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by yiye

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The Spirit of Easter is in the air! I’ve always been a big fan of this energy – incredibly hopeful, starting anew & resurrecting.

In my past 13 years living in the UK, the Essence of Easter has always picked me up no matter how challenging things were on the surface: my first year of extreme homesickness, relationship break up, job loss, dealing with bullies, you name it…

It is the perfect opportunity for you to ride this energy, look into new biz ideas, projects and dive deep in order to take ALIGNED ACTIONS ONLY – I mean, you don’t want to tire yourself out by doing things that aren’t bring you joy or financial results.

And of course, it’s a wonderful time to restore your financial health, no matter what your current struggle is.

“How do I price my offer correctly? How can I raise my rate to reflect my value without wanting to throw up or upsetting my clients?”

“What to do when my clients pay me late? How am I going to pay the bills this month?”

“Is project X worth my investment? Will it be a smart risk to take?”

“I don’t have a good relationship with money or numbers, how can I get off the hamster’s wheel?”

“What should I do if I fail to reach my money goals? I don’t have a problem attracting money, but I don’t seem able to hold on to it.”

“I am on my way to creating a six figure business, but at times I still feel something is missing. What happened here?

I know how you feel.

Questions like those used to keep me up at night too. It was not a fancy place to be…

I still remember the early days when I launched this online biz. Prior to this, I’d built a 6-figure financial consulting business. Granted, I thought I didn’t have any “money blocks”. Until I had a go at bringing in my first 300 pounds for my online biz. It took me a good 4 months, countless sleepless & twisting nights, and a super-bad-@ss burnout! 

My personal life got restricted too. One day I was travelling (off-peak of course) to get a gift for my friend’s newborn baby. It was a special gift, and I had to fill in information such as my monthly income on the application form. I couldn’t tell you how much shame, confusion, and resentment that has brought to me. I felt that I was such a useless member for our household. I even questioned myself if I was on the right path at all…

The frustration and despair made me realise that there was so much room to improve my money relationship.

Good news is that it can be turned around quickly. As I’m committed to grow an intimate, healthy and loving relationship with money, my online business took off (my income also quantum leaped) within a few short months.

Meanwhile, during my 1:1 work with clients, Money is a topic that keeps coming up, across countries, ages and backgrounds. 

Deep gratitude to my private clients, while helping them, I’ve identified where intuitives and creatives are mostly blocked (at the atomic level) in terms of accessing and utilizing the abundance energy. 

Now you can get access to the Money transformation tools for a small investment (only USD $50).

Money First Aid Kit

Check it out & learn how to:

  • Release your most immediate money blocks at your cellular level through guided meditation and healing technologies
  • Practical guidance to manifest money ( students and clients have reported that they’ve manifested extra $1k, 5k, even $200k+ within weeks) + move your divine business forward
  • Develop a loving & healthy relationship with money, stop being scared of numbers, bills or paying suppliers
  • Learn how to tap into your inner-knowing, make decisions with a clear mind and discernment, enjoy peace of mind, dissolve common money dilemmas

Love & Abundance,

signature, yiye zhang

ps, If you decide to claim your Money First Aid Kit by 9th May, you’ll get a bonus of my Prosperity Subliminal Audio (value $25) & sleep your way to reprogram yourself an abundant mindset.

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