How to lift your “past-life-burdens” + pursue your purpose fully

by yiye

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How does living your purpose feel for you?

I have a confession – this happened a lot during my first 6 months of building this online business, I frequently questioned myself: “Is this all real?” “Am I being possessed by something that I can’t fight against?” “Will I mess up others lives, by being who I am, at all?”

Oh the last one… I’ve seen how this doubt bothers almost every lightworker, coach, healer, spiritual/intuitive guide, and wannabe.

“Will I mess other people’s lives by doing my work? What kind of responsibility have I asked myself to take?!”

If you resonate, please read on. You’ll find relief and courage to dream + live bigger.

Here are a few raw + honest examples, traced all the way from “past lives”. Plus the truth of how you actually change the world.

If you are an indigo child/star child, although you might not experience this doubt as intensely as us, you do still carry this fear in an lineage way from your ancestors. So do some clearing anyway, as will release the heaviness and wounds for your family and indirectly on yourself.

“Will I mess up their lives?!”

L has completed a life coaching certificate from CoachU, now she is about to launch her spiritual counsellor practice, with the aim of quitting her day job eventually.

As much as it feels that she is one step closer to her dream lifestyle, “something big is stopping me, which couldn’t be described by words or pinned down preciously”, said L.

She felt stuck, powerless and extremely frustrated.

The moment I connected with L, I was impressed by her statesman-like presence. When we started working together, it wasn’t a surprise for me to see her past lives trait of repeatedly playing important political roles: making decisions that impacted hundreds (if not thousands) of lives.

{By the way, it doesn’t mean that L is more special or important than anyone else at a soul level. Just that her soul preferred to choose such a pattern to learn and experience}

I also sensed the pain, anger and guilt from one particular life, when (she was a he that lifetime by the way) he suggested a strategy to his Emperor but it caused complications which led to a brief civil war.

No wonder why she hesitated to step forward to launch her practice.

Her soul still carries the guilt, shame and judgement towards herself.

Subconsciously she doesn’t want to make such a big decision that influences the lives of others anymore.

However, as a lightworker, she longs for bringing more peace and happiness to the world, by working closely with people.

She was laughing at the irony once I relayed this insight to her, “Why did my soul choose this path, and why am I doing this to myself?”

So we looked deeper into it – actually this is such an intelligent plan from her soul.

As a late mature soul, L’s soul has an ambitious goal to crash lots of karmic lessons in this lifetime so that she could move on to the “old soul cycle”.

As you might know, karmic lessons doesn’t mean you have done something bad. They are just lessons for us to learn. No matter what Karmic lessons you are learning through, they always grow your capacity to unconditionally love yourself and others.

L’s previous roles were always on the frontier, which doesn’t serve her growth anymore. This lifetime she wants to step back a little, and establish intimate connections with fellow human beings in a non-intervening way.

I also saw that she will be collaborating with various charities in the future.

Yet the energy from her past lives confused her…

It’s a natural tendency for our soul to hold on the past life patterns, as a result we find it difficult to embrace the karmic lessons.

L found it very uncomfortable to suggest or recommend anything to people, yet she was drawn to spiritual counselling. This conflict almost drove her crazy.

However, as difficult as such internal battles are, launching her own spiritual healing practice will:

1) prompt her to heal such past life shame and guilt;

2) fulfil her purpose, at least for the time being.

I assured her, “As long as you make every decision based on pure intent and love, you can’t really go wrong. It is no longer a life/death situation anymore.

Plus in this new energy, how you change people’s lives is drastically different compared to your “old days” a few hundred years ago”.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a coach, teacher, mentor, healer.. you DON’T tell people what to do or make any decisions for them, but rather, hold your light, so that they can see themselves better: what’s their purpose, and how they can go about it.

If your clients or students resonate with your message at all, it’s because you have reminded them of something they already knew deep inside.

You are just giving them extra confidence and light boost. They might call this “aha moments”, “quantum leaps”, ‘breakthroughs”, but really it’s just that you helped them to elevate what they already knew.

It is not about you, it is not even about the questions you ask them, it’s about how a light can rekindle another.

Without a believing mirror like yourself, it will be very difficult for them to express or articulate their dreams due to the lack of support they experience in life at the moment.

And if you’ve been there and done that, and could give them a little extra direction, it can seriously save them so much more frustration and time. And that’s the true worth and value of your work – acknowledge their beauty and gift, honour their spirit, purpose and lessons…”

L started to feel a lot more relaxed and assured.

L’s story and fear might be unique but it is not uncommon.

I’ve also seen lightworkers who were military leaders in the past, they feared that they might make the wrong decision at others expense or others rely on them too much…

Or lightworkers who had been life guards (or other forms of life savers) before who exposed themselves to dangers all the time…

Your old pattern can be so stubborn that it tricks you to believe that:

you either have to sacrifice your own life to help others; or

you are going to mess it all up again…

The good news is that how you change lives is different from what you might believe.

Personally, I don’t agree with “saving the world” or “saving someone’s life” at all…

I resonate more with creating a ripple effect, and gradually we are contributing to healing this planet. But again, that’s not about us, but how our Universe works.

How you actually change lives

Dr David Hawkins, a psychiatrist and consciousness researcher developed a Scale of Consciousness, which is a guide to describe your range of emotions.

yiye zhang, london intuitive coach, london spirit guide, help lightworkers become heart-based entrepreneurs, AbrahamHicksEmotionalGuidanceScale.jpg

As you can see from the graph above, anything above ‘LOVE’ based emotions are an expansive feeling, while everything below makes you contracted. Makes sense, huh?

What interested me the most is not the scale itself, but how different emotions are interacting with each other.

Apparently, 1 person at level 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200

1 person at level 400 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below 200.

And so on…

1 person at level 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200…

You see, you don’t even need to be totally “enlightened” (ie. 700+) to make a positive change in the world.

As long as you started to have some willingness to make this day delightful (300), you can counterbalance the 90k who are scared…

And lightworkers, that’s the essence of your work. I don’t mean in a grandiose way, but your presence already makes this world better!

Just do your work, hold your light – it doesn’t have to be more complicated than this! Carry it high wherever you go. You don’t need to be an expert or master to begin with.

There are bunch of techniques available in the market for healing and liberation. Go and learn them all if you wish. But ultimately, it is your pure intent, light and non-judgemental attitude that really make the transformation happening…

Take a few deep breaths, and relax into your own light.

Remember the purpose of your work is to empower! What does that mean?

Don’t focus too much on your “flaws” or “shortcomings”, instead, focus on your clients’ light and brilliance.

I appreciate that many of you might have great doubt about your own ability. When you examine your own life, which isn’t so perfect, and you ask yourself: “Who am I to do this type of work?”

Well, who are you NOT to?

“A spiritual teacher is not someone coming down from the highest realms to explain to the ignorant what life is all about. A true teacher has gone through darkness himself and reaches out their hand to you not from above but from a deeply sensed inner unity.” – Pamela Kribbe channelling


In fact, it is not NEVER about YOU (ie your fears, self-doubt, self-talk etc), it’s about THE PEOPLE.

The more you put attention on their beauty, gifts and brilliance, you’ll find your work is getting easier and easier. Even if your clients are having a challenging time, the way you hold such a high vibration, can turn this journey into a fun ride for them.

I hope this truth inspires you to get over of your “stories”, egos and all the wiff waff. Just act like a professional now and DO YOUR WORK.

How to uplift your “past-life-burdens” 

Firstly, please check out this post on how to do a DIY past life reading, if you haven’t done it already.

So how can you make peace with your past lives in order to move forward + free your glorious dream now?

yiye zhang, london intuitive business coach, spirit guide, help lightworkers become heart-based entrepreneurs, attract spiritual and financial wealth fast

 1. Recognise your soul lessons

The core reason that we go through dramas and traumas in past lives, is to learn particular lessons. If you are able to recognise the lesson and gift within your experience, your old stories will have less and less power over you.

It is perfectly safe to re-visit your past lives, as long as you don’t dwell on the details (ie, stories too much). And each time you re-visit your past live purpose/soul lessons, you’ll gain a deeper layer of understanding of that impact on this life now.

Personally, I do at least one round of clearing per quarter. The more lessons I recognise in my past lives, the lighter I am now, and less fears and unexpressed blocks are holding me back to offer my services to our community.

It also can help you see your current life path clearer.

For example, I used to feel a little bit ashamed of being an accountant after graduating. But now I have a huge appreciation because part of my purpose is to teach how to live a balanced and wealthy life, and I do need to understand how money works in a very practical way (including the metaphysical energetic clearing part, as well as the very practical side: how to manage and invest your money). This life was the first time I got so close with money. Yes, I found the corporate time was so hard, the tasks were daunting and restrictive. But, it did make me very grounded. That experience wasn’t a mistake, but an essential lesson for me to go through my karma. Knowing it better now, the shame has faded away. And I’ve definitely appreciated and valued my past a lot more.

Another reason why this type of self-actualisation and reflection rocks is that once you recognised and learnt your lessons, you don’t have to go through the same struggle again. You’ll still learning the new lessons (sorry), but you never have to worry about the same ones again.

2. Use “now” to heal “then”

As you know that time is an illusion. If you jump out of this 3D paradigm, everything is all happening simultaneously beyond a level that our brain can understand.

Energies between lifetimes are always interacting, and you can take advantage of this, to heal yourself even deeper.

Use the gift of your free will to invite your Higher Self to transmit its compassion and pure light to a troubled lifetime. And meet your “past self” as his/her future self, whispering to his/her ears, “Everything is OK. All is well with the soul.”

The lighter your past self feels, the freer you’ll fee NOW.

3. Forgiveness always does the trick

Whatever you have created in past lives always comes back round, including the heaviness, resentment, guilt etc.

Forgiveness might sound weak for some people, but it is such a liberating vibration to return the freedom to your soul.

The effect is profound. Refer back to the scale chart above, forgiveness vibrates at least 350.

First, start with yourself, all the negative feelings and judgement you have towards your past and now, it’s time to let go.

Have you ever heard that self-compassion is a short-cut to enlightenment?

Then, forgive your karmic counter-parties. No matter what horrible things they “did to you”, both souls had a contract/agreement to allow the event to manifest itself.

Can you laugh about how you victimised yourself? Even better!

Your heart will expand with love – the love you’ve been blocking out. You’ll feel an energy surge of love coursing through your body and mind. That’s the reason you want to forgive everything – it just feels freaking good!

Thanks for stepping into your calling, mission and dreams. Blessed are YOU who hold fast to the purpose YOU came here for.

Would you like to share your insights? We’d love to hear from you in the comment below!

All my love + good vibes,
yiye zhang, financial intuitive, money expert

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Sheridan Kennedy

Yiye, I really enjoyed reading this post. SO much richness in here – I am going to have to come back again to gently remind myself of these things you are pointing out that really resonate with me! What you say about our role as teachers, or healers is so true. We are really just here to shine our light, by example, and as a mirror for people to see their own specialness. Thank you for expressing it so well.



Hi Sheridan, thanks so much for reading and commenting, and your fabulous light as always!
Glad that you resonate! All my love as always, Yiye


Stephanie Lin

Wow, Yiye. This post was AMAZING (as always). I felt like you were speaking right to my heart. As I prepare to put my spiritual development coaching services out there, a lot of “contracting” emotions have been arising. Thank you for reminding me of the essence of the work: Hold the space, hold the light…so that person you are serving can see the brilliance of who they are. I’ve been very concerned with what I will be DO-ing in my sessions, rather than remembering that it is my “pure intent”, light, and our soul-to-soul connection that creates the shifts. Love and gratitude to you!



Hi Stephanie! It’s great to hear from you and the fact that you are stepping into your pure intent and light!! I’m so happy for you!
Thanks for your kind words – with love and appreciation!


Cynthia Lindeman

Super article & so very inspiring! I will take it through my day & refer back to it when I need to! Thank you!



Thank you dear Cynthia, I’m glad you enjoyed it:)
love and light



Yiye, you are an inspiring light that has helped illuminate my soul. In meditation, I saw myself in this light and interestingly enough, before I found your blog, I sensed a bright light in London, and it has to be you!

I have followed your posts for some time and they have taught me so much. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are helping me to heal and love myself (and my past lives trauma). This lifetime is all about helping others. Being happy. Being strong in my truths.

I will be leaving tomorrow from my home in Minnesota, to a country that has been calling me (in meditation – in my heart) – Bhutan. I feel it will be a very spiritual journey for me to finally allow myself to let go. Let go of everything I have held on to for so long. With your help, I also realize it is also the letting go of past lives. I am ready to “be” and know there are many lessons for my soul to learn from another culture and their happiness. It is at the true essence of my soul – I feel it.

Thank you for inspiring others to heal.

Much love and light,



Wow Jenni, I’m speechless, thanks for your kind words. And I feel very honoured to have connected with you!
How wonderful that you are following your heart, truth and courage. Have a beautiful healing and adventurous time in Bhutan! – I very much look forward to hearing about your updates, journey and wonders!

All my love and deep appreciation!


Amanda Drew

I’ve been feeling a little resentful inexplicably, and I’m wondering if it might be because of something that happened in a past life. I really like how you say that the lighter your past feels the better you’ll feel now and that you can help your past life. Maybe I should find someone who can help me heal my past life.


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