Getting To Know Your Shadow

by yiye

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This is the self-portrait I did a few days ago after a long, deep, interesting and intense Soul journey. It brought me to a past-life which I didn’t have courage to look at until now. It made me meet my shadow.

It was the first time I got so close to my shadow, in a split second, I could feel the shadow energy so clearly. There was some dreadfulness (which was not surprising), but there was so much more sadness and anger, it almost trying to destroy what created itself (very surprising!). I never ever looked at my shadow this way: it has its own confusion and vulnerability. Suddenly, it didn’t feel so annoying or unwelcoming or over-bearing anymore.

I gained so much from this process.Β An immense compassion and understanding has surfaced because of this journey. With so much ease and power. I am forever grateful.

Your shadow is just like your light, it has its own unique vibration. You don’t need to resonate with my story in order to benefit from getting to know your own shadow – let it add value to you.

I pray that this day will bring to you whatever you need and want at this point of life.

Love from my Soul to your beautiful Soul. ??



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