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by yiye

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Greetings to your Spirit!

As I am writing this letter to you, roses and peonies are coming out in our garden, kids next door are running around in shorts. Guess summer is slowly getting here in London.

I’ve been spending a lot of time teaching lately. Perhaps this is something that you can resonate with: when you teach a topic, your life is simultaneously being stretched out around it, so that you can understand “your thing” better as each day goes by.

I teach lightworkers to manifest miracles by following your inner-guidance, raw and juicy and sparkling guidance straight from the heart. And because of that, I’ve witnessed many miracles unfolding in my own life by simply following the dialogue with divine.

Although my initial reactions often were like, “What? This sounds so odd. Higher Self, is this really what you want me to do?”

For example, my Higher Self and Spirit Guides invited me to re-launch myAdvanced Manifesting course during the Mercury Retrograde that has just past by. (If you are unfamiliar with how Mercury Retrograde impacts your life, you can read this article here).

Of course my mind kept asking, “What about tech glitches? Surely there will be a better time window…”

Yet the guidance was so clear, strong and absolutely consistent, “Girl, you want more fun in your business? Do it now!”

So I did. And this is what happened: as I found out during our group Q & A call, connections during Mercury Retrograde in a group setting can be a lot deeper than usual! For a Scorpio like me, depth = fun, always.

Plus the entire launch was relaxing, enjoyable, feminine pleasure-like, while still effective!

No crazy adrenaline running all over, I slept like a baby every night. I prepared the materials on my countryside day trips, between dance classes or while having tea straight after soul-touching documentary films.

Have a great life, and your life will provide that enduring flame for your business. You can be sane as well as creative. Although I knew this before, the past Mercury Retrograde gave me the courage to live this truth, thanks to my guidance.

Were there any tech glitches during Mercury Retrograde despite my best preventing effort? Oopsy yes, but they were so tiny compared to the grand scheme. (still, sorry about them though)

​​​​​​​Afterwards I went on a writing retreat in Bath and Glastonbury for celebration. Our room is called “Merlin”, after I got the “Merlin” key, I saw my story being published in the National magazine Fortune & Destiny. (Follow me on Instagram for more pictures)

This brought me back to another guided moment a few months back.

“Update your LinkedIn profile girl.” It whispered.

I was busy then but luckily I didn’t miss the message. I went on and wrote, “Communicating with my Spirit Guides is an important part of my journey. They’ve been my allies and intimate friends since they saved me from an attempted kidnap when I was 9…”

A few days later, a warm, sincere and friendly message landed in my LinkedIn inbox, “Would you like to share your story with your Spirit Guides in national magazines?”

Of course I said YES. I shared my story and got paid (nicely) for it. They did the writing, editing and everything else. {with full gratitude}

I didn’t “make it happen.” I just listened to my guidance, acted on it and connected with the bigger intelligence that is way beyond my brain.

Each day in our life, we are showered with opportunities to tap into the universal flow. At times, it is not so difficult to follow, but often they can seem to be “strange”, “inconvenient” or “this-won’t-work…”

However, with the right education and practice, you CAN AND WILL notice the perfect and precise guidance, which has the best interests in you. 

Want to learn how to receive and follow your guidance so that you can allow grace manifesting through your life, work and creativity?

Want to know how to ask your spirit guides for help?

Want to dig even deeper? Curious to learn more? You can visit my shop + get the Spirit Guides Audio Class: Learn 5 sure ways to work with your Guides.

connect with your guardian angels, yiye zhang
With love,
signature, yiye zhangps, new spots for my VIP Intensive are now open. If you’ve been waiting to work/play together, let’s do it! 🙂

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