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by yiye

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How is your Spirit today? I want to share some exciting news with you!

In the last few months, I’m humbled and grateful to receive many miracles, my manifesting flair has been on: a new kitchen, an airy and warm loft renovation, healing from a prolonged past-life wound, delicious soulful relationships – business wise and personally, and (an even) more authentic lifestyle that I could only daydream about as a teenager…

But what amazed me the most was not the outcome, but the journey itself – it was all done with incredible ease and wild divine efficiency.

So when my friends Anne and Sherry invited me to participate their biggest giveaway events for spiritual entrepreneurs (This event is made by soulful biz owners for soulful biz owners!), it inspired me to create two new gifts for you, sharing some of my brand new materials to help you live your vision and walk your own path, in a non-draining, non-overwhelming way…

Specifically, here are the two gifts I’ve made for you:

+ 1) Adventure Manifesting

Manifesting becomes a real adventure when it has nothing to do with what other people want for you, but what do you want for yourself? It’s an alchemy of your spiritual journey.

Give yourself permission to go to places you’ve never been before: write that book within, beautify your business venture, call in abundance, paint, dance, make a leap…

You are no longer in a cramped space of bitterness but into capacious heart. You are no longer a victim, your worst enemy, a broken part. You are what you are again: a divine being, whole and healed, who lives and breathes adventures on her earthly journey.

In this 3-part mini course, I’ll personally guide you to purify your thoughts (most of the time they are contradicting!) and take you on this manifesting adventure.

You’ll learn how to:

:: stop hustling and start enjoying your adventure

:: what you need to stop doing right now, and what to focus on instead (hint: NOT your desires 24×7 as many suggest)

:: elevate your most authentic desires without overly thinking and call in daily miracles…// Get it over here.


+ 2) Double Your Business With Ease

Calling the part of you that feels sleepy, rusty, perhaps even a bit numbed and too fragile to express yourself joyfully…Would you LOVE to uplevel your life and business now?

Business can be artful, spirituality can be profitable. Let go of the old programming of struggle – it was a way but it is not the only way especially in the current climate!

Join me and we’ll drop grace into your greatness, use ease to dissolve growing pains, and let profit sustain your purpose…// Get it over here. 

Last but not the least, happy April 1st! Let’s embrace some fool’s wisdom. Don’t make your life about proving yourself or justifying your worth.

Don’t feel guilty about being a beautiful light. Don’t underestimate your true power nor forget to enjoy your own creation.

Make your life a celebration, a pleasure, a meaningful delight.

Yiye Zhang – Intuitive & Abundance Guide
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