If Money were your life-partner, a real person, who loves and adores you:

by yiye

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He would be in disuse as the “bad guy” given that’s how society labels him at the moment. He is capable (and wants) to provide for you unconditionally, through highs and lows, even though you might not recognise it immediately. He doesn’t dominate or dictate your life. He often tries very hard to find ways to reach your bank account, all he is waiting for is your “greenlight” by saying: “Yes, I’m ready to receive more Money”, and taking aligned actions.

She is with you during every single step of your spiritual evolution, and she knows your strengths and energetic leakages. When you receive a pick-your-brain type of request, she will look into your eyes and challenge you to make the best decision, not just to please people. Sure, you might be afraid to say No initially, but with her loving encouragement, you’ll gracefully reply to the sender: “Thank you so much for reaching out and letting the Universe know that you are ready for the next step. With regards to your questions, I’ve written several blog posts on this topic, here are the links. Enjoy exploring, and if you still have any questions, do get in touch and we can work together to resolve this challenge for you.”

He reminds you daily that you have a big, tender and generous heart and are here to serve. He invites you to ask yourself this question each morning: “What are the top 3 tangible ways for me to provide value for my community today?” He makes sure you know that authentic selling is a sacred energy exchange and firmly nudges you to click the “send/publish” buttons to your mailing list. And when dealing with criticism such as “you are too expensive”, he is here to show you what exactly to say as a compassionate leader.

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She provides you with sage guidance over stressful family conflicts during the holiday season. She insists you give yourself enough time to keep your head clear and heart open, no matter how busy life appears from the outside. She brings the best out of you and encourages you to say your truth with clarity (and without apology). She helps you to see the bigger picture – whatever you experience in the outer world is merely a reflection of your inner state of being. If you ask for more love, she will travel down memory lane with you and find out what has triggered your conflicts, and help you release your old fears.

He calls you out when you secretly want to escape your responsibilities. He then sits down and reviews your bills and statements with you – he speaks to you in such an assuring and understanding tone that you suddenly realise that there is nothing scary about your bills. He helps you to connect with your bank accounts spiritually, and you start feeling the Essence from every penny in your bank accounts – each one of them is here to love and support you, but is not an indicator of your self-worth. You finally feel relieved and enjoy staying on top of your finances. The more you pay attention with love to your finances, the more empowered decisions you will make daily.

She assures you that your needs, financially, emotionally and spiritually are always met. She prompts you to get your hair done, connect with nature, and take a well-deserved break without the fear of missing out. And if you are willing to listen, she often whispers this in your ear: “Honour your healing wishes and miracles will then follow.”

He is so keen to help you see your reality as a beautiful, infinite and abundant one, and you will have more and more ideal clients, but never run out of ideas on how to serve them better. He guides you to treat business building as a process, not a destination, and show up to your journey fully no matter what.

Dear fellow souls, this is the Essence of Money that I know of. No matter what your Money stories have been in the past, as a divinely magnificent being, you can always receive more Abundance with the right attitude and tools.


**For simplicity, “he” and “she” are alternated throughout this love letter.

Curious about this new liberating way to relate to Money? Check out my Money Love Playbook – you’ll enjoy it!

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