Life Without Facebook

by yiye

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Over the past three years, I gradually decreased my facebook usage.

?These were my initial reactions: fear of missing out, withdraw symptoms, guilt of not “making my brand” more visible on the #1 social media platform full of leads…

Each time I felt that way, I noted it down. Then I logged back on FB to balance those emotions – wasn’t proud of it, but it was the best I could do at the time.

?The next stage: liberation, calmness, more opportunities coming out from different social platforms which I enjoy so much more, yet still experiencing anxiety from time to time, such as:

“But I really miss my friends and wonder how they are doing”

“Oh this blog post is doing great, I’ll be such a fool not sharing it on FB as well”

Again, I kept making notes when those thoughts popped up, navigated how to fill my well in a much healthier way other than aimlessly browsing feeds on FB again. For example, watering the roses in my garden, writing a catch-up email with clients, drafting a beautiful newsletter etc.

☯ This is what I am like lately: centred, creative freedom, exquisite mental space without clutter, spontaneity, meeting my friends in person & having quality time face to face, answering questions from fellow introverts on how to not be on FB while having a successful online biz (well, apparently we are here to learn what we teach 🙂 ) …

I haven’t logged on for a long time.

I have more energy, time and space to relax into Life, connecting with my Spirit and Creativity.

? This is a nutshell of my FB detox journey. It has been awhile but it is so worthwhile.

I am definitely NOT saying that everyone should quit FB.

What I am saying is that you have your rights and strength to let go of anything that no longer serve you, it doesn’t matter if it is FB or something else…

Your life will become so much more aligned when you spend most of your time doing things you love, with people whom you enjoy hanging out with, at places/platforms that elevate your presence.

? Trust your instinct. ?

Divine connection, sensual femininity

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Nela Dunato

Interesting, and now I’m curious what your favorite social media sites are 🙂

I take retreats from all social media for 7, 10 or 30 days several times a year and it’s always a very centering and grounding experience.
Facebook is my least favorite site, but I have the most connections there. I don’t think I’m able to shut it down. But to choose not to log in for a while, I’ve been able to do that. And it turns out I don’t miss out on anything interesting.



Hello Nela! It’s interesting to know that FB is the least favourite for many Intuitive/Highly Sensitive Souls. I hear you on the connection part – that’s why it took me over three years to leave FB behind. I thought about letting people know that I’m not there anymore on FB, but the act of logging on to let people know that you are not there anymore is a bit ironic. My URL is still on display on my profile and pages. And I know that people who enjoy my work the most can continuously benefit from my site and newsletter anyway.

Because of letting go, I’ve found it a lot easier to blog/vlog regularly, quite often, while I’m on the go. No pressure. No expectations. Just express – returning to the original joy of installing this website I guess.

Right now, I am having a lot of fun on LI and IG. I don’t feel restricted to be around at so-called “peak times”, I ignore most gurus’ advices and I only share when I am inspired to share. Currently I spent less than 1 hr per week on those two platforms! This works for me. I feel that I’m using them for the right reason – recording my life and my body of work (in-progress). Unlike being on FB, I don’t feel the constant need to unplug – I’m not sucked into them to start with… However, I must thank FB to help me get here. Just like the first romantic relationship full of dramas, but it made me see myself more clearly so that I can enjoy a better relationship that works.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with FB. Your comments always inspire and empower!


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