Do you lose sleep over your taglines/niche? 4 tips to turn it around!

by yiye

You think about starting your business, just started or have been running it under a few years. You love what you do, but when people ask you what exactly you do, you stumble.

“If only I have a strong niche, things will become a lot easier” – you think.

You admire people who have got a website with clear and bold taglines; who can summarise who they are and what they do within 2 sharp sentences.

Niche/taglines can be big headaches for business owners no matter which stage you are at.

Either you are a multipassionte, who is interested in so many areas; or you don’t have the guts the claim your own niche just yet.

I resonated with both.

Partly I wanted to teach and coach everything that relates to creativity, building an online business, being a service for others, and attracting prosperity.

Partly I didn’t have enough courage to express my passion and rich understanding of spirituality. I didn’t have the confidence to tell people that I can help them reconnect with their powerful spirit – what if they’ll look at me with a grin:”screw you, baby face”?

Fortunately the reasons above stopped me for awhile instead of forever.

And the solution to get around?

Just pick up one thing first and let it unfold…then refine it, re-work it, re-position yourself, and let more unfold… then refine it, re-work it, re-position yourself and allow more to unfold….

Some of you probably remember when I started out this May, I was a “creativity & life expression coach”, with the below tagline:

“Help you achieve a happy, creative and sensual living…”

I thought it was nice enough. Then I joined the 30DC group (a community for creativites led by John Williams & Selina Barker).  On the first day I was so excited to check out what everyone else in the group doing: there were at least 10 people have the similar idea and vision as mine.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s always nice to meet like-minded people and support each other along the way. However this made me think, what exactly I can offer that could differentiate myself? How can I be more specific and niche it down, who are my ideal clients?

I was stuck there, but my website was up, so I’ve got to keep it running as it was and give 100% on what I’ve already got.

Then 1 month later, while I was thinking about my “niche”,  the words “liberation”, “passion”, “firestarter” came out.

So I changed the tagline to:

“Help you unleash your hidden passions and liberate your best self.”

OK, more specific now.

Then I joined Marie Forleo’s B-school, and again was so excited to check out what everyone else doing.

You can guess it, there were at least 100 websites which have similar messages.

At that point I was pulling my hair…

But my website and message was up. So I’ve got to keep it running as it was and give 100% on what I’ve already got..

I kept asking myself to be more specific, be more “me”, what is my niche…then went through all my blog posts and took a deep look at which areas I wrote naturally. I realised that I wanted to help people to build a business and life which is a sacred channel of who they are; help them to recognise their powerful spirit and live in a fearless and expansive manner. One night on the train back from Sheffield, I had an “aha” moment – these 3 phrases came up:

“Express creativity with ease; turn your passions into profit; awaken the master within”

I was pretty happy with this back then, as my taglines are getting closer and closer to my heart. Until friends and associates were asking me: so what exactly do you do?  I couldn’t give a concise answer! My energy and messages were so scattered!

But again my website and message was up. So I’ve got to keep it running as it was and give 100% on what I’ve already got.

I was doing business as usual, serve what I’ve got to offer, although deep down I knew there must be something to help me stand out more. Until mid Aug, I finally had the courage to step out fully from my “psychic and spiritual closet”. I had a burst of desire to serve these groups of beautiful souls: coaches, healers, creatives, visionaries, inspired entrepreneurs and wannabes.

I feel like now I’ve got it right – this tagline is so close to my heart although I didn’t have gut to claim it before.

Express the Master Within; Turn your Purpose into Prosperity;

Lighthouse for coaches, healers, inspired creatives and entrepreneurs;

I re-wrote my homepage again (can’t remember for how many times) and the feedback I’ve got from my family is that: ha, this is definitely your voice…

{update: since I wrote this post, obviously my tagline/branding message has been changed again…}

However without previous messages, taglines and countless experiments, I simply can’t get here. There is a Chinese folk saying:”if the 5th dumpling makes you full you can’t dismiss the previous 4″…

My niche and messages might change again, in the future, maybe I’ll make it more in-depth.

But hey, until that day, my website is up – so I’ve got to keep it running as it is and give 100% on what I’ve got!


Tips to make your journey easier and more smooth.

1. Recognise that your niche, taglines, ideal clients will change over the time.

The only unchanged fact is that everything in this universe is changing and evolving.

Everytime you re-write messages you will get excited but you might get frustrated at the same time. It’s normal – we are all human, this happens to everyone all the time. It’s good, it’s a sign of growth. Embrace it. Be flexible. Be playful. Expect amazement.

Don’t overly crave “there”; be sure to treasure “here” first. People get caught up by: “if only I could do this and do that”, and forget about how to make the most of what’s in their hand right at the moment. [This is a challenging one – I promise I’ll be mindful too!] Eg, instead of getting upset by not reaching 10,000 followers yet, we should celebrate the “beginning of our new beginning” – the fact that we are building such a solid foundation for our wonderful businesses.

2. The intention of getting your website up and message/niche out is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than what exactly your message/niche is.

The gap between zero to your first step is much larger than the gap between your first step and your sweet spot. If you have set up your website and put on your first message out – many congratulations! You’ve taken the most important step already, it will get easier and easier over time.

However when you do write down your tagline/niche, make sure they are results focused and client-centred. It’s not about you anymore, it’s about them.

3. What are your heart’s deepest desires? – ultimately this is your place to serve.

What are the things you just can’t stop doing? Assuming you get the same amount of pay, what would you rather do?

What are the phrases you keep using even without realising it. Ask for help from your friends, business associates, formal clients to identify them if you need to.

Still struggling here? I hope you’ll find some inspiration from one of my coach friends, Carol Johnston (Lightbulb Moments Life Coaching). Carol simply asked the Universe:”give me a niche please”. Then within a short period time, she has got 3 clients who all have goals around self-esteem and self-worth, and feel Carol is a great match to guide and support them.

Here you go, ask –> allow –> receive! Absolutely love this!

4. Just do the work.

You don’t have to learn the hard way all the time, but there is no short-cut to any form of mastery. The only way to be a master at whatever you do is to learn through your experiences. It requires consistency, discipline and faith. It will take your time and devotion, but with an improved conversion rate every time you refine your niche, I think you’ll feel it really worth it…

This is not a “trust me” thing but it’s the truth that once you start the momentum, the ball will keep rolling!
All my love,

signature, yiye zhang

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Yiye, very sound advice!


thank you Anni!!


So simple and basic, you just need to keep at it.


thanks for dropping by Robyn – yeah, simplicity is such an overlooked skill!

Lesley Reid Cross

Such an important thing to share, Yiye! Very much resonating with me as right at the moment I cringe each time I see much of my website copy (rewriting, rewriting…). Yes, it’s evolving. I become continually bolder in expressing the real me, even as I’m seeing myself grow and change. Sometimes becoming more clear, sometimes realizing just HOW multi-passionate I am….and that’s cool.


thank you Lesley – I love your rest & play project and it’s so important for us to keep playing and it will help us to emerge something bolder and bolder! great to see another multi-passionate too 🙂

Alison Joy

I love this Yiye! I’m still changing and fine tuning but every step gets me closer to where I want to go and more and more in line with who I am. If I waited until everything felt exactly right I wouldn’t have a website at all. 🙂
You’re doing a fabulous job!


Thank you Alison – you are doing a wonderful job too! and it will get greater and greater for you 🙂


Speaking of Lightbulb Moments: It hasn’t occured to me to simply ask life to give me a niche. Actually, I think I’ve found it but it took me all of the five dumplings (I love that saying :-)) to get there, and yes it might still change. Like you say, it’s very much a work in progress – all that lives, grows, and a “finished” business might get stagnant so to keep evolving is a good thing!

I just added new courses and services to my website and my issue was that my website is pagan themed but the new courses are for anyone, really. And then I realised that it doesn’t matter – all of it is a perfect expression of who and what I am, and there are other people like me out there, too 🙂

Thank you for this, Yiye!

Much love and blessings,


That’s very exciting to hear Sibylle!! good luck with the new courses & services, am poping over to check now, thanks for letting me know 🙂


Wow thanks so much! I needed to hear this today. I’ve been feeling pressured rebrand but I can’t do that until I’ve honed in on my niche. I’m not going to worry about it so much now, it needs to flow naturally and that’s what I’ll let happen. And I’ll ask the Universe for help. Thank you again!!!!!


thank you Chinh!! yeah it’s wise to let it flow naturally. Sending you lots of energy! Trust that it will go exceptionally well for you!

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