How to manifest a mini-miracle in 1 week – part 3 intuition and guidance

by yiye

As you know from part 1 that I choose to follow my heart to free my inner-child instead of pushing my sales. To my surprise, while making these videos and freeing my inner-child, I got my sales anyway without making too much effort.

So at this stage, really trust that following your true desires is the best gift that you can give to yourself.

Creating miracles (mini or major) is a lifestyle choice. Believe that you DO have access to the super power as we all have our divine nature. I’ve given you the tools now, you just need to implement them consistently and keep your inner-light on!

Thank you so much for investing your time, energy and focus to follow your dreams – every time you decide to do so, you are healing and uplifting our planet!

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Watch part 2 here if you have missed it.

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