The Apricot Moon: Home Is Where You Are

by yiye

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Tonight, under the New Moon, Apricot Moon (ie, the Second Moon in the Lunar Year 杏月), we feel the Spring inside.

I am listening to this piece of music now.

The temperature still fluctuates but you can see it clearly that green sprouts out of the ground, a new cycle of life is coming around.

A few weeks ago I had my Five Element Acupuncture treatment with Gerad Kite

I responded very well especially after receiving these two points: Ambition Room (this one is about remembering who you are) and First Gate (welcoming new life).

I’m pretty relaxed right now. And I can create content on Instagram, LinkedIn and my blog here and newsletter from the place of relaxation instead of “managing an expectation”, “meeting a deadline”…This is a phase where I am feeling at ease the most since I started my own business.

I have a nice structure week in and week out to explore life and work, but I am not losing the spontaneity.

I am at home in my body.

I am at home with my creative business.

I am at home with my healing practice.

I am not under the pressure to attend any networking events that I have no interest in.

I do not feel missing out from the latest courses that shout out big promises but deliver very little.

There is no need to seek out while your inner-well is full.

I saw one of my online heroines a couple of days ago. She came to London. She wasn’t teaching. She did not know that I was watching her with admiration then shocked, like really really shocked, when she lashed out on a service staff with no particular reason.

I was embarrassed for her. But I did not want to put her on pedestal either. She looked very tired. I guess that she just over-worked then burnt out.

You see, being big does not necessarily equal to being well balanced.

Grow your life slowly, steadily and sustainably, we’ll enjoy our experience so much more.

Home is where you are now.

This is well worth documenting it here, on the blog, before I forget about this treasured moment many years later.

Good night, world.

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