The Creative Guarantee

by yiye

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Being cheated by the weather forecast again…

They said that we were about to have three months of non-stop heatwave here in the UK.

But really, they meant two days.

Here we go.

Spring rain.



Capital FM – on.

Phones – off.

Heart – open.



I feel being understood. They call this “connection with the Self.”

It’s a perfect writing time – just for the sake of it.

I almost dismissed my right to write.

At times due to self-imposed-whatever-reasons:

“Let me do one more round of promotion, so that I can leverage the content better.”

“Let me return a few messages first, be a reliable person in my network. Then I’ll have a clear mind to write.”

“I’ll just jot down a few more ideas on my post-it, or save them as a draft. One day, one day, I’ll organise them properly and hit “publish”.”

Nope, that day didn’t come. My mind was still not “clear enough”. And there was always more promotion to be done…

Other times, I took “writing” way too seriously which was almost frightening.

“Only X ways to do ____? That’s not life-changing enough for your readers. Go and write more!”

But, today under the grey sky, maybe it was the fresh smell from the garden, or perhaps it was the singing Robin next to me, I remembered something that I always knew.

That is: none of the above matters much, for the greatest joy lies within the act of creating itself.

You cannot guarantee fame, stats or conversion.

But you can guarantee YOUR right to create.

No, it doesn’t have to be head-turning or soul-shaking.

It just needs to be honest. Honesty is healing. Healing is enlightening.

Since you were born, you have had a Muse to help you express your truth.

Today, call upon your Muse, line by line, move your truth.

All my love,

yiye zhang, financial intuitive, money expert

Intuitive Guide + Abundance Mentor.

I decode the mystery of your soul, help you bring abundance to your daily reality.

You and Me, 1:1







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Anja Kirchner

Great Yiye! Thank you, need to hear that again :)))

Sending you lots of love my dear soul sis xo



Oh hello Anja! 🙂 Wonderful to hear from you! It’s so easy to get caught up with the “stuff”, isn’t it? Glad you enjoyed it. All my love to you! xo


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