Four Spiritually Practical Ways to Make Money This Week

by yiye

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If you’ve been on my list for a while, you probably are familiar with the concept of working with Spirit Guides to make your life and business way more effective and fun than usual.

Today, in this article, I’ll explain how to connect with 4 types of Guides so that you can celebrate money making this week! Yep – let’s not drag it on, remember: Money loves speed.

It’s a shame to see people either so stubborn to explore the unseen world, let alone leveraging it to manifest their desires; or they believe that if they sit in the lotus position for 10 hours per day everything else follows without taking any sorts of action. Make sure that you are NOT making this costly mistake.

You need both in order to move things forward as you desire.

Ready? Go!

1. Runners:

Runner Guides have strong connections with your local community, online or/and offline. This simply puts them in an awesome position to help you to get discounts, special savings and offers.

For example, I always invite my Runner Guides to connect with first class train tickets in the UK.

As I get better and better at this, at times I have even managed to get first-class tickets which were way cheaper than standard class ones!

You need be really flexible working with Runner Guides though, you might be guided to places, websites or people which you normally wouldn’t have thought about.

Runners also can help you to sell unwanted items fast, by helping other people to show up in your life who think your unwanted items are just perfect for them.

Working with Runner Guides is probably the easiest way to either save your money or obtain cash super fast. Once cash starts to come in (no matter how small the amount is), well done, your money gate is opening up. Otherwise, this is a mental block that you’ll need to release now. 

When it comes to opening money inflows, there is no amount that is too small. (Tweet it)

2. Helpers

Helper Guides can help you attract more ideal clients, or even transform a not-so-ideal client relationship into an ideal one – if you are up for it!


a) Grab a piece of paper, draw 3 columns.

Fill the first column with all the qualities you love from your current/past clients, eg, they pay you on time, they respect your style of working, they provide testimonials proactively, they happily shout out about you online or offline, they show up their presence during sessions, they implement everything and attract fast results.

Fill the second column with the experiences that you don’t enjoy so much about your current/past clients.

Then in the last column you convert everything in the second column into an ideal quality.

Once you have got clarity yourself, invoke Helper Guides, who will joyfully arrange synchronicities for you. 

Again, working with your spirit guides require you to be very receptive, but quite often you’ll receive clients in unexpected ways. And if you are too busy with your to-do list, it’ll be very difficult to receive miracles.

b) Once you have clarity around whom you want to work with + invoke Helper Guides to arrange synchronicities, bear in mind, you’ll have to SHOW UP. That means, send out the solo sales email, pick up the phone + follow up with potential clients from the past 90 days, announce your offering within your network and expand your community in order to reach out. Schedule the blog post, guest post, webinar, discovery session, or whichever way you need to engage and attract your ideal clients.

Remember: Guides are here to GUIDE you, not to run your business FOR you. They help you make arrangements in 4th or 5th Dimension beautifully, but you have to show up in the associated 3D spots in order to receive.

3. Teachers

Teacher Guides are so loving and sincere, they always want to bring the best out of you. But meanwhile, they CHALLENGE you not to settle for anything less.

A great way to invite Teacher Guides to help you is when you feel called to raise your price. 


a) Write a letter to Teacher Guides, asking about your pricing questions. And let them borrow your hands to write a letter back. How do you know that you are not making it up? Feel the vibration of the reply, it should be clear, loving and no nonsense.

Another thing Teacher Guides are great at is assisting you to connect with the Essence of your products and services. So whenever you feel stuck around a topic, invoke Teacher Guides and ask them to drop you hints and ideas in order to move forward, they might direct you to human Guides in the 3D online world. Especially if it is a topic that is new to you, it’s difficult for it to make sense to you without someone putting it together in the 3D language. For example, if you want to learn more about how to develop a loving relationship with money & manifest money fast, claim your Money First Aid Kit here. 🙂

b) If you have a burning question about your product/service, do not be afraid to ask your Teachers now, and see where/whom you are naturally drawn towards.

c) Then adjust your pricing to reflect the true value of your product/service. You might feel the resistance, again, invite your Teacher Guides to help you identify what is blocking you and how you can move forward. Sometimes when you set your price too low, the product/service doesn’t even want to sell itself, or you attract completely non-ideal clients. I’ve seen cases that when people get more ideal clients after raising their prices – that’s called alignment. And if this applies to you, you will have an inner-knowing when reading this.

4. Healer

Healer Guides are always here to remind you that receiving love and care, ultimately, is the same as giving love and care.

If you feel that you are stuck to take actions, chances are there are some wounds that need to be healed first. 


Invoke your Healer Guides to help you bring up a past experience that needs your attention right now. Did you feel ashamed? hurt? unwanted? unworthy? because of that past event? If so, allow the emotions triggered to be expressed and witnessed. Once you release those stagnant energies, taking action (ie, making offer, talking to potential clients and marketing will become easier and simpler).

I also recommend you to connect with the Healers on earth, ie, book a massage, book an appointment with a therapist, and during your session, imagine all your Healer Guides, in both the seen and unseen world, to be beside you, and do everything they can to heal your body and soul.

Once your blockages are removed, you can revive your ability to receive more, in a more flowing and feminine way.

Non-negotiable self-care and releasing money blocks go hand-in-hand.

Last but not least, do not forget about the Essence of Money, it is also such a powerful being/teacher/guide however you want to address it. You must connect with this being in order to make everything happen with grace and ease.

If you need more help, claim your Money First Aid Kit here.

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