True Prosperity: Be Brave, Do Your Thing

by yiye

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If I’m being completely honest with you, as I intend to be on my own blog, dear reader, I was quite agitated and annoyed in the past few days.

So what happened?

Well, in short, I ignored my intuition attended a “business meeting” which was dominated by fearful vibes, inauthentic selling and deception.

I got out there as soon as I could.

While I was on the train back home, I couldn’t help but reflect on how I got there at the first place? Well, I was invited by someone who I considered to be a potential friend at the time. I thought I’d give it a try and see if we had more in common, like shared passions, value and overall outlook in life. I did NOT aim to convert her, spam her or “work on” her as my prospect in any way whatsoever, more importantly, I didn’t have any hidden agenda- and I didn’t expect she’d do that on me either!

IMG_844015448181833By the way, I’m an INFJ. I have high standard on friendship. But that’s only fair because that’s the standard I thrive to live by too.

This is how I define “friendship”:

A friend is also a soul mate.

A friend supports your life purpose unconditionally.

A friend cares about your Spirit deeply.

A friend has your best interest at heart.

A friend inspires your growth.

A friend empowers you to make the best choice for your heart.

A friend shares a pure energy of…friendship.

While for many people, “friendship” means someone you say “hi, how are you” to.

In hindsight, I could have made my expectation more clearly at the beginning and ask that person if she was on the same level.

And what about the “business meeting” really annoyed me, you might wonder as I do too?

It was a network marketing pitch! Not that I have got anything personally against network marketing – if that’s in true alignment with your soul purpose, go for it, you have my good vibes!

What I felt grossed out by was Β – I mean, does it really kill you to be upfront about it when you invite your “friends” to these “meetings?” Does it really hurt if you could wait a few days or weeks and get to know me better?

Two hours of my life I’d never ever get back.

I got out two silver liningsΒ from this “disaster”:

I love and appreciate my best friends more than ever.

I told my besties about this experience and deepened our conversations by sharing reflection on how we at times (unconsciously of course) could take our relationships for granted, and how we would become even more mindful on this.

Laughter and open communication with them are always medicines for my Soul. I used to think that I should have more soulful friends, but looking at their gorgeous faces and bathing in their bright light, that moment I saw it more clearly that I have enough.

And at the present time, all I want is to enjoy them more, deeper and rounder.

What I do best is to support people to create original content

Like I said earlier, I am not against network marketing. But it has becoming increasingly clear is that my genius zone is to inspire people to become more and more themselves.

The offerings you make, the content you create, the energy you put out in the world…I WANT TO FEEL YOU!

It doesn’t interest me how high up you are in the corporate ladder, I want to see how you treat the unfortunate ones;

It doesn’t interest me how well you are doing in your network marketing, I want to see your original content, I want to hear the true stories: what has really brought you to where you are today.

It doesn’t interest me how you can “trigger people’s emotions” to make impulsive purchases, I want to witness the joy, the sorrow and truth beneath your creativity, the divine light you bring to the community.


Because that’s the true prosperity: as a divine being, how willing and how brave you are capable to make things with your own vibrations.

Do your things, honey. You’ve got this!

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