Solving the Chicken-or-Egg Client Problem

by yiye

You have found what you love and enjoy doing. You are more than 50% sure that you are on your path.

However you need to find ways to make ends meet. You are stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated because your service/business hasn’t taken off yet…

Let’s face it, no paying clients = no business.

And you don’t want that happen to you.

The starting out or transition period is probably the toughest for you. Once you get the momentum up and running, things will be much more manageable. You just need to get to that position first…

However, when you start out, it is a “chicken and egg” situation:

You are not confident enough to charge your worth; but working with more clients seem to be the only way to gain you confidence.

You don’t have enough social credibility or resource to get your service out there:

If you find yourself in this situation, tell you what?

It’s all in the mindset, grab your FREE gift today & turn it around:


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