How to get anything you REALLY want!

by yiye

Attract Money, Law of attraction, intuition, manifesting, money coach, lightworker, self-worth, women entrepreneur,

Talking about creating and attracting your desires, are you tired of pro/con lists, or not getting consistent results no matter how much hustling you have been doing?

When it comes to manifestation, the process is pretty simple. You don’t need to be supersmart or born lucky to get what you want. You just need to train yourself to become a manifestation Pro.


Wanna do it? Let’s do it!

In this special report, I’ll show you how to clear 7 manifestation grey areas + 5 specific tools that you can take away, with a few juicy real life examples.

You can apply the tools as you read, by the end of this post, I trust that the tools and tips can strengthen your manifestation muscle.

Law of attraction, intuition, manifesting, money coach, lightworker, self-worth, women entrepreneur,

1. Your desire has a Spirit of its own, don’t put your attention on anything else other than this

Some say that the Universe is benevolent and always has your back (I’m one of those romantics); while others believe that the Universe don’t give a damn about you.


They are actually saying the same thing: Your. Freewill. Rules.

Whatever you are manifesting right now, money, work, career, vacation, relationship, joy etc, it has a Spirit of its own.

When your own energy is aligned with this new Spirit, you’ll manifest with utter ease and grace, and experience synchronicities like crazy.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to leverage this new Spirit + make the whole process fun-filled.

Quite often people slip straight into the “ego space”: ie, spending too much time worrying about stuff, paying attention to the small details which are not “perfect”, getting too involved with others’ opinions: family/friends don’t get you/”they don’t understand me”…

Inevitably, they get attached to a specification/detail, “things must go this way…”, which drives them away further from this amazing new Spirit.

Then, “Things aren’t working, there must be something wrong with this/that/me.” The journey becomes dry and frustrating.

Been there before?

I totally understand – I once got myself into this kind of vicious circle too…until I learnt how to place my attention wisely.

It’s actually very simple, it might not be easy to do, but with mindfulness and consistency, you’ll get there.

Wherever you are now, it’s never too late to start to train yourself on this.

Tool #1

Before we go any further, I invite you to go to your normal meditative state with the following questions in mind:

1. Your desire has its own life potentially, ask this life/Spirit to show up in the way of image, feeling, words or inner-knowing (whichever form resonates with you the most).

2. Describe the energy of this new entity. How does this new energy make you feel (eg, elevated, healed, understood, expressed…)?

3. Imagine how this energy will make others feel? (eg, your clients, colleagues, audience, partner)

4. Is there anything you need to let go, before you are fully connected with this Spirit? What is it that you need to let go of?

yiye zhang, intuitive coach, turn your purpose into prosperity, from lightworker to heart-based entreprenThis is the most direct way for you to connect with your desires/creation/manifestation.

Whenever you feel too scared/fearful/small, or sorry for yourself, revisit this state of being + get over your ego.

If currently you feel that people around you don’t see your vision or aren’t being supportive, then keep your project/manifestation underground. Nothing is more annoying than wasting your precious energy to convince others that “this will work”.

Place your attention on this new Spirit as much as possible.

What if you can’t feel this Spirit/new entity/new energy?

Chances are this is not your most immediate desire.

Go deeper in your meditation and seek more insight – there must be an more important desired to be fulfilled for the time being.

Find out what it is and drop everything else for now.

When it comes to manifestation, less is more.

You must have a laser focus.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you can’t have multiple passions and goals. I am a “have-it-all” fan too.

However, there are only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are things which you only half-want & half-felt at the moment, hence FOR THE TIME BEING, try NOT to pursue everything.

Focus eliminates distractions.

Do you remember the last time you were in a busy train station? Those who are focused always create a little path no matter how crowded it is. Passengers can sense this in the air, and leave him/her enough space.

You need this flair, focus and concentration.

You might ask: “But how do I know if this is my deepest desire at the moment?”

Here are a few signs:

  • You’ll feel a huge relief. Chances are you have been holding yourself back for months, if not years. Finally you give yourself permission to step out. (That was how I felt when I came out of my “psychic closet”)
  • It scares you a little or a lot. Although at the back of your mind you have always fantasized about it since you were young, it feels almost too good to be true.
  • You are so intimately connected with the Spirit of your desire already. You feel that this BIG ENERGY is coming, even if the conditions in the outer world don’t seem to support your desire. (eg, I quit my corporate life before I started offering my intuitive services/products. I had no idea how everything would work, but every inch of me felt this energy strongly, so I had to respect and honour it, and trust that all is in divine order).
  • You will have a CYP experience (aka cream your pants) – well, your body, mind and spirit is all linked together. Your body is telling you that THIS IS THE PROJECT for you to manifest/create for the next immediate step.


2. Expand your logic

I’ve always been analytical, and as a woo professional, I never believe that logic should clash with your intuition.

The challenge, however, is the limitation we place on our logic.

Traditionally, we were taught to use the “pro/con” approach to get what we want.

We draw two columns on a blank piece of paper and analyse if your plan/strategy works.

It all sounds sensible, but this approach started to give me headaches.

Here is the thing, a “pro/con” list won’t change the fact that your heart has an overwhelming desire to do something.

However, it dilutes the concentration you’ve worked hard to build on. It misled your attention towards all the “cons”. And quite often, it adds more stress and frustration.

Looking back on all of my major decision-making, whenever I followed this approach, I ended up changing my mind anyway.

At the age of 16/17, I was filling my university application form and getting ready to study in the UK. Back in those days, the programme I was enrolled in only allowed us to apply for business related degrees within 12 universities in the north of the UK.

However, my heart was in Physics. Partly because of pure love – it somehow fills my hunger in the cosmic reconnection and spiritual intimacy, partly because it was a hard subject to learn and I was addicted to challenges back then.

Looking at my pro/con list, I had every reason to choose a business related degree over Physics:

  1. It was clearly not possible by rules back then.
  2. It was more expensive to do a science degree for international students like me.
  3. It would be trickier to find a “realistic” job after graduation.

Based on the above, I should really stick with a business degree.

Except that I just couldn’t…Every time I held the pen to fill in my application form, I didn’t want to write anything else other than “Physics”.

I turned to my teachers and secretly hoped they could convince me to do what I love and apply Physics anyway.

My teachers, however, told me that if I ignored the rules, my application would go straight into the bin.

“That’s it?! Will I just settle for these so-called rules?” I asked my Inner-Self.

The answer I got was: “Be creative”.

I didn’t know where I found the courage, but I found myself starting to write to many UK universities, with my broken English and sincere love for Physics.

I wrote, wrote and wrote, until someone said Yes.

I’ll always remember that windy day in Wuhai, (a city in central China), where my Foundation Year was based. I got this email from Sheffield University: “We don’t normally recruit students from your programmes into the Faculty of Science. However, we are touched by your enthusiasm. If you put our department on your application form, we will consider it.”

OK, that was just an invitation to apply, it wasn’t an offer, (not even a conditional one), but subconsciously I took it as a formal offer.

I studied really effectively afterwards, I even got high marks in subjects I wasn’t normally good at. In the end, to everyone’s surprise, I was awarded a scholarship which covered the difference in fees between science and business studies.

Wow – this whole experience really stuck in my mind ever since. Decision first, everything else follows (See more in #3 below). Even though sometimes it does not feel possible at the time.

I had a really smart client who was juggling two part-time jobs and two side businesses at the same time, needless to say, it was so demanding for her.

She felt out of breath.

I asked her if it was possible to just focus on one job and one business for now. Her initial reaction was that it was “too risky”.

But her heart told her to stop working the night shift job and came out of the family business (which hadn’t been working for a number of years), despite the fact that she wasn’t sure how to keep a decent living with the remaining job and brand new business.

She inherited this idea that building a business must be hard, and you can’t put all eggs in one basket.

Some inner-work was required to release the fears of dropping the unnecessary and focus on the essentials, given she was brought up in a “go go go” and “never let your family down” environment.

However, inch by inch, she learnt how to put her heart first and trust that her heart’s desire is the highest calling and everything will turn out to be fine.

As soon as she let go on the work which was draining her energy, she gained a contract for her brand new business, which started to provide for her nicely!

The last time I heard from her, she was in the last week of her bridge job and ready to take her business to the next level.

She wrote to me, “If only I knew that the reality would definitely respond to the decision I’ve made, I didn’t have to frustrate myself for that long.”

Of course, it wasn’t an easy decision for her or anyone.

There is NO LIMIT

There is NO LIMIT

You need to deliberately train yourself to live in this manner.

Start from something small.

Take my Spa experience for example, I used to visit the Thai Square Spa in London Covent Garden every month. It was my sweet monthly solo retreat.

Soon I fell in love with this place, not only they have the best staff for traditional Thai massage, the decoration, the atmosphere is all superb, not mentioning that they have the most exotic private herbal steam room.

I got so hooked up and I wanted to go there more often.

My first reaction was to limit the pleasure I allow myself to take – for some reason, I linked pampering to drug or drinking addiction.

But soon I realised that this limitation is against me living a truly abundant life.

So I trained myself to view this whole experience as an investment rather than cost.

It is an investment to restore my energy, re-balance my chakras, revive my sovereignty. 

And the more I invest in my wellbeing, the better the quality I can deliver to my clients.

I want it at least weekly instead of monthly.

It is not cheap, but I made the decision anyway. I blocked a particular time in my diary each week to receive spa treatment – non-negotiable.

As you guessed, money has kept showing up to support my decision.

Tool #2.

Pick up one area in your life (money, clientele, work, friendship, leisure, creativity, relationship etc…) that you could have enjoyed yourself more.

Start with something small: eg, hire a cleaner for two hours? Go travelling at least 3 times a year? Hire a mentor who you have always admired? Get a certification in nutrition? Get advanced training in Yoga?

Then act as if this is already true, do the planning, organising and scheduling work.

Be decisive and patient at the same time. Allow the money, time and resource to show up in various ways.

Gradually, you will have more confidence to expand this manner in all areas of your life.

This leads us to the next point.


3. Leave the “how” to the magic

Quite often, once people overcome the initial resistance + are courageous enough to make a decision, they then freak out when it comes to how exactly to make things happen.

The short answer is : don’t.

Usually you can’t predict how exactly the goodies are delivered to you. I have gained subscribers from chatting to someone on the train, talking to a taxi driver, and just being nice to my dry cleaner; I also got clients by posting something ridiculously random (or some would say “inappropriate” at the time) on forums…You really never know.

Gradually you will love manifestation more and more, it is a healthy and meditative process to balance your masculine and feminine aspects. 

The “what” part (in terms of intention) is clear, no nonsense and no hesitation; the “how” part (in terms of how to make it happen) is all about surrendering, receiving, patience and spontaneity.

Andrew and I have been wanting a pet for a while, our immediate reaction was a dog, because we both are dog lovers.

We put this off, partly because we just moved to a new neighbourhood, partly because we always have some travelling plans.

My intellect told me that having a pet was not possible this year simply because I was not consciously looking.

But my soul has been calling for the perfect pet.

He came along two months ago. He had the cat’s hygienic features and a dog’s personality.

yiye zhang, intuitive coach, spirit guide, help lightworker become heart-based entrepreneurs, howto get anything you really want

He is a bit shy in front of the camera!

He doesn’t actually belong to us (ie, we don’t have to worry about insurance and admin etc), but he visits us every day, often accompanies me while I’m writing. There was one day I wasn’t feeling too well, and he ended up staying with me by the couch for an entire day…

It was nowhere near like how I initially envisaged it: adopting a dog from the shelter…although I don’t limit this vision to come true in the future…

Well, the Universe always knows the best for my growth.

I must admit that I used to love dogs way more than cats.

However, because of this experience, I expand my heart even more + I am less selective when it comes to pure love and adoration to fellow BEINGS.

I’m sure my Spirit Guides have something to do with this delivery – thank you teachers, it’s wonderful to know that you are always looking out for my growth and soul lessons!

I have no doubt that your Spirit Guides are looking out you to fulfil your every need and want too!

{Check out this FREE training on how to connect with your Spirit Guides in easy steps}

You might say that: “I’ve done what you just mentioned in the past, I made my decisions (well, I think), I felt the essence of my desires etc, but sometimes it worked, others it didn’t. Why?” Please read on for the next 4 sections.


4. Manifestation vs. wishful thinking

While manifestation is an ancient art and science to attract anything you want in life, it has been associated with “wishy washy”/day dreaming/wishful thinking.

We have all been there before – not so happy with our reality:

“I wish I had the guts to quit my job”

“I wish that I had the courage to tell my family and friends what I actually think.”

“If only I could earn extra 50k this year.”

OK, let’s check out the tone – weak, passive, and you treat yourself as a victim –  these are indeed “wishy washy”.

Many people fail manifestation before taking any action.


Manifestation requires YOU to take responsibility as a Divine Creator.

Wishful thinking only downgrades you.

I’m pretty sure that we all have a friend who wants to quit her job, and she put fb status updates like this all the time: “If only….” “I hate ___ and I wish ____”.

What you need to start with is a firm intention.

Here is the thing: we are all sub-particles vibrating at various levels. 

Quantum Physics shows us that we are all inter-connected, and your intention directs what & how events come into your life.

Words reflect your intentions accurately. Words have vibrations, and vibrations create your reality.

When you make the decision that “you can’t”, then sadly you won’t…

Tool #3.

IMGP8279From now on, scrap those words from your vocabulary:

“I hope” (change it to “I trust”/”I have faith that…”)

“I think” (change it to “I know”/”this feels right to me”)

“If this happens, I will become the happiest/luckiest person in the world.” (Change it to “I am one of the happiest/luckiest people that I know of, I am making XYZ happen, and I am guided and supported by this benevolent Universe at every step.”)

I’ve witnessed how inner-game alone can bring miracles in quite of number of courageous clients: from “I can’t get out of the mild depression/I can’t feel good about myself/I can’t give myself permission to leave my job” to “I really start to feel the vitality and creative flow / I finally made the decision to stand up for myself / I am in love with life again….”

When you move away from “wishy washy” + victim’s seat, and put your “creator’s hat” on; you will feel a subtle internal shift + soon powerful outer change will follow.

A radical change? I appreciate that, it took me a while to get used to it too. But trust me on this, you’ll soon advance your manifestation skills to v2.0.

“If you want love, speak lovingly. If you want money, speak generously. If you want health, speak wholesomely. If you want opportunity, speak creatively”. – Sonia Choquette


5. Initiate full-body sensations

For a truly fulfilling experience, you’ll need a full-body YES and show up to the process with alignment from your head, to your heart, to your belly, to your toes.

I had client a few months ago who felt so under-appreciated at work and wanted to ask for a payrise, “Maybe I could ask for $10k, and see how it goes?”

“So what does the extra $10k mean to you?”

“It means that I’m treated more fairly and I’ll be happier at this place without too much resentment.”

“What can you do in order to guarantee the extra $10k?”

“I haven’t thought that far ahead yet, I guess there is no such thing as a guarantee, I just wanted to try.”

I said, “I think that’s cool. Regardless of whether you get the payrise from your current employer or not, you will feel a lot better by alone asking for what you deserve. But, do you not want to take it to the next level? I mean, I agree that there is no guarantee in a particular way, but I believe that as long as this is your true desire, it will always be fulfilled one way or another. If you feel like getting paid by your worth is your true desire, think about it more and let me know if you want to go further?”

In the next session, she was more ready – I could feel the energetic shift.

She mentioned that there were fears of being rejected, the hassle of setting up meetings, the nerves etc…However, she was ready to overcome the resistance and get what she deserves.

So we asked her to drop these languages from her vocabulary to start with: “Maybe, hopefully, perhaps…”

Instead, she told herself this daily: “I am a valuable asset, I always deliver more than expected, and my pay needs to reflect to this truth. From now on, I’ll communicate with my employer regularly in terms of what I’ve contributed and negotiate my pay in 6 months. If they say no, it is not a big deal. I’m sure that others are willing to pay what I am worth, I can attract them with ease and grace in due course.”

Then we did some exercises to stimulate a feeling within her body.

Tool #4.

full-body-yes, yiye zhang, yourlifeexpression.comI always invite clients to do this exercise during sessions whenever there is a need to raise her vibration.

Stand up from wherever you are now, take a few deep breaths, think and feel your desires, eg, more money, ideal clients, self-care, romance, holiday…

Wait until your body feels this sensation, and announce your goal out loud with EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body backing you up, telling Universe that you are ready to receive.

Guess what, within weeks, she got a payrise of $5k from her current employer. It wasn’t the annual salary review, it was just an apparent “random” business decision. {Really? “random decision”? Of course not, this is called co-creation}

She was happy enough but not sure why not $10k as she initially wanted. It was to do with money block and her subconscious fears (see section #7). Nevertheless this was such a good start, if she could keep working on her intention and blocks, I have no doubt that another $5k will be received either from a bonus or a different source.


Quite often, as soon as clients make such a declaration to the Universe, I’ve witnessed them to shift, at times within 24/48 hours, including more paying clients, desirable friendship and emotional healing.

Announce your desires to the Universe with a full-body YES.

Now, my friend, you are moving towards the frequency of “clear intention”.

Don’t feel this sensation? Try again until you do. Otherwise, it might not be your true desire – keep digging.


6. You can only create at the present moment

You can’t manifest anything in the past or the future, but only “here and now”.

As a co-creator in this Universe, your manifesting power can only be shown when you put all your energy on this moment.

And the more you love the present moment, the higher you are vibrating (ie, the quicker you can manifest your true desire).

It’s not always easy to live in this manner. This is not a joke or Sci-fi, but right at this moment, almost everyone is time travelling – to the past or the future!

In this video, I have a really simple tool to help you get back to the moment immediately.

Once you are back to the present moment, count on your blessings + name what you love out loud. And genuinely feel the abundance available in this benevolent Universe.

As soon as you are back to this peaceful and satisfying state, you’ll re-enter the flow in this benevolent Universe.


7. Check in with your subconscious mind 

The truth is that, like it or not, you have created your whole life up to date.

Anything you don’t like, you can dis-create; everything you love, just create more and more.

You don’t need to be super smart or born lucky to live an extraordinary + magical life. You do need to check in with your subconscious mind from time to time though.

The power to locate a parking spot is the same as attracting your ideal client; the “luck” to pick up 1p on the floor is the same as manifesting extra 1,000/10,000/100k (increase the number as you wish); and the synchronicity to have a pleasant conversation with a stranger is just the same as meeting your soul mates unexpectedly…

You might know the above anyway, but do you believe it wholeheartedly?

The tricky part is how to uplift the limit you have subconsciously.

A gorgeous girl, to protect her privacy, let’s call her S, is smart and hard working. While she is doing brilliantly in her career and social life, her romantic relationships don’t seem to last.

It always happened like this:

When a guy was interested in S, they started off nicely.

Memorable dates, and the connection formed.

However, as soon as he got more into her, she didn’t know why but it felt like the “anxious” button in her was pressed, her self-esteem dropped and was in need of more assurance.

The guy couldn’t explain this rationally, but somehow he sensed that the vibe changed, and the pressure was on.

It pretty much happened every time S met someone new.

No matter how much the guys were trying to assure her that she is more than “good enough”, pretty, smart.

Eventually they got really tired of convincing her.

She repelled and they pulled back.

They tried to make her happy, but when they realised that they couldn’t make her happy, they stopped trying.

{An important message for girls: your guy can only convince you what you already believe in yourself.

Next time, when you hear a compliment, whoever that is from, even if you don’t believe it’s true, smile and say “thank you”. Not only it is a healing experience for you, the Universe will send you more and more as your acknowledgement increases.}

This has been a pattern for S that, whenever the relationship moved forward, she suddenly changed from this free-spirit, easy going, sassy girl to someone who was constantly in need of assurance. And when she received the assurance, deep down she refused to believe so.

It was not her fault, just that S didn’t realise how much she still got held back by her past until lately.

A few years ago S had a nasty breakup with an ex, who left her for another woman. She buried these painful memories and chose not to look at them, as she thought this would be a “wise” way to deal with life and move on.

However, past memories are like rheumatism, when it is a sunny day, everything is fine and calm; whenever it rains, the old wounds and pains rose up and took her mind off from the present moment, in a subtle but powerful way.

Eventually S got fed up with this pattern and decided to look into her past in a very compassionate way.

She wrote down every single detail where she felt belittled, under-valued and under-appreciated.

It took her a little while to acknowledge everything, there were entangled emotions, dramas and tears, but writing alone has helped her to re-discover so many things about herself.

As a result, she was able to view her history and present with 100% compassion.

Sometimes we believe that we are totally in control, while at least 90% of our actions are triggered by our subconscious mind.

And it gets triggered by images, words and a certain scenario, often you can’t help it…

However, your subconscious mind doesn’t decide what’s right or wrong, it only accepts. You can re-programme it to serve you beautifully.

Tool #5:

ready-to-manifest, yiye zhang, yourlifeexpression.comCheck in with your subconscious self.  Go down memory lane and clear the obstacles. Let go of all the negative beliefs that are associated with manifesting your goals.

Do some releasing work, eg, journalling, talking with a trusted friend or mentor, EFT…

Do some serious decluttering: the physical goods you hold an energy for you, often quite is dated and holding you back. 

Every time you set a new goal, make sure you check in with your subconscious self + do a new round of decluttering. I can guarantee that you’ll get pleasant surprises!

Finally, manifestation is a form of art and science, it’s impossible to cover all examples and the advanced techniques through content sharing alone, but I’ve given you the tools to set a foundation to manifest anything you want.

Use them. Practise them. Own them. Share them.

Enjoyed this special report and want to share it? Thank you so much and I appreciate it!


All my love + good vibes,

signature, yiye zhang

Instant Upgrade:

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Cindie Chavez

GREAT post. So many wonderful ideas here that I SO needed to be reminded of…like the FULL body YES!! Today was the day that I needed that. 😉 Thank you for such a well thought out post. Fabulous! xo



Thank you so much for dropping by Cindie! I’m glad to hear that you like the FULL body yes. Yeah, let every single cell in your body back you up!

all my love xo



Thank you Yiye for this wonderful post. I am in the midst of releasing, clearing, and endeavoring to co-create greater financial abundance. As you said in your post, “checking in with the subconscious” is so important. Also to let you know, I have been re-listening to a tape program, “Your Psychic Pathway” that Sonia Choquette recorded some years ago. She is such a powerful presence. Sonia’s message to remember that in each moment our Spirit Guides and Teachers are sending information to us, is another important part of manifesting and creating.
I came to your website by way of the “90 day list challenge”. Out of quite a list of sites, I was intuitively attracted yours. With much appreciation,



Hi Ruth, thank you for introducing yourself! I am glad you enjoyed the post!
I LOVE all Sonia’s programmes too, isn’t she wonderful!
And wow, I love the way we got connected, feel so humbled and graced by your presence. Thanks so much for sharing

Sending good vibes to your goals!



I love this idea that my dreams and desires have a spirit of their own. It’s exactly how it feels!
I’ve been doing more of this lately – less working my butt off for my dreams, and more allowing and just finding the joy and the exact vibration of my goal. It feels amazing 🙂

Thank you for this, Yiye, as always!



Hi Sibylle, thank you so much for sharing your first-hand experience with us! Keep it up regarding the allowing! yes, the vibrational space is so important and so easily overlooked.

all my love,




Thank you for visiting my site, and for your lovely and gracious comments. Today on
my blog I have posted a video clip where I am playing in a different style.
Isn’t this creative and manifesting “vibe” (Sonia’s word, “the vibes”) just wonderful!



and you are so welcome!


Judy Tweal

Love this Yiye, thanks for sharing!!



thank you Judy! Glad it’s useful 🙂


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Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful info particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.|



thank you so much Elise, best of luck too!



Hello – just popped by to say I love this post and am going to try some of number 4 🙂 Changing my vocabulary to be more positive!

I have referenced you in a small post 🙂



HI Victoria, thanks for dropping by!! Yes, enjoy bringing more positive words in day to day life! (I was going to check your post but looks like it is blocked in China at the moment – will do in once I’m back in the UK)\
Sending you lots of love and good vibes!\



Beautiful. This article certainly gave me more insight into what the process of manifestation really is. So many articles out there just keep focusing on the “visualize and imagine” part, it is confusing. I will start by changing my vocabulary to be more positive (a much needed step). There is something I would like your help on ,though. Is there any way I can contact you?



Hi Elizabeth, you can write to support[at]yourlifeexpression[dot]com, we’ll do our best to help you 🙂
Glad to know that it helped you!



I love how you approach a desire as a spirit of its own. I will reflect on that because it resonated a lot with what I do and how I can apply it with greater success.

Purple Goat Healing – Liberate your true self
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🙂 I’m so happy to hear that you resonate with it Amelie thank you!



A beautifully written and concise vision for success. Thank you.



Thanks so much Peggy!


Kimberley Wiggins

This is a great article. Looks of great tools and tips I can take away that I can use immediately. It was a little too much for me to process right now so I am having to bookmark this to refer back to again and again. Wonderful!



welcome back any time Kimberley!!


AnnaLaura Brown

wow, this is an amazing post. I am going to bookmark it to read again later and I don’t do that with a lot of blog posts. The tools are especially helpful.



Thank you AnnaLaura!


Julia Kline

Great post! I can’t wait to go back and do the meditation later tonight.

Julia Kline
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Great to hear Julia!


Carol Steinberg

You have a lot of wisdom to share and a generous spirit to do so.



Thanks so much Carol, appreciated!


Stacy Harshman

I really like the reminder to declutter. I really need to do that now!



Yes Stacy, declutter is always a new beginning!


Peggy Champlin

Wow – this is a long blog post! With great content, though. I do believe that we manifest what we receive. The trick is to get some control over what we’re manifesting and the tips and tools you offer will certainly help.



Hi Peggy, trust will be built over the time! thanks for connecting!


Matthew J. Tuller

Wonderful entry. Personally, I am a big believer in manifesting your dreams to make them a reality. In addition, meditation can be a wonderful way to re-center yourself at times that are overly busy. Staying centered is a great way to ensure that we are acting in the best way that we can. Thanks again for the insightful article!

Take care,

Law Office of Matthew J. Tuller



Thanks Matthew, great to connect and appreciate your insights and kind comment!


Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE

Beautiful insights! I love how you provide tools that we can use in our lives.
Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE
Preventive, Lifestyle & Environmental Health Physician,
The Simple | Pure | WholeTM Wellness Method



Glad it helped Dr, Jennifer, thanks for dropping by!


Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D.

Hello YiYe,

Thank you for all the great information. It really is all about the spirit and energy we put into the intention.

Here is a link to my blog. I will be promoting this blog with the book release in the next couple of weeks.



Thanks for connecting Elizabeth!



What a wonderful post! Couldn’t agree more on that your desire has a Spirit of its own and being laser focused. Thank you!

Ruzica Kozul
LOA Life Coach



Hi Ruzica, thanks for connecting, I’m glad that it resonated with you!


Emily Rose

Wow wow wow.

This post is JAM PACKED with mind-blowing information. Thank you SO much for putting this work out there in the world!

As an ever-expanding conscious co-creator, I REALLY appreciate you taking the time and energy to break down each step so clearly and thoroughly. The detail is incredible. Such great reminders!

I look forward to receiving your free gift!

Much love to you!

Emily Rose
THE Women’s Relationship Coach
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I’m glad that it helped. Thanks for dropping by Emily!


Sarah Arrow

Wow Yiye, I love how you broke the first section into flair, focus and concentration. That really resonates with me. Thank you for this extremely detailed post, I’ve bookmarked it for future reference.



Hey Sarah, I’m so glad that you resonated!
lots of love



I love reading your posts. I am always inspired to think of my current experiences from different angles. The tools are all very useful – I love the embodiment piece! I often jump up in the air at home and shout out ‘Yes’ (my daughter always giggles), but making it a whole-body ‘yes’ will be even more satisfying! Thank you 🙂



isn’t it wonderful to shout out yes(es) in the air, thank you for sharing your experiences with us too Emma!


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