INFJ: Perfect Moments In The Fall

by yiye

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I am in the Shen 神 House with my soul family, Roujan, Southern France.

We are healers, lightworkers and alchemists. 7 nationalities, all walks of life, but we share the same passion for the miraculous ancient Chinese spirit-based healing medicine.

We are dedicating our bones and souls into studying Five Element Acupuncture, 8am – 8pm, almost non-stop, led by our wonderful teacher Gerad Kite

As a born introvert, I have always struggled to express myself while being with people…

But this time, things have really shifted. I am grateful for what life brings.

A rush of ease comes in.
Ease of being attentive towards my needs.
Ease of loving my soul fam.
Ease of receiving love from them.
Ease of enjoying their company while being true to myself…

Like now, I am reading The Thunder of Silence in my room. They are chatting and playing downstairs. I am fully myself, holding them dearly in my heart, blessed by their bright, beautiful and warm presence.

Beyond power, thunder of silence

This is a perfect moment.💛💍🎆

I experience more moments like this in autumn days, no desire, no yearning, no want. Just accepting what it is.

I have been asked before: “But isn’t it this boring?”

Well, I don’t know for sure, but I would absolutely welcome more moments like this, as all I can feel right now is freedom and appreciation. Although dramas manage to find their way to me, they go very quickly too.

As I gazed outside my window, watching leaves falling with splash of colours: red, yellow, beige, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue, and dark brown.

Such abundance only shows in the season of autumn. It’s like towards the end of a life cycle, when all artificial things have been stripped away, one’s true colour starts to be revealed. It is a beautiful and valuable process.

In Chinese, we call this season “Golden Autumn”. If you look at fallen leaves on the ground, they do look like precious metals, don’t they?

Many Empaths/INFJs/Introverts find this season to be incredibly depressing.

Do you find this season hard to embrace?

If so, have the courage to tune-in to the season and re-establish your relationship with it.

You might surprise yourself by automatically stopping pushing hard as usual, but spending more time around the fireplace with a heart-felt book, enjoying shopping for warm clothes, socks and slippers, letting go of old patterns and belief, accepting your past instead of dwelling on it…

It is a wonderful time to mine the gold inside you.

Maybe you feel that you miss certain people, connections and things in your life. Or you might utterly long for the future. But the truth is that you lack nothing.

It is only your Self who you are missing. Your gifts, your talents, your creative genius, your divine rights and prosperity…

Look into your eyes, put your hand on your heart, you’ll find the love you are after.


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