How to stay inspired to generate INSTANT + CONSISTENT results for your biz and life

by yiye

Do you ever wonder that for two very similar products or services (ie. similar features and even benefits), why one sells much better than the other?

If you are technically as good as others in your field, what can you do to stand out from the crowd? What can make potential customers resonate with you and WANT to buy from you?

In this video below, I’ll explain more, and give you a very simple tool to help you stay inspired (I think you’ll like it 🙂 )

Believe me, this small reflection can really take you a long way…



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Great post Yiye and so true as well. Thanks for explaining so clearly!


Thanks for connecting Leanne!! love & light x


This is a beautiful video Yiye! I love your energy. 🙂

These are things that all draw me back into being with spirit:

Teaching or coaching
Snuggling with my felonious felines
Creating – photography, writing, drawing
Meditating or journeying
Being by the sea or in the countryside
Looking up at the sky
Time with my favourite people
A good night’s sleep
Going to an art exhibition
Curling up with a cuppa and a good book

There’s so much.


Love your energy too Jane!! thanks for sharing with us your rich & beautiful spirit!

Lots of love


A lovely post Yiye. Great advice as always. Eyes tired, time for a nap… right now… 20 mins in the middle of the day to get me fired up for a productive afternoon… you gave me permission here… thank you!
I need to apply this tool today and every day… do what spirit is telling me, not what I think I SHOULD be doing!
I feel alive when doing anything to do with art or artists… exploring, teaching, curating, etc. Also, being in nature brings me back to spirit.


Thanks Julia, great to hear!! your spirit always has a soothing effect on me 🙂
Hope you rest well and sending you lots of energy


I nodded along to every sentence you said in the video, Yiye 🙂 Like you I’m ‘in spirit’ when I teach/empower others, and share my spirituality and the things I have learned in my life. I’m also ‘in spirit’ when I’m around my budgies, they light me up like a candle! Nature connects me to my spirit, and feeling in harmony with the universe.

Thank you for the reminder to stay aware, and in tune! It’s easy to forget that in everyday life.

Much love and blessings!


Your words make me smile Sibylle, I enjoy your presence and spirit 🙂


Karina Ladet

Thank you for sharing this great video. You are so beautiful, Yiye : ). I’m in spirit when I channel, and when I am outdoors. As soon as I am outside in nature I automatically start breathing deeper and I feel how I reconnect to source. Love, Karina


Thank you Karina – very kind of you. I love your grounding, calming, beautiful spirit!

samantha jenkins

Great video! Like you I am in spirit when I am teaching and inspiring others, when I am supporting others emotionally, and when I am being creative and in nature. Yay for being in spirit!!!


Yay for being in spirit Sam!! and thanks as always :)x


Love your post.
They are they are, sparkling!
At the moment anyway :-).


Thanks Irena, great to hear that they are sparking!!

Susan Telford

Loved your video.
I am in spirit when I am teaching, writing, doing yoga, nurturing myself in healthy ways, reading a great book, walking beside water, snuggling with my husband.

I realise that spirit goes when I do not listen to my body, when I get overtired, overstimulated mentally, physically and emotionally.

Thank you for the reminder to check for sparkling eyes! I am off to find a mirror!



thank you for connecting Susan! great to have you here!!


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