be this simple, and it should be this simple!

The very first step is to breathe: to recognise that you have a Spirit.

Here is the thing:

No matter how productive you are with your “zero inbox”, how organised you are with your household, or how full your calendar booking is, if you forget to breathe deeply and consciously, none of them can sustain your life & business.

Your breaths and Spirit can.

Your Spirit is your inner-fire, a long-lasting fire.

It does not decay. It does not burnout. It lights up your inner-sky.

It consists of the “quantum soup” of your soul, ie all experiences and gifts that you’ve gathered lifetime after lifetime.

Ready to try some breathing exercises? Make sure you breathe in and out with your whole being. (Want to be more adventurous? Try them on the train/in your office/in the supermarket :D)

:: Let’s start with our first deep breath, feeling the Chi/Qi from your belly, then breathe in, move your energy all the way up to your nose; then breathe out, quietly let the sound of “haaaaaa….” out.

:: On the same basis, once again, feel and breathe in the vitality from our Mother Earth, then breathe out the anxiety (haa…).

:: And again, feel and breathe in the child-like enthusiasm, then breathe out the judgement and boredom (haa…).

:: With the same pattern/pace, breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say “doing my best“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “calm“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “centred“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “grounded“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “guided“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “supported“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “seen“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “understood“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “safe“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (ahh…) and say: “light“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“; breathe out (haa…) and say: “love“.

:: Breathe in and say: “I am“, breathe out (haa…) and say: “joy“.

:: Now, let’s wrap up: breathe in inspiration, and breathe out any trepidation (haa…)

:: Once again, breathe in abundance, and breathe out fear and scarcity (haa…)

:: One last time, breathe in freedom, and breathe out any artificial expectations (haa…).

By now, it will feel like that you’ve done an energy-workout.

Remember this feeling, as this is your person-hood, your sacred and safe place to reconnect with your most authentic self.

In case you forget about this feeling, do not worry, simply repeat the process, until it becomes your second nature.

Soon you’ll find that all your problems, how annoying they can be, also have solutions awaiting to unfold…

“Suffering persists because we nourish the feelings that cause it. Through mindful living, we learn to nourish our compassionate nature instead.” -Thich Nhat Hanh.

Want to embrace your Spirit, your Inner-Master more intimately? Check out my Inner-Master Bundle.  You can watch this short video excerpt + see if this energy speaks to you.

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I love this technique. I wrote about it not too long ago myself! I use it to keep focus during Reiki sessions and meditation. I think it is a technique that is useful no matter the situation and is often under used.



Thanks for sharing your experience with us Sierra! I agree that it should be applied by more and more often!



Mmm I’m loving this, thank you so much, Yiye! This’ll come in handy in the coming festive week, when my daytime job gets busy 🙂
Much love!!



Thank YOU Sibylle for being such a beautiful presence here as always! Sending you an ocean of calming love! 🙂


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