How to manifest your dream vacation without burning your wallet

by yiye

This post will cover the practical side for your vacation (money, discounts, upgrade) + fun and magical side (unexpected healing, mystics and synchronicity events).

I hope you will enjoy it especially if you are planning a well-deserved break for your body, mind and spirit. I used Hawaii as an example, but the same principles will apply regardless of whether you are into rainforest, Everest, Amazon, desert, Antarctic, or Machu Picchu.

Section #4 is dedicated to you if you it’s feel easy to see others’ gifts and light but difficult to see your own…

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I had been called to visit Hawaii for long. Not just because it’s thousands of miles away from London, that distance creates undeniable mystery and romance; nor because there are beaches with semi-coarse golden brown sand shimmering under the sun near the equator. To be honest, I’m not even a beach person, strictly speaking.

If I must give a reason –  it’s a calling right from the beginning, when the dimension of time was created.

I mean, I have a deep inner-knowing that my soul was originated from the Polynesian triangle.

My intellectual knowledge around Hawaii was close to non-existent before this trip. But that’s not important, as spiritually and energetically I am bonded with this area.

I just needed to move my heart + ass there and confirm that my vibes was right.

To a place where I call my first ever home on this planet.

That was a time long long long ago, way before any recorded history on earth, before Atlantean times, before Mayan times.

If you are into mysticism too, you probably have heard of a land called “MU”, which was located in the middle of Pacific pre-history. A ancient civilization called “Lemurians” lived there.

Towards the end cycle of this civilization, the earth’s pole shifted which caused a cooling period in the globe. Water levels started to rise, and slowly, the land sank..inch by inch…Until one day (probably the All Soul’s Day: 31 Oct), the entire land pretty much went under, with a few peaks of the mountains remaining above the sea level.

You can still see the tips of the ancient mountains nowadays: New Zealand, Hawaii islands, Tahati etc… all the way to Easter Island.

“Mountains are generally measured from sea level, in which case Mount Everest (29,028 feet; 8,848 meters) is king.” “Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, though, rises an astonishing 33,476 feet (10,203 meters) from the depths of the Pacific Ocean floor. Measuring from base to peak, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on earth.”

photo credit:

photo credit:

I have been to many breathtaking destinations, some of them were my homes in past lives too. To me, each of them have a unique frequency – a very subtle but distinct difference.

Hawaii (Maui to be more specific) has a divine feminine, healing, clean and water-like calming & acceptance – I’ve heard that many people feel the same (see more in Section # 4 Magic Healing).

But first things first, let’s talk about the #1 step on manifesting your dream vacation.

1. Check-in with your mindset

 Many people (especially entrepreneurs on a mission) have the tendency to over work. And when you stop working, taking a holiday/vacation might make you feel guilty.

The way many of us were brought up makes it easier to treat a vacation like an “expense” rather than “investment”.

In order to get the best experience out, you’ll have to shift this perception.

When you treat it as an “expense”, you’ll always feel contractual:“After putting 5k into vacation, we’re worse off now”, your body is tight, you hesitate to treat yourself the best deal that you can afford, or you absolutely CAN afford something but you don’t believe you are able to.

Aim to view it in a more expansive manner. This is an investment to your wellbeing – the #1 most important asset in your life and business.

“5k has been allocated to recharging myself. I’ll come back more alert, refreshed, and tanned, and more of a money/business magnet”

When you are in a more expansive state of being, you will much more likely to get good deals, eg, hotel upgrade.

As you know, everything is energy. When your energy level is up, people will unconsciously match you to a higher vibration category and give you better offers (including the computers might also allocate better tickets/seats etc for you).

Some might call this “luck”, but it’s really about knowing how subtle energy realm works.

We always checked our mindset and thoughts before taking trips, and we often did end up getting room upgrade on arrival.

So stop shooting yourself in the foot: “I can’t afford to take a break” “My office needs me” “I haven’t hit 6 figures yet, so I don’t deserve a break.” Use meditations quieten down those little voices.

Focusing on the bigger picture – think and feel about how wonderful when you allow yourself to take a well deserved break, away from social media, away from “strategies”, stay in a luxury hotel with the finest food…

Remember, you are a co-creator. You can manifest whatever you need.


2. Manifesting money and good experiences


a) Let’s talk about money first.

Nobody enjoys seeing a big lump sum coming out of your bank account. Spending usually makes people feel insecure.

Previously I suggested having a separate account –  call it whatever you’d like, I call it my “fun account”.

The idea is that you put aside an amount of money each month, accumulate this fund over the year, and aim to spend it all on things and experiences that indulge you by the end of the year.

You repeat this each year, and aim to increase the amount year after.

Hawaii is not a cheap destination (especially if you live outside the USA), so the “fun account” has given us a good relief.

The rest, we just manifested on demand, through a combination of launching new offers and be open about receiving money out of the blue…

Here are some ideas for you:

– Launch a new offer or enhance an existing offer

– Have a yard sale

– Negotiate a payrise

– Go through all your bank/building society accounts, you never know, maybe you’ll have a saving fund about to mature, but you have forgotten about it.

– Go bold & win a prize, if you are particularly strong in visualisation and intention setting (see more below).

b) Deliberate Intention.

Once you decide that you’ll be going to a destination during a particular period: that’s it!

That means, treat this as your top priority.

Remember, your needs and wants will only be comfortably met when your actions are 100% align with your intention.

For example,

– Set a time frame, you’ll take this vacation by absolutely when? If you are an employee, speak to your boss at work, book the holiday firmly in the system at work; if you are an entrepreneur, plan your clients’ work carefully to avoid any clashes.

– Act as if. Even if you haven’t got the itinerary sorted yet, act as if you have. Imagine you are already taking the trip: what type of hotel do you want to stay in? Which airline do you want to go with? What activities do you want to do once you are there? Will you be meeting anyone there?

– Prepare all the necessary paper work, for example get a visa sorted and passport updated. Seriously, I’ve come across someone who didn’t manage to take a trip because his passport had expired and he forgot to get a new one!

Things above might sound trivial, but they will get you out of your head and start putting actions together, and that’s when the real momentum starts.

The more you focus on your intention and take small + consistent actions everyday, the more likely the Universe will send opportunities to support you.

c) Visualise unexpected goodies

Gone are the days when you can say:”this is our honeymoon/this is my birthday”, then you’ll get a complimentary upgrade.

Apparently, it’s not impossible, here is a comprehensive article about it (dated in 2008 but most of the points are still valid)

We didn’t try to get complimentary upgrade to business class.

Firstly because we checked in by self-service machines, there was no one to talk to should you want to ask for upgrade; the machine gives you the choice of a paid upgrade;

Secondly, I was inspired to use my visualisation skills manifesting something different: EXTRA SEATS!

I had to focus my energy on only one thing at a time so I focused on the seats manifestation.

In the past 2-3 years I had been having fun searching for available seats on busy trains during rush hour, simply by asking help from my runner guides. I wouldn’t want to waste the fun during a flight either.

Here is how we visualised:

Find out where we will be seating according to the plane graphs. Imagine ourselves already sitting our seats, with no one next us. Thoroughly enjoy the comfort from the extra space: not having to wake up your neighbour who is sleeping:”Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom”, and vice versa…[add anything that you’d consider as comfort, and really feel it].

On the long haul parts of the journey (both way out and way back), we had no one sitting next to us! Despite the fact the planes were actually pretty busy.

However it didn’t work from Maui to San Francisco (the shorter part of the journey).

Please let me explain as it will also answer a commonly asked question:“What if someone else is using visualisation to manifest extra seat, will it clash with your own needs? Are you taking away someone else’ pleasure?”

Firstly, when you visualise the joy of a desired experience, you are declaring to the Universe that you can make the best use of this gift. If no one else sets the intention to want the joy, you’ll pretty much get it.

If someone else is declaring it but in his/her imagination not enjoying it as much as you do, you’ll be more likely to get it, and vice versa.

If there is someone in need of the additional seat itself, you probably won’t get it.

For example during the flight from Maui to San Francisco, there was someone on a standby ticket. Although initially we did sit next to the only empty seat on the plane, of course, this seat had to go to this lady on standby.

Why? Because her need to travel on this plane is way much more important than my extra comfort.

You don’t have to worry about taking away the resource from someone else. Just enjoy the visualisation, be as much enthusiastic as you can.

If no one else needs the extra resource, it’s OK for you to utilize it. This way, the abundance is not wasted! You should feel guilty if you DON’T make use of it 🙂

Try this skill on the train during your daily commute or looking for parking spots as well! If you work on your visualisation muscles every day, you’ll get better and better at manifesting free space anywhere!

3. When pure synchronicity happens


Andrew and I got married in May 2011, we had our pre-wedding shoot, when our photographer made a video for the whole experience. And he chose a song as the music background – we still don’t know the name of the song but we remember the tune very well. yiye zhang, london intuitive coach, london spirit guide, help lightworkers manifest money fast We booked a boat trip to Lahaina (an area in Maui) watching the whales and dolphins.

We were lucky to catch the last few whales who were about to migrate to cooler places, and lots of dolphins spinning around.

After the boat trip, we were resting on the land and exploring gift shops around. We went into a shop randomly for no apparent reason. As soon as we entered, the stereo in the shop started to play the pre-wedding shoot song. It was our Anniversary weekend by the way.

If one time was bit “lucky”, it happened again 10 mins later in a different shop!

I don’t think that tune was Hawaii’s anthem. Was it a blessing on our Anniversary? From the Universe, from our angles, guides and Higher Self?

But at the same time, doubt came back:“Who am I/ are we to be blessed by the Universe?” – the usual ego self talk, we couldn’t believe this was a signal/message.

So we asked for another sign from the Universe. Nothing special seemed to happen in the next few hours.

“Oh, that’s just our mind being silly. Let’s forget about it”.

We did forget about it and went back to the shore because we were about to embark for the sunset dinner cruise.

Little did we knew that event was run by the same company, so, the Pacific Whale Foundation Boat- here we came again!

Gina, one of our tour guides from earlier, stayed on the boat working for the evening shift too. “Welcome back! What’s your name? We have prepared your seats. Let me take you there”.

“Oh they assigned us seats already”, Andrew whispering to me, “If we get the same seats as we randomly sat this morning, it will definitely be the Universe’s blessing, but what a chance”.

We followed Gina to the upper deck, and turned around to the right hand side, right outside the bridge…..and THE SAME SEATS that we randomly sat on in the morning! I will always remember the nice shocking look on Andrew’s face.

Gina was really surprised and happy too, “Not many people came back on the same day in the past, and we definitely haven’t seen anyone came back in the same seat. Happy Anniversary”.

“Thank you Gina!” And thanks to our guides and Universe.

Sometimes, we have the tendency to think that the Universe must be so busy looking after other people.

Who am I to claim my needs and wants?

True, there are 7 billion souls on earth right now. Our lineage forces us to think that the Universe can only send blessings to each individual at a time. So we feel unimportant.

But you are important, and trust that the Universe and your guides have the capacity to meet your needs and wants, and to simultaneously look for everyone else.

You don’t need to be special to ask for blessings from the Universe. And the Universe’s blessings won’t make you special – just make you loved unconditionally at any time at anywhere, that’s probably more than enough.

Dear reader friends, I invite you to make this claim today: “My needs and desires are just as important as everyone else’s”. “I am enough to be blessed and treasured.”

Synchronicity is created and arranged on your behalf, you don’t NEED to do anything other than following the nudge and accepting it. In our case, we just needed to say:”Thank you Universe, we feel blessed”.

In other cases, eg, you just launched a new offer, someone is interested to work with you straight away. But you chickened out, you secretly hope the person will cancel on you..Hands up if it’s you? Next time, just say yes and open up to the opportunity. The Universe won’t hand you anything that you are not ready for.

4. Magic healing

Yiye zhang, london spirit guide, london intuitive coach
Dolphins – they rank among the most intelligent creatures on earth.

They are not just mammals, they feel more like little beings beyond this 3D world.

Many people have reported to have telepathic connections with Dolphins.

They have subtle yet strong presence in the ocean, a powerful frequency, which showers endless self-acceptance onto you.

They might also stir up a fear that you have been having for years.

I’m afraid of open water – I nearly drown under the North Sea in China when I was 7. I still remember the taste of sea water and scare on the day.

We had an opportunity to snorkel during the boat trip. I didn’t plan to participate initially, I just wanted some BBQ while watching whales and dolphins.

Somehow after spending some time with the little beings, I wanted to have a go at snorkelling and face to my fear of open water.

After some inner battles, I went in.

I really admire those who enjoy open water like fish coming back to the sea. However, to me, it was beyond terrifying especially when the waves came by.

Inevitably I drank tons of sea water, which caused me to be sea sick on the way back. I also screamed a couple of times – embarrassing but I was doing my best under that circumstance.

However, I am no longer have a fear of open water.

Next time, I’ll remember less of the drowning experience when I was little, and think about the turtles and yellow fish I saw this time.

I think Dolphins’ presence was a great catalyst…

In the next few days, more “stuff” surfaced.

My fear of opening up – who will find value in reading and listening to my stories and thoughts?

My fear of being tied-down by people who I love

My fear of being trusted and loved by people

My fear of re-claiming my voice – the voice I thought had died away when I was 11

…….there were so much “stuff” coming up. I would have freaked out if it was before.

Now I am totally OK with them – they are just some old patterns – rather than feeling ashamed by them, allow them to evolve into something better.

That means: showing true Self when I connect with people; listening to their own truth without comparing to mine; embrace intimacy; be committed to my loved ones as well as committing to my own light; not shy away talking about my gifts…

I was once mad with myself: “I am so impressed and touched by the gifts, beauty and light of others. Why can’t I see my own?”

But lately I started to see my light and comfortably stand with it.

Now, I know exactly why I chose Maui to visit, a corner of my first-ever homeland.

yiye zhang, london intuitive coach, london spirit guide, help lightworkers manifest money fastThis was the vacation where I faced my deep shadows and darknesses.

This was also the vacation where I witnessed my light and see it magically transform my old patterns into new passions.

I am forever changed.

Do you also feel a calling from a particular place that you can’t rationally explain? Trust the guidance, go + visit, let the magic unfold for you.

I send you waves and waves and waves of love and prayers, until every inch of you is melted down by your own remembrance.

Click here to learn how to get back in touch with your true SELF and create your desires with ease and speed. 










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Great post Yiye, Maui sounds magical – I can’t wait to go there and see the whales and dolphins too! And I’m inspired by your story of facing your fears. (I’ll try to remember your courage when I’m stepping onto my plane…) 😉


thank you so much Danielle – I am sure you’ll love Maui and all the best for the flight!


Thanks for sharing Yiye! Yes, we do receive blessings from the universe: some weeks ago my grandmother died. We had a strong and love-filled relation. I stood crying at the window starring into the cloudy sky. I asked if there will ever be someone in my life who will love me just like she did, unconditionally and non-expecting. As I looked up again, one cloud actually opened, had transformed into a heart and let the sun shine through! For me, this was the answer 🙂


LOVE what you shared Anja!! true miracles are often very subtle

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