Live Your Soul Purpose

by yiye

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You are here to unleash your Soul gifts and fulfill your life purpose. You are a unique expression of the consciousness, there is only you who can walk your path.

I was talking to friends in our community, many get intimated by the words “gifts” or “purpose”. As if you must be a “chosen one”, otherwise you don’t have the right to lead a meaningful or authentic life.

This belief is old and damaging and doesn’t serve us anymore.

For example, “a chosen one”, but chosen by whom?

At the soul level, we are all divine and equal, bright and beautiful. Each of us has our own specialty and style, without which the world is colourless and boring (can you imagine?).

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One of the biggest obstacles for people to live your purpose, which I see as an intuitive guide, is that they are waiting for permission. Waiting for an external thing, a so-called authority figure, or an arbitrary number for validation and approval.

Permission to share your wisdom onceΒ you hit a certain number of followers;

permission to be yourself with your audience as well as strangers;

permission to change the ineffective or even destructive patterns that clearly no longer serve you;

permission to be heard;

permission to be seen;

permission to be loved…

But, there is no such thing outside of you that has the real power for you to live YOUR purpose.

Ultimately the biggest resistance to answering your Soul calling comes from yourself.

You don’t need to be “perfect” to live your purpose or be a true service. In fact, the whole reason of being on Earth is to accept and enjoy your own work-in-progress.

The ego is frightened, of course the ego is. It suddenly loses its self-claimed importance with your intention to leap into the unknown. Many people might stop here and turn back to the old and familiar until the next wake-up call.

The thing is that we never know how many hours we have in this body, our carefully pre-selected beautiful physical container. Give yourself permission now. Waste no time.

Realign your intention daily to your life purpose. Focus on activities that bring you joy, meaning and richness.
With what is going on in the world right now, we have so much work to do.

Instead of letting fear take over or letting our dreams pass by, it is an invitation from the divine to embrace your purpose more than ever.

yiye zhang, life purpose, spiritual realm, five element acupuncture

Sending you peace.
Sending you strength.
Sending you love and grace.

You can fulfill your purpose with dignity and joy, presence and passion, sovereignty and peace. Have faith.

Believe in yourself.

With love,

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Thank you Yiye for a lovely post. I didn’t realise until I read it that I’ve been waiting for permission. Your words made a lot of sense to me and motivated me again! Thank you.



You go Amanda! πŸ™‚


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