How to switch frequency + get out of your own “prison”

by yiye

When my mind is over-stimulated I get headaches.

Not headache-headaches, but I mean the energetic field around my head is heavy, tangled and repelling.

“Will this post be helpful for readers at all?”

“Will the new offer sell?”

“Am I a good wife? OMG, I forgot about the shopping, how terrible!”


Then I get into it even deeper: “Why am I worried about this?”

Then I over think, over think, then the headaches come…

This is a particular frequency, some people call it “ego frequency”, some call it “head frequency”, I call it “over-loaded intellect”.

When you are in this place, you feel stuck, insecure and fearful.

The good news is that you are not alone.

EVERYONE on this planet experiences it at some point.

It’s just a frequency. And you can change it.

switch frequency, lightworker to heart-based entrepreneur

Like watching TV, you can opt to change the channel and watch a different reality; you can switch to a heart/soul based frequency, or an even higher and more powerful frequency – spirit based frequency.

How to do it?

It’s very simple.

It’s so simple that many won’t even bother doing it.

Or they start doing it, but their intellect can’t believe how simple it is, so they judge, they over analyse, and give up in the end.

Our mind is designed to look for complicated solutions – “clever”, out of reach, require tons of effort…

And the cosmic humour is that complicated solutions are often not the REAL solutions.

In this case, this solution I’m about to say, is nothing new.

If you have read the “creativity bible” The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, you probably know it very well.

Just write your thoughts down as they run through your head, long hand.

Quite often, our intellect/brain/mind is busy and crowded.

We need to give it a voice, let it out, to quieten it down.

During the writing time, don’t expect anything instant, for example, “an aha moment” which arrives immediately.

Let’s just forget about the results for now.

Dive into the process.

The fundamental reason why artists, writers or even business people get stuck in their ventures, is because they forget about the “why”.

Why do we create?

Because we are creators – this is the kinda stuff we do!

When we focus too much on the results, we lose the joy; or even if we get the desirable results, we feel something is still missing because there was little joy during the process.

Therefore we seek more.

We think it’s because we need bigger and better results, then we push, push and push…

No wonder why we are blocked…

So, it is a process we are talking about.

A process to empty the garbage in your head.

Write long hand for 5 mins to start with…

How do you feel now?

A bit lighter? Calmer? Less headaches?

Keep writing, until your consciousness starts to sink down…

From your head, all the way to your heart.

Then the voice becomes quieter, clearer and firmer.

That’s your real voice.

Do this everyday and be aware of our human nature:-


Day 1: “hmmmm a new habit, I’m loving it!”

Day 3: “OMG, new insights, this stuff is great!”

Day 10: “Do I really have to spend the extra xx minutes to note things down?”

Day 15: “I think I just want to dieeeeeee”

Day 30: “Life” starts to get in the way, you stop it for a day.

Day 35: You haven’t been doing it for the past 5 days, what a relief!

Day 40: “Bummer! It feels like a writing deficiency disorder, I have no choice but to pick it up again”.

Day 60: Things somehow really start to shift. You find your mind is more manageable than you originally thought.

The power of your heart starts to show – this is your new boss.

Life is less of a struggle.

Day 70:You find it’s less like writing, and more like listening.

Listen to wisdom in your heart.

Want a new way to make money? You listen to what your heart says…and you note it down – this is a great new strategy!

Want to write a book? You listen again, wow – here is the plot!

Day 80: Your life and creativity is blossoming. Of course, you can’t do it only by following your heart, your intellect have supported you nicely.

But here comes another problem – your intellect wants to take over again….use its best heroic ability, “Let me show you, I know I know…Believe me, we don’t need this writing thing again.”

You are sold and leave it to your intellect. The tendency of seeking approval gradually comes back…

You miss out on synchronicity.

You feel something is ….missing…. again.

Day 90: You have to get back into it. It’s like reuniting with your bestie.

This time you are firmer, more grounded and appreciative. A more authentic lifestyle starts to emerge.

You might not notice it yourself, but your friends see the difference in you, although they can’t put a finger on it.

Now you realise that it is easier to follow your heart’s desire than not to.



No matter where you are in life, it should’t take longer than 90 days to align your head back to your heart.

If your heart is your top priority, this process WILL work.

Longhand writing will help you to switch back to the place where you can see the bigger picture, despite the resistance you might experience in many ways.

The question is, how willing you are to surrender to your own bigger power + live a heart-centered life that is contented and joyful?

To your heart.

To the Creator inside you.

All my love,

yiye zhang, london spirit coach





When my frequency drops or I suddenly feel anxious or over-think things, I find that quickly changing my physical position often shakes me out of it, something like standing up and walking up and down a few paces, or stretching.

This is of course a lot more profound, and you’ve reminded me of the fact that I haven’t done any morning pages or journalling in, well, a long time! I’ll follow your advice, thank you for the beautiful post 🙂

Much love!!


Hi Sibylle – love what you said about stretching, like moving, walking etc…
I think we are all guilty from phasing out morning page…i’m back into it too! all feeling great now!

all my love

Courtney Pearce

I love The Artist’s Way and I KNOW her morning pages exercise WORKS, yet I still put it off. Looks like I need to get back to it so I can really hear my own heart story. Gotta get back in the game! Thanks for this 🙂


Hey Courtney! thanks for connecting, and yeah! enjoy the morning page to the most!

all my love


YES! I am a card-carrying member of the Over-thinkers Club. Morning Pages were such a saving grace for me. I discovered after a page or two of senseless rambling a wiser voice would jump in and ask for permission to speak. I liked hanging out with that voice more so after a few years of committed writing she finally started showing up from the first page. 🙂 I have found since I started blogging more regularly that my morning pages have turned into mini-blogs or ideas for blog posts. I’m not sure if that’s good for clearing my head or just another form of overworking. Do you find that happening too?


Hey Jen, I’m so glad that we are connected! I know what you mean by it turned into a blog post/article etc…last year this time I started to do morning page, because I was so devoted, the pages turned into my ebook! Then I started to blog everyday, and my intellect told me: you don’t have time to do morning page anymore, just treat blog posts as your morning pages. Damn! That’s where it got wrong….as much as I enjoy talking to this lovely community every week, I struggled a bit somehow. It’s only when I picked up morning page a few weeks ago, things become easier. And it really stretched the time and I find writing blogs are easier than before (I also find a plot for 2-3 other books I’m writing this year) The lesson I learnt is: practice morning page daily – some will turn into posts or even book, but stick with the process. Intend to march your consciousness on the page, the result can be rewarding; but don’t put the focus/intention on the result, because you’ll miss the process. Thank you SO MUCH for dropping by!


I was *just* talking to my client about doing Morning Pages so this is perfect to share–thank you! And also a reminder for me to keep doing it, I go in and out of using it and need to make it a daily habit.

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you Terri!! It’s tricky to keep it a daily habit – especially when things rock high, that’s when we forget about it!
thanks for connecting!

Trinidad Pena

What a great post! I love the morning page/mediation combo. Sometimes I even through in some sun salutations.

I feel like the writing empties my brain and then I can get into a good head space to meditate and stretch. It makes SUCH a difference in my day.


Hey Trinidad! I’m sooo happy to hear that you have a great start each day!!


Morning pages inspired!


great Judy!


i am just finishing my 10th week of morning pages (a la “the artist’s way”). the results have been amazing – so much clarity and insight. great post!


so happy to hear that April!

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