Ludovico, Inner-Child & Your Desire

by yiye

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I wrote this on my note book two years ago: “One day, I will be able to play with words like the way he writes the music.” 

Heaven knows how much courage and practice that will take, but I want it! 
And a few days ago I saw him. Live.
In the “time lapse” concert, I was only a few feet away from Ludovico Einaudi.
His presence, his passion for piano, his mastery of composing, are still all vivid in my memory.
He and the entire crew were all dressed down casually. They all looked so comfortable just the way they are. No hiding. No shaming.
I mean, we were there for their music anyway. If it was just for clothes, we’d have gone to Milan…
I closed my eyes almost throughout the whole concert. I “see” music better this way. I connect with the souls of the musicians deeper this way too. I greet them, thanked them, and exchanged the love energy with them.
Perhaps Ludovico is not your cup of tea. But I am sure that you deeply resonate with a few artists. And when you are sinking into their work, their creative fire and delight, you cannot help but call your own Inner-Child.
Your inner-child plays a huge role in your sacred business and online entrepreneurship.
Every time you uplevel, you’ll experience certain blocks, especially self-worth and visibility, which are directly or indirectly linked with your inner-child’s life journey.

Every time I decide to explore a new arena in entrepreneurship, old sh*t comes up with a new spin.

Having been doing this type of inner-work for so long, I am getting sharper and better at detecting where I am blocking myself and what I must release and how I can love myself more.

I start with paying extra attention to my inner child and forgiving my inner critic.

I write a love letter to my inner-child.

Are you stepping up/uplevelling at the moment? If so, feel free to write a love letter to your inner child. You will feel so much lighter afterwards. I promise!

Here is mine:

I am sorry that I killed your voice when you were 11.

I am sorry that I always put your needs last.

I am sorry that I didn’t set firm boundaries for you to share your gifts freely and fearlessly.

I am sorry that I thought my intellect could have done everything better on its own.

I am sorry that I didn’t invest in unleashing the genius of you as much as I could have.

I am sorry that I said “yes”, when you meant “no”.

I am sorry that I tolerated toxic relationships which were life-sucking for you.

I am sorry that when you went through all bruises and wounds, I didn’t “have time” to witness you.

I am sorry that my life journey created so many authority figures to belittle you.

I am sorry that I was too busy dwelling on the criticism and drama, when what I really wanted to do is to praise and support you. Honestly, I just got scared and blindly followed “them”.

I am sorry that the insecurity made me question your desirability.

I am sorry that I gave in when I ought to fight for a peaceful space & a gorgeous sky for you.

I am sorry that I forgot to breathe when you were playing and musing. The tightness in my stomach wrote off your beauty.

I am sorry that when “they” laughed at your out-of-box vision, I was also pointing at you and laughing along with them.

But now, the Spirit is back, I’m handing you over to ITS capable presence. Release your gifts and stay in your genius zone.

With love & abundance,

signature, yiye zhang

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