Grace beneath the challenge: 4 tips to grow your soul during a challenge

by yiye

Did you feel the energetic shift in the past 2 or 3 weeks?

Many of us feel challenged: got sick out of the blue, lost loved ones, home got broken into, car got stolen, creativity sparks dried out, people criticised you that you were not good enough to do your work, spent 4 months to prepare a product launch but a 3rd party screwed everything up…

It won’t be something new for you to hear, but in order to grow, every soul must face the challenge and go through the adversity it brings up.

Challenge can reveal more about your direction and alignment. It raises compassion for others and yourselves.

I’ve been seeking insights and guidance on how we can face to challenges with grace and integrity, look for deeper meanings beneath the challenge, and, more importantly, move forward with courage.

The forms of challenges will be different for everyone because we are all individuals with our unique circumstances. However, overall there are a few underlying sources for the challenges you are experiencing right now.

I received 4 insights/tips. Check it out, perhaps you will resonate with a couple (in tip # 3, I also included a meditation for you to play around and feel safe again).

I sincerely hope this post can provide some comfort or direction for you during this difficult time.


# 1. Are you healing or absorbing the pains?

When we feel the chaos in the world right now, a normal reaction is to panic, both consciously and unconsciously, as a result, we lose our centre.

In the middle of the storm, don’t run away or get dragged all over the place by chaos. Spend a few minutes alone to re-balance and re-group.

Sure, you want to help others, but help yourself first.

The best thing you can do for your surroundings in chaos? Don’t be part of it.

It is not cruel or selfish, it is sane thing to do.

You must hold the space for yourself before you can do it for others.

If you want to heal the pain for others, then don’t absorb it or spread it even further.

If previously you have not been good at setting your boundaries or communicating them effectively, your challenge will provide you an opportunity to learn this lesson. It might be confusing or painful on the surface.

Be mindful to approach your challenge with faith, love and creativity, look for opportunities and expansion underneath your challenge.


# 2. Any toxic patterns you must stop?

Our physical body is for our spirit to have its human experience.

Because of our spirit/ego duality, we can be obsessed with some patterns due to social conditioning and upbringing, which cloud us from seeing the bigger picture – ultimately, it is our body to serve our spirit and not the other way around.

Ask yourself these questions first thing in the morning:

What is “seducing” me right now?

What is consuming my energy at the moment?

Is it seeking external approval? Is it to do with any passive-aggressive patterns? Or any obsessions (eg. overworking / perfectionism tendency)?

Whichever the pattern is, sober up now.


# 3. Who are you really?

Your life purpose and true essence can reveal itself through a challenge.

Ask yourself these questions (even if you feel you already have some answers before):

What are you here to learn? What’s your life purpose? What are your hidden talents to be shared with others? What have you forgotten about who you are?

What’s blocking your creativity right now?

Are you ignoring your inner-voice?

How comfortable you are with your own decisions? choices? path? and light?

There are so many layers of being comfortable with self. Are you being as comfortable as you humanly can right now?

The more comfortable you are, the less defense you’ll take when there is a disagreement from either strangers or your loved ones.

Your past wounds and pains might surface too:

Be very kind to yourself: are there any unwitnessed wounds from the past?

Write them down, acknowledge them, honour them.

Your past will always be part of you, that’s OK, that’s normal and human. They contributed to bring you here, where you are right now.

If you don’t feel very safe right now, try this meditation: 

Get yourself grounded: sit on the floor, drink plenty of water and take a few deep breaths.

Visualise an oak tree and ponder its qualities: strength, stability, deep – rooted….

Now imagine yourself as this oak tree. You are grounded. Your root goes all the way to the centre of the earth – received by our mother Gaia. You are a beloved child, nurtured and well looked after by Gaia.

Remember to breathe.

Repeat these affirmations: “I am grounded and secure”

“I embody courage and strength to walk my path”

“I embrace my challenge with love and faith”

“I am safe and I draw abundance towards me”

You are perfect just the way you are – be non-apologetic about this fact.


# 4. Not be afraid to reach out

Quite often, our ego doesn’t want to admit that we need help or to be open to guidance.

It forgot that we are here to create instead of compete.

Take a few deep breaths and notice how much help is available for you, both on earth and in spirit.

If you need to reach out for help, do so:

Talk to a reliable friend or your mentor,

Buy that book you previously wanted but felt embarrassed to be seen in the self-help section of the bookstore,

Or admit the deadline is too tight, hire additional resources or even push back.


Vulnerability is not weakness. The moment we open up to help and guidance, we become fearless towards our challenges.

Sending you all my love and prayers, may you come out to be perfectly who you are!

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Spots are open for VIP Day, if you feel called, I’d love to be of service.

ps. You don’t have to feel “special” or “genius” to have a gift or purpose. Living your purpose is easier than you think, no matter how much self-doubt you have right now.

Claiming your gifts/purpose won’t alienate you from others, it will only help you to serve and connect with others better.


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