How To Enjoy Your Human Life When You Are Living On Purpose

by yiye

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I don’t know about you but I love seeing the higher purpose in everything I do and my life is pretty much guided by my Big Visions. This can be a wonderful thing but the more I keep my mind focused on something higher and grander than myself the more I detach from my present reality and especially my body.

If you are a soulful and dedicated spiritual practitioner I would love to invite you to infuse your life with more joy, play and a deeper physical presence. You don’t have to let go of your visions and dreams but when you find yourself becoming too rigid or demanding, take a moment to press pause.

Start by asking yourself these questions

:: Where am I? If you feel like you are floating around in a parallel universe (I know how much fun this can be ;)) or already in your potential future, gently bring yourself back into your body.

:: How do I feel? Sometimes our spiritual quest can be an excuse to avoid uncomfortable feelings caused by past pain or trauma so don’t run away from your emotions. Take a moment to feel whatever is coming up for you right now.

:: What do I need in this moment? I invite you to keep going deeper into this question. If your first answer is chocolate or comfort food then maybe the deeper answer is to feel loved.

:: Do I love myself? No matter how much you long to grow and evolve you need to accept and love yourself as you are. You are not flawed. You are a magnificent soul who is having a human experience. In order to live your life fully I invite you to embrace all of who you are. Both your expansive, unlimited essence and your limited, human self.

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I encourage you to answer these questions by tuning in to how you feel right now. Please don’t judge yourself or hold back. There is no pressure to be or feel anything in particular. Only an invitation to see where you are in this moment and, if needed, adjust your course.

I truly believe that we are here to explore our lives and enjoy being the amazing humans that we are. This includes eating gorgeous food, dancing like nobody is watching and belly laughing with our friends. It also encompasses having a beautiful, loving spiritual practice. No matter what that looks like.

We are here to grow both as souls and as physical beings. There is no contradiction in this, only a delicate balance that we must all find for ourselves. At times this means we will be very dedicated to growing spiritually and at others being caught up in the joys of being fully present in our human bodies without much thought of a higher purpose. Every way we do this is OK.

There are no shoulds, only a desire to play and explore. No matter where you are on this journey, my deepest wish is that you know how loved and supported you truly are. Keep connecting in with your heart and follow its loving guidance.

Only you know what is the right path for you. You don’t have to make one experience more important than another. This is your life. You are free to choose how you live it.

You are deeply loved. You are always supported in a million wonderful ways.

This beautifully thought provoking post is contributed by Karina Ladet:
KarinaVitt3Karina Ladet is an intuitive, healer, writer & passionate heart-centered entrepreneur who offers intuitive readings, coaching and teaches amazing people how to communicate with their spirit guides and open up to their inner guidance both online and in live retreats worldwide. Karina’s warmth and joy-filled energy come across so clearly and her gifts help so many overcome blocks and challenges in their lives in order to truly step into their highest power. She lives with her family in the French country side and she loves spending time in nature, playing with her kids and hugging trees.

Karina is currently working on Stop, Release & Reset – a beautiful live workshop that will take place in London on September 12th. This workshop was created toΒ help you press pause and give yourself a whole day to experience movement, healing and creative play. You can find more information and join us here.

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