Top 4 Ways To Cure Your Business From Being Broke (in the shortest possible time)

by yiye

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Do you resonate? Sometimes I can hear a website crying.

I mean, the owner is showered by rich life experiences, marketable expertise, undeniable gifts, not to mention their big, giving heart.

Perhaps he hasn’t learnt how to connect the dots yet, or maybe she didn’t believe in her worth or power, “things are just not happening”.

Here is the comment I received a while ago, from a beautifully talented writer:

“…For some reason, after I quit my job almost 4 years ago, I managed to block all of the financial abundance that could flow to me in different ways. It is really disheartening to put my time and dedication into what I do, and to not see a return. I hear messages all the time “you have to live from the heart, you have to be genuine, you have to be doing the right thing” – I sit here with a blank stare and tears streaming down my face because I am doing nothing but what I feel in my heart and I have not been able to produce any results at all. It’s so discouraging… I lost for words because I feel I am doing what I am called to do, but the results are saying something different. The only thing I can try to do is to keep seeking answers until I find some kind of solution to this. It’s hurting my heart so bad not to be able to provide for myself and my family.”


Dear Renee, and everyone who is in a similar situation, I want to hold you powerful and remind you that:

There are solutions to your problems.

In your specific case:

It’s not about persistence, it’s not about lack of passion, it’s about start doing things differently, ie. owning your feminine power and allow yourself to get paid at a rate that reflects the depth of your gifts.

And here are my top 4 recommendations.

1. Is your offering clear and visible?

You’ve got 7 books under your belt, that’s AMAZING! But even bestselling authors don’t make a full income out of books. Often they do things like copywriting, ghost-writing, coaching, consulting to keep their business running and receiving fresh inspiration.

When I browse your website, it is hard to find your offering besides your books.

There is SO MUCH richness from your soul Essence, and you’ll be awesome at a number of things.

But firstly, let’s look at your core desires:

“soul-shaking intimacy” comes first.

Then you MUST offer something intimately, beyond this writing and reading relationship. Sorry, but no bypass.

There are quite a few ways that you can align your offering with your desires, and one of the most obvious ones is to be a Book Guide/Coach/Mentor.

I mean, girl, you self-published 7 books. S-E-V-E-N books!!

Be a writing mentor. Teach people who want to publish their own books, how to:

  • master the inner-game to keep it going
  • cultivate their creative habits
  • do all the practical things (graphics, editing, cover, system and such)

Format wise:

  • be it a writing retreat if you are after one-time blasts; or
  • be it 1:1 3 month coaching/6 month coaching if you are after holding a larger container for your people; or
  • be it a book writing circle if you want to create a group atmosphere for sharing and accountability; stuck with the content and not sure where to start? Use the classic Artist’s Way by the creativity legendary Julia Cameron.

Your depth is one of your most precious gifts – use it. You have a direct connection with your Spirit Guides (or call them whatever you want, Divine, Angels, the Universe support…), and your writing shows it beautifully. You have very sensitive connections with others’ guides too. Want to offer 1:1 intuitive reading to help people navigate a confusing situation and reach clarity after some time with you?

You have such a well of inner-resources, recognise them, honour them and use them to financially support you and your family financially.

Oh there is so much that you can offer to people…


2. Knock, knock high-end?

So, how about offer a high-end offer that combines a few passions?

Many people avoid doing it, therefore they also avoid the beauty of:

  • High quality clients/customers;
  • Better results for clients, hence emotional satisfaction;
  • And of course, way better financial rewards so that you can focus on the love of your writing/art more.

But I am not good enough“…

If you and your family are dependent on the results in your business, you MUST stop judging yourself and surrendering to your big why.

Think about your courage to quit a job you hated; your dedication to publish 7 books; and your passion to keep writing no matter what.

I’m a firm believer that each of us has the capacity, heart and experience to offer high-end offering, in one way or another.

Why? Because there are at least 3 (or 30) people on this planet (out of 7.125 billion) who find your experience to date incredibly valuable, they’ll want to borrow your brain, access your knowledge, passion and heart, or they even want to swap a weekend with you just to experience your life for a change.

Play this idea, if your ideal client has a pressing problem and believe that you, and only you, can help them to resolve it. They are eager to pay $1,000 – $10,000+ for a weekend with you, what would that problem be? And what would you LOVE to do, over and over again? And instead of selling each of your modalities separately, you can use ALL YOUR PASSIONS to guide this sacred transformation, what would that transformation be?


3. The hide and seek donation button:

Girl, it took me a while to find this hidden button on your website.

Thank goodness that you are a fab writer, so I read your about page until the end and found that section.

Make it obvious, on your sidebar for example.

Many people are reluctant to donate because “too little might offend you”. S0 give them some helpful guidelines, such as:

  • $5 so I can afford plenty of carrots this week to keep my eyes bright, shining and fit while I’m working on the blog posts;
  • $10 so that I can contribute to our electricity bills + feel useful for my household. This takes off the pressure so that I can write more in-depth articles just for you;
  • $50 wow – thanks for your generosity, this can seriously put my mind at ease this week, so I can focus on topping-up my writing skills as a writer and life skills as a person…

Want to play?


4. Other things we’d love to see

Believe it or not, your website wants to sell for you too! And it’s easy to upgrade its inner ecology and outer presence.

Next time after you’ve done some inner-work, shift your stories, especially on wealth conciousness, create a celebration ceremony by:

  • Perhaps posting a new photo, or record a video, and put it somewhere on your homepage – easy to spot within, say 5 seconds.
  • How about an opt-in freebie to hook us in (on writing, on soul, on depth of life, or anything else you feel called to)? We’ll happily give you our trust (ie, email address) + hear your future offering. You can do it for free via MailChimp (for list size < 2,000), or Aweber.
  • We’d also love to see your own domain (easily done with hosting companies like Hostgator), be a Pro.
  • And make it easier for us to share by adding one sharing button or two?

If you feel emotionally difficult to implement any of those steps, worry not, you are not alone. Deep down, we all suffer from a “deservability issue”:

“Do I deserve being paid by doing something that comes to me naturally?”

“Do I deserve a steady stream of clients?”

“Do I deserve only working with my dream clients? Do I deserve having the power to say no to the ones who are not a good fit? What if everything falls apart?”

Every time your stomach feels sick or hands are sweating, it’s also an invitation to grow. Check out these 8 Money Mantras just for you.

Blessed are the courageous ones, step up and SHINE!

Love & Abundance,

law of attraction, business coachHow would you enjoy flying through weeks’(even months’) worth of Money relationship make-over, soulful client manifesting, self-worth healing + biz nitty-gritty…into a single Abundance Date, with VIP-like attention & guidance?

In order to attract different results in your business, you need think & act differently. Let’s play together and manifest your desires.

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Renee B

Hello Yiye, Thank you so much for this post. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my pressing questions. As I read each solution and how “simple” you made everything seem, I must admit there were several times when I burst out laughing. Especially when you said the S E V E N books thing. It seems like something that is so normal to me, but by your response it seems as if I may have been underestimating the value of such a thing. Some of the things you mentioned are so simple, but yet are things I overlooked. Maybe I even purposely overlooked some of them, like the donate button being visible lol, out of insecurity. These changes seem simple enough to make. I asked, I believed, and I received. I am learning to view everything now as a form of abundance, and this post is definitely brimming with brilliant ideas. Thanks again. Sincerely, Renee.



Hi Renee! I’m so glad that you find it helpful! It’s so true that sometimes we forgot about how much we’ve got/how far we’ve come, and offering things that are natural/easy for us is almost feeling like a fraud! Happy to know that you are working on the emotional side (as we all need to do this piece of work) to release the blocks. And thanks for sharing your journey with us, LOVE your latest article on Abundance!

Much love and good vibes,



Gorgeous post, Yiye! And so helpful.

Wow, Renee! Very impressive resumé.



Thank you Karina, so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 xo


Renee B

Thank you Karina! Thanks again Yiye for all your help!


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