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Once in a while, I get emails like this: “Hi Yiye, English is not my first language either. Can you give me some advice to make it work?” Having been running this site for four years (hooray!), I want to share some of my blogging processes, in case it helps you.

Here we go, facts:

1. I do ask for help

I hired an amazing editor for my first ever ebook Express The Master Within. My husband graciously and generously checked every single blog post in my early days for grammatic purposes, which was handed over to my then assistant.

As I am getting more and more comfortable, now I ask for google for help whenever unsure. (At times, I might still ask hubby, friends or strangers:”Do you Britons use so and so to explain xyz?”)

Gaining more experience has definitely helped me to release articles and newsletters and programmes and courses out there – I must admit previously the process was daunting and constipation-felt when everything was only half ready.

Grammar can hold back your publishing speed, so do ask for assistance and support whenever necessary, do not make it harder for yourself.

Having said that…

2. Often speed has nothing to do with your grammar proficiency

But it has everything to do with if you are in the flow or not.

Do not get overly concerned with how little vocabulary you possess currently or your eccentic grammatic style.

Focus on being in the flow.

Please do not just nod then go back to your perfectionist self and rarely press your wordpress “publishing” button. Go and do what lights you up, write from that place, you will see what I mean.

3. Write like a devoted half-ass

Words have vibration. Vibration shapes your world. Writing words down simply claims your space, on paper and in the world. Languages are beautiful and can be sophisticated, but ultimately they are just beautiful and sophisticated tools.

Tools cannot undermine your purpose.

Your purpose is to become a devoted half-ass ie. take the pressure off yourself.

Break up with perfectionsim today, which ruins the potential, the reality, the fruition, the joy…basically, everything! Be a half-ass – there is nothing shameful about overcoming resistance and producing work consistently – let God take care of the quality.

Let your enthusiasm be your best guide – that is your devotion.

4. Read as often as possible

It will help. A lot.

5. Write as often as possible

It will help. Much and much more.


Happy writing – to all the devoted half-asses out there! We are all in this together.

With love,

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Nela Dunato

The tips you share are so helpful and true, and my experience as a non-native speaker has been the same. Especially 4 & 5! I’ve learned so much more about grammar in a few years of intense blogging than in all my English classes in school, just by being immersed in written words all the time.



Thank YOU for sharing your experience, Nela – it will encourage more souls to just write!!


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