12.6 Minutes to Infuse Abundance Love Through Your Web

by yiye

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It breaks my heart to see so many creatives struggling to be comfortable with their web presence.

While I’m no copywriter, when it comes to infusing Abundance into your web copy, about page, sales page…I know a trick or five…

I’m going to share five tips with you today. Each is simple and fun to implement, and can be done within 12.6 minutes.

Why 12.6 minutes? Well, that’s the average amount of time people spend putting their clothes on, apparently.

Can you spend 12.6 minutes to put on your favourite dress/blazer/ ___ (whatever your style is), and feel fabulous and radiant?

If so, then you can welcome the Essence of Abundance to your website, sales page, and writing by using some simple tweaks today!

A joyful and loving relationship with Abundance and Money can be easily infused with your writing and marketing, so that your products/services will broadcast a “buy me” signal to your audience. (Tweet This!)

Your community will also feel more expansive, which will only inspire them to want to work with you more, and take more aligned actions to change their lives.

1. Hiding your Essence from your About Page is criminal

Not legally, but energetically.

Having said that, I can totally relate to the emotional barrier.

I still remember writing my first “About Me” draft. I didn’t have problems sharing how-to guidance, but…I couldn’t bring myself to really show people who I am; I worried that if I listed my credentials or achievements, someone would call me a big C; I wanted to hide behind all my tips and I did; and why oh why would anyone want to see my photos at all?

In short, I didn’t feel worthy enough for people to get to know me.

Until my readers kept prompting me:

“You mentioned about your psychic reawakening – I really want to know more, promise to share more please?”

“You had a science background then turned into a full-time intuitive? You must be my cosmic twin. Tell me more how this transition happened!” 

“You nearly threw up when you started charging your consultations too? How did you turn it around, I still can’t. Help!”

Encouraged by them (thank you! thank you! thank you!), I began to relax more and trust that what happened in my life to date has some value to another person, if my stories can helps one more human being, then I’ll share…

Each little story burst out from a secretive part of my 4th charkra, rising up to the 5th chakra and flying out on the page, until they cannot all fit into a single About Page anymore.

Then, I made each of them a new “home” – stand-alone blog posts; tidied up my About Page + crossed-linked where possible…

You have a story (or perhaps 20…).

Your story has its own life, merits, and purpose – to inspire, encourage and heal.

We are all storytellers! You are the perfect one to tell your stories!

Still struggling?

Try the these (12 Abundant) prompts:

:: Just a few short years ago, I was stuck in/doing ________ (Did something significant happened? let us know, we are waiting to hear more.)

:: The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life was ________ (Why was it hard? How did you turn it around?)

:: I love my work, not just because ______, but I can truly _______ (Your body of work has soul, pull the thread out.)

:: I will always remember my first encounter with my Higher Self/Angel/Spirit Guide ________(You’ve definitely got my attention here 🙂 )

:: The first time I landed a paying client/created 5k/10k month/lead a retreat, I _________ (Share both ups and downs, so that we can relate to you more.)

:: If I knew my pain was also my gift, I would have ________________ (Curiosity is rising up, how exactly have you tapped into your inner-peace?)

:: My name is _______, in _____ it means _______. (Does your name tie with your core values/desires/achievements too?)

:: My bff described me as ______, _____and _____; and my clients/colleagues say my best qualities are _____, ______, and _____.

:: I’ve always struggled to express myself fully. I mean, my Sun was in _____, Moon in ____, Venus in ____. I was especially suppressed and confused when I was ______. Fast forward, I’ve created a business and lifestyle that allows me to _______. Here are my top __ lessons I want you to take away…

:: I’m an Indigo Child (well, that’s what they call it). This is my first time on Earth. I really struggled, for example, ________________. Luckily, I never ever forgot about my innate gifts ________. After years of ______, _______ and _______, I’m finally ready to ___________.

:: I am an old soul (apparently). Living in a time when the society’s value is determined by young souls, I really struggled with self-worth/find a place where I belong/__________. I still remember what it was like to ________, it hurts when I see you ________. I am another you, and I really want you to know that ______.

:: Here are the top 10 things that I want tell my younger self _________

Fun? 🙂


Your About Page is a living and breathing being. Nurturing it with your true Essence – so your visitors will feel you through your online presence.


2. Cleverness is overrated

Not sure how to write head-turning headlines? That’s OK.

In this ever-growing, over-crowed market place, we don’t need another “blueprint” “must-have” or what-ever-sort-of-guaranteed. We just need your voice, your truth and your simple brilliance.

Abundance is an inner-knowing: being who you are is a blessing to the world.

No one is judging you as much as your head is. You don’t even need to sound too clever: that type of clever, you know, almost like trying too hard to cover some insecurity, to be showy.

Well, you can demand yourself to squeeze every ounce of your over-loaded intellect, create a sophisticated page & lock your eyeballs on your conversion stats every single hour, and let this entire never-ending process to doubt your enough-ness;

Or you can take yourself out of the craziness, trust your inner-voice and write straight from your heart: imagine all your Angels & Guides are behind your shoulder, your Higher-self has got your back, the Essence of your ideal client is right in front of you, the beautiful soul, the life struggle, the desire…What do you really want to say?

When you let go of being “clever” and just be a helper/guide, you flow, you bloom, and you prosper.

3. Iron out the “Money funk” on your sales copy

If you have a healthy relationship with Money, you’ll realise that selling is essentially a sacred exchange of energy.

Different words on your sales page have different vibrations. Use your words wisely to inspire the desired response.

For example, do you often use the word “cost” to communicate the financial commitment required to work with you?

If so, change that.

Use “investment” instead.

“Cost” makes people feel contractual, “oh, another one!”, it implies that you are taking away something from them.

“Investment”, on the other the hand, is more inviting, expansive and hopeful. You ask people to transform their lives through your products and services. You give your energy, expertise, skills, love and time so that they’ll grow themselves. Win-win, right?

Look, I know that you are a big hearted person who provides tremendous value in your clients’ lives. You need to honour the transformation that you facilitate. Your work is sacred. And by doing this work, your clients will feel richer, not less about themselves. You are adding, not taking away anything from them, except unwanted patterns.

Once you switch your inner-script and reflect your abundant mindset through your words – people can feel the difference and those who are ready to expand their souls will respond to this.

It might feel like such a small change, but with your clear intention, it can make a big difference.

Try it today and see how you feel.

4. Give your “buy” or “pay” button a shining personality

buynow money_buynow

In order to run a successful divine business, you have to love to receive Money.

It frustrates me to see that so many awesome products are available but the creators have a repelling relationship with Money, which end up blocking sales.

You give, give, give, and give more, but when it comes to receiving, it suddenly feels wrong to you.

And we both know that this mentality is not healthy nor sustainable.

If this is you, make sure that you invest your time and energy to release unconscious blocks especially before your launch.

:: Try these 8 Mantras;

:: Get to know Money better;

:: Decode the pricing & self-worth myth;

:: Use the playbook or subliminal audio if you wish;

Look for ways to reflect this joyful relationship on your website. There are plenty of visual opportunities to do so.

For instance, when you design your “buy” or “pay” button, infuse it with devotion and love. Send out the message to the Universe that you are happy to receive more money. If you hire a designer, make sure you communicate this intention with her/him.

{Extra tip if you need some practical DIY help}

:: Step 1 source a beautiful and inspiring image from sites like www.istock.com.

:: Step 2 use online software (eg, www.pixlr.com) to add text of “buy now” “pay” or whatever your call-to-action is, and save this image to your PC.

:: Step 3 upload the new image to your website media library, it will give you a designated URL.

:: Step 4 create a payment button via paypal, paypal will give you two choices: “website” or “email”, click the “email” option, and select and copy the code.

:: Step 5 insert the following html code into your sales page. 

<a href='[insert your paypal code (step 4 above)‘><img src=”[insert your image URL (step 3 above)]”  />

Well done! You have an irresistible “buy” button now!}

5. Add a fab bonus

Like we said earlier, it’s all about adding value to people. In this info products overloaded age, please please please offer something truly useful for your clients, so that you WILL stand out and they will feel like that they are honoured, not just another number in your book.

This way, you can serve your clients even deeper and better, and be better financially supported too!

So, talking about creating an enticing bonus:

:: Consider the natural next step after using your current product. For example, if you teach people how to overcome anxiety, you might want to give a meditation to help them boost their vitality for the next 30 days.

:: A 10 minute consultation laser focusing on a pressing problem that your customer might have? (If you offer your time as part of the bonus, be sure to set up a system or a limit – you don’t want to burn yourself out!)

:: How about some of the best-ever content you created in the past, re-purpose it & personalise it for your clients?

I’m never tired of reminding you of this: take a few deep breaths, release your performance pressure & anxiety, allow your heart to lead you in the process, creating your virtual home is a simple act of bliss.

Give yourself the permission to reconnect with the love of Abundance and the beautiful Essence of Money. Not only it will make it more pleasant to sell and market your work, but also it can uplift your audience. (Tweet This!)

I’m never tired of reminding you of this: let your heart lead you, release your performance pressure & anxiety, creating your virtual home is a simple act of bliss.

(This article was originally inspired by my colleague Tanja Gardener)

Wild Love & Abundance to you
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