Find 3 Hidden Treasures in Mercury Retrograde

by yiye

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Firstly, a little bit of background here:

Mercury is the closest planet to sun.

A year in Mercury is just 88 days long. Mercury turns retrograde more frequently (3-4 times a year), than any other planet in the solar system.

Mercury is named after the Roman messenger of the Gods. It relates to travel and communication. Most Mercurian craters are named after famous writers – you wonder why? 😛

Because the magnet between the Earth and the Sun is being significantly affected, many people experience a lot of creativity and communication funkiness.

In the past Mercury Retrograde has caused “trouble”, for example, communication breakdowns, files getting lost, technology wonkiness…

Traditional advice about Mercury Retrograde includes: don’t skype/call/travel, don’t sign a contract, don’t launch your programme, hide in your bed…Sound familiar? They are all good pieces of advice. However, Mercury Retrograde lasts for 3-4 weeks (and even longer, technically speaking), and you don’t want to live your life on tip-toes all the time, do you?

The good news is: you can still have a fabulous time for your creativity and business growth during Mercury Retrograde.

Here are 3 practical guidelines to help you find the hidden treasures.

“Feeling troubled during Mercury Retrograde? Here are 3 hidden treasures for you” (tweet this)

Pick one of the following areas (use your intuition and feel which one you are called to the most this time), and CHOOSE to see how miracles reveal themselves.

Treasure #1. Identify your ancestral patterns and release deep fears.

During Mercury Retrograde, you might experience more emotional confusion than usual. Quite often, it is an invitation to look deep within. Go an extra layer and really understand patterns which subconsciously hold you back.

I had a beautiful former client, who was keen on leaving her soul-sucking corporate job and making sufficient funds to support her new business. She knew that she had gifts in speaking in front of a large audience as well as guiding people 1:1 intimately. When she ran her empowered feminine energy, everything came to her with spectacular ease.

However, because she was still new in this sphere of work, she struggled to connect with her empowered feminine energy consistently. Instead, the old programming and stories of “women are not useful, powerful, beautiful or even appropriate to exist” from her ancestral lineage often “pop up” and write off her connection with her most authentic self. Those stories were “handed over” to her when she grew up, and became part of the so-called “personality”.

This pattern was particularly potent and obvious during Mercury Retrograde. She experienced a lot of ups and downs, it was like one day she attracted a seemingly perfect opportunity to grow her business; then bam!, within a short time frame, fundamental flaws were discovered within those opportunities, which left her feel depleted and powerless.

The whole experience was an emotional roller-coaster and a handful to deal with at the beginning. Nevertheless, once she committed herself to look deep into her patterns and separated herself from her family old programming, her truest nature revealed itself and the real healing began.

You are the latest recipient of your bloodline patterns. Sometimes it is hard to tell what fear actually belongs to you and which are “passed on” to you from your ancestors.

I used to be really confused between my organic fears and those imposed fears too. I feel my ancestors’ pains in my stomach, through my throat and around my hip. Sometimes, I even have flashbacks to memories that are not my direct experience. It wasn’t easy to see my truth during all the mist, but it is not impossible.

You need a quiet time (luckily Mercury Retrograde will naturally provide you this) and a still mind, to use your intuition, discernment and courageous heart to release the fears that are not yours.

Here is an article to help you further: Are you sleeping with someone else’s fears?

Treasure #2. Learn how to give yourself credit properly.

You might find that old memories and flashbacks come up at an exceptional rate during the Mercury Retrograde,  Money drama, trauma, entangled feelings with your ex, friendships that you thought you’d let go in the past…

Many people worry that their lives have gone backwards. Don’t panic, take this as an opportunity to do more soul cleansing.

In order to live a fulfilling divine live, you need both your Masculine Self and Feminine Self to appreciate, respect and support each other. If you feel that you’ve been haunted by some old feelings, chances are your Masculine Self and Feminine Self need to re-marry each other.

When you grew up, it is very likely that your Feminine playful self was judged, suppressed, hurt or even threatened. If you don’t pay sufficient attention to her and heal the wounding, then you will still feel empty no matter how successful you are from the outside.

There are countless examples where people worked so hard but only ended up spending all the hard earned Money on addictions. Balancing your Masculine Self and Feminine Self is a huge topic, it can be a mega post itself, but for now, to help you move forward, here is an exercise for you.

Do you have an immense urge to reflect yourself?

Quite often we focus too much on things that went wrong, but completely overlook how many beautiful experiences you’ve already created to date.

Today, I encourage you to list 50 things that you’re proud of. You might struggle to come up with 50 – it is human nature to limit ourselves. But, really, keep stretching yourself and make sure you acknowledge everything you’ve learnt.

Especially don’t forget to count on the non-tangible and “soft” victories. 

For example, when I started my business, any criticism, either just some of my British friends just by being British (ie, taking the piss), or some more serious ill-intended comments would throw me away from my centre immediately, and it took me weeks or even months to cover from those experiences.

Now, I know that I’m aligned with my Heart and Spirit, and I’ve developed inner-strength and skills to do what I am here to do no matter what. How much that attitude and maturity worth? To me? Priceless!

By the end of your 50 items, don’t be surprised to see how much you’ve grown both technically as an entrepreneur, and spiritually as a divine being.

Your turn…

Treasure #3. It’s a time to get more intimate with your Money matters.

Do you know that Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time to get intimate with your Money matters?

Mercury Retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner-awareness. It is actually a perfect phase to go inward and learn how to build a masculine structure for your business to be financially sustainable, so that your feminine self can feel safe to play.

Questions to ask yourself:

Have you built a system/process for your sales/marketing/promotion/content-creation activities?

If not, it’s time to do so. Once you list everything that you’ve been doing, review them and see which items can be batched/grouped; which items can be delegated or even eliminated. You will be amazed how your productivity soar.

As a creative person, I am pretty sure that you’ve got many unfinished projects. Take an honest look, which projects are financially viable for your business? and which ones are the best to pause a wait for a better timing?

It is a wonderful time to research, investigate, and see the bigger picture.

Have clarity: we have about 3 months left in 2014, what would you like to achieve financially?

How far are you from achieving your goal? What actions need to be priorities in order to accomplish so?

Go dirty with the nitty gritty

Review your saving/investment account. How is the Money in your account doing? Are you happy with your current providers? If you haven’t opened a saving or investment account, it is time to do so.

When is your Company year end? Is your tax due? Perhaps it is a good time to talk to your accountant?

If you haven’t managed to get your first wave of clients yet, then focus on hone your message/niche and start bringing Money, the bloodline, into your divine business.

If you have had clients already, then is it time to register a company instead of trading under your personal name – you will have limited liability this way. Get your legal matters sorted. Iron out your terms and conditions.

Quite often I hear that creative entrepreneurs struggle to “set a firm boundary” – a beautifully aligned structure will help you form your business container right.

Don’t be too scared of “legal” “finance”…they are here to protect both you and your clients. Tune in to the Essence of them, you’ll see what I mean.

Everything I said above is not hard or cold, you can “flirt” with them, get them done in your next Abundance Date?

There is so much “hate” and confusing messages about Money in our modern society, I always start my Abundance Date by expressing gratitude towards Money.

This time when I did it, I actually had tears because of the love I could feel from Money and Abundance. I thank Money for bringing things that I need in life, supporting me to hire coaches I need each time, supporting me to go on healing trips, supporting me to buy hosting, monthly plan, mailing list providers etc so that I can connect with you and spread the teaching as easily as possible.

As I am writing at the moment, I realised that I’ve been in the UK for 14 years. Even in my early days cleaning toilets and waiting tables, the small yet solid wages supported me throughout Uni so that I could always bring food to the table.

Try it yourself and see what shift this can bring to you.

With love,


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I always love your fresh and inspirational ideas, they resonate so much with me. I really appreciate the nudge to step into my masculine energies and create solid structures – this is exactly what I need to do. And dating abundance – what a brilliant approach to wealth! I’m planning a lunch date later in the week 🙂



Thanks Emma, have fun with the masculine structures and your upcoming lunch date! Even better, take photos and share your #AbundanceDate on social media!



Hi, 🙂
Thanks for bringing clarity about the mercury retrograde event. I never knew what it was about other then the believe that those times are about being slowed down… and I realise I even used that mercury retrogarde thing as an excuse… And the money connection, I am all inspired to take some time to look at my situation! 🙂



I’m so glad that it brought you clarity! Enjoy exploring the hidden treasures!



I am in complete hibernation mode this Mercury Retrograde, and I’m allowing myself this withdrawal. I feel I need it to preserve my energy and prevent myself from “scattering”.

It’s very interesting, that we sometimes feel our ancestor’s fears. My mom was a worrier, in fact one of my main conflicts with her revolved around the fact that whenever I told her about something I planned on doing, she’d say something like: “Don’t think that it’ll be so easy” (“Mom, I didn’t say it would be easy, I just said I’d do it”) or: “I’d think twice about that” (“Yes thanks, I actually HAVE thought it out and I still want to do it”). It’s quite possible that I’m feeling some of those, and while it’s not like me to worry, there are instances when my mood unexpectedly swings to the morose, quite unlike my usual optimistic self. I’ll watch out for that! Thank you so much.

Lots of love,



Thanks for sharing your experience Sibylle. Sounded like that you can use this hibernation to understand and discern, and even separate from others’ energy this time. Sending you love and good vibes!


Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

I love this article, so so empowering.

Thanks for the loving suggestions.

Blessed be,



Thanks so much Sue!
Love and abundance


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