Don’t let those 4 M”F”s hold you back anymore…

by yiye

Manifesting Money

In the past, many of my clients have encountered the following obstacles while creating and growing their ventures, regardless of where they are based geographically, their age or background:

1. Money blocks

Feel awkward talking about your rate? Always discounting your fees? Don’t believe that your gifts actually have financial value? Always saying this to yourself: “But who is going to pay me?”

Do any of these sound familiar? You probably give, give and give, until you exhaust yourself, however your bank account still looks disappointing.

Women are often too attached to money emotionally – often negatively due to social programming and cultural influences.

What if making money is actually part of your soul evolution? And creating & growing your business is a perfect opportunity to clear wounds and limitations from your soul memory & ancestral lineage?

Money can be an accurate reflection of your sovereignty, divine power and more importantly, the direct positive impact you can make to people who you love, extending to the entire world.

However, one mistake I’ve seen over and over again is that you MUST have your ideal client, niche, ultra unique marketing message etc, all perfectly mapped out before you can make money. This false perception has left many creative entrepreneurs stuck in the “perfectionism sucking zone” – it’s scary, draining and not even true!


2. Don’t believe that you can pull it off.

Perhaps you still haven’t come out of your “spiritual/intuitive” closet and offered your service professionally yet, or you have but you are only earning a moderate amount of money at the moment.

Having been a full-time Intuitive Business Mentor for the past 18 months (and a part-time career coach for the past 10 years), I’ve seen how self-doubt can really sabotage you from success. On the other hand, once you are being supported and guided by the RIGHT mentor + you learn how to trust your intuitive and creative gifts,  you can unleash miracles as often as you want.

When you learn how to relax into your TRUE SELF, the entire Universe will help you make the magic happen. Your work becomes more fun and effortless.


3. Don’t know what to offer & how to sell your offers with grace

The substance of your business is really your signature offers. Without offers to lead your prospects into, your website is just a website/blog, your social media presence is just taking up lots of your precious time faffing around, and even if you are good with marketing, well, there is nothing to market.

Here is the thing, once you’ve gone past the self-doubt and crafted an offer based on your heart’s deep desires & soul’s gifts, it brings a tremendous amount of satisfaction for yourself & healing energy to this Universe.

That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching you how to craft such offers & attract your ideal clients through logical systems as well as synchronicity.

Imagine how will you feel when you confidently serve your tribe and community through your offer, knowing that you are indeed living your purpose fully?

Plus, every time someone makes a leap in her income, it is because she has re-structured, upgraded and wisely priced her offer.

Don’t believe that you can offer something incredibly valuable to people? You are not alone, this is such a common barrier. Make a full list of all your credentials, most proudest experiences to date, you’ll be surprised to see how much you’ve already got in you…


4. Out of alignment

“I have so many desires but there is too much distraction, I just don’t have enough time!”

If you find yourself running around in circles, feeling frustrated and exhausted, the solution is pretty simple:

Start being aligned to your soul’s intention!

Here is a short-cut for you. For example, if your soul desires to be fabulous coach/consultant who makes 6 figures consistently per year.

Rather than beating yourself up, put this “6 figure” hat on, let this mindset guide you to make EVERY DECISION in life starting from today.

What time would a 6-figure creative entrepreneur get up + map her day? How will a 6-figure business owner handle this situation? Will a 6-figure business owner invest in herself regularly & wisely?



Repeat this after me:

“I’m a divine being, a beloved child of Mother-Father God.

It is easier to serve than not to.

It is easier to create than not to.

It is easier to launch than not to.

It is easier to make money than not to.”


And the good news is that you really don’t have to do this on your own.

manifest money

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