3 Ultimate Basics to Make Your Creativity Profitable with Striking Simplicity

by yiye

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Funding your creative dream is simple (but not necessarily easy given all the noises and hype that you are exposed to).

If you strip off all the fancy models, funnels and tactics in your creative business, cutting it back to the bare bones, here is what you must do, daily, to make your creativity profitable, with striking simplicity. Tweet this 

1. Your relationship with Creativity

Creating is a commitment to move forward.

Content, products n services need to be there to keep your business flow (or even get you started in many cases). If you want an income quantum leap then create an offer to reflect that level of Abundance.

When you stop creating, your business loses its juice, its blood and freshness, or worse, its place in your tribe’s heart.

Many of us are put off by the thought of creating consistently, the same fear shows up in different places and different faces with various flavours.

Several months ago, I was in a season of soul-shifting. My fear, of course, showed up too.

Then I asked myself: “If everything fell apart, if there were no readers, no kindred audience, what would I create today?”

“I will say my truth.”

Like gravity, this simple act brought me and my business back to the centre again.

How about you?

If everything fell apart today, what would you still create? From the heart, with dignity?

Need extra soul stimulation? Here is my little guide on how NOT to ruin your love for creativity.

2. Your relationship with Money & Abundance.

Your relationship with Money & Abundance is just like any human relationship.

When it is recognised, honoured and cherished, your life will flow with ease and business will be supported beautifully, in the forms of ideal clients, consistent streams of income, passion, joy and daily miracles.

However, you might make a mistake by not being conscious of such a relationship, (which of course is not your fault – hello. Has anyone digested all of that for you before?)

Therefore, blockages, leakages or conflicts show up in your business, and you might suffer from the dis-ease.

  • low sales (but you’ve done pretty much everything that gurus have told you!)
  • a client you really love suddenly stops working with you (but you’ve poured everything into this connection…)
  • unable to move forward towards your truest desires (“Am I actually on my purpose?” keeps you awake at night)
  • sensing that something is missing in your life right now (you give, give and give, when will you feel worthy enough to receive?)
  • feeling drained/ depleted, or worse, hitting an income plateau (oh the upper-limit problem, again!)

You think the above are uncertainties? Actually, they are certainties…

Here is the thing, you don’t actually create what you (think you) want in your life/biz, but instead you create inline with the energy/vibes you subconsciously put out during your day. When you are growing your spiritual business, how quickly you attract clients and get things moving depends largely on your attitude towards receiving Money.

Vulnerable? Icky? Weird? Fraud-like?

When things are not moving forward as much as you desire, work on the fundamental aspect. Just like when building a house you need a strong foundation.

Please don’t give up on your dreams. I know how you feel.  Even when I was super good at the practical side of finance, investment, money and systems and got paid big bucks to implement these things, it took me some serious soul-searching to get this one on the right track.

But, really, it is just another skill you need to master during your entrepreneurial journey. Skills can be learnt and harnessed. Despite the learning curve difference, if you know how to wash your dishes, you can learn how to bring Money into your business.

Manifest money, spiritual entrepreneur, law of attraction3. Your relationship with Practicality

Worry not, I’m not going into technical details, but your relationship with practicality can be summed up in the following 6 lines:

– Do you make it easy for people to sign up? to share?

– Do you make it dang hard for people to ignore your stuff (ie product/service, any sort of content)?

– Do you make people feel comfortable (even eager) to press the buy button?

– Do you honour your own rhythm and have no trouble to create a B.S proof system so that your business has a life of its own even during the times when you are not “feeling it”?

– Even if you suffer from visibility/networking/psychic-burnout adversaries, are you confident enough to find remedies to suit your own individuality, without guilt, without anxiety?

– Have you developed discernment to focus on thing that actually matters to your heart n biz bottom-line bypassing the shiny object syndrome?

Before you rush into any “trendy” tactics, overwhelmed by all the hype and noise, or losing your sanity because “you are not a tech person”, check-in with the questions above. If you say “yes” to all of the above, then you are doing a fabulous job. Keep doing what is working, and tame the fear of missing out.

If you are looking for more in-depth help, here is my loving invitation.

How would you enjoy flying through weeks’ or months’ worth of Money relationship make-over, soulful client manifesting, self-worth healing + biz nitty-gritty…into a single Abundance Date, with VIP-like attention & guidance?

I have a few 1:1 spots left this year. If you feel called, you are welcome to be the centre of my attention {translation: get access to my brain, intuitive & spiritual guidance and practical know-how}. I’d love to be of service.

lovingly & abundantly.

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