Meet Your Spirit Guides – Who Are They?

by yiye

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If you are also into Quantum Physics, you probably are aware that things in our physical world only appear to be solid and rigid, but they are really composed of pure vibration and consciousness.

In this spiritual realm you have beautiful helpers (ie, your divine support team) to assist you on your earthly journey.

Who are they really? And why are they here?

As my teacher Sonia Choquette taught us, apart from your angels and archangels, you can have up to 33 guides at any time in your life; if you seek to expand your consciousness, you can attract more than 33. Given you are visiting this website, you probably have 33 or more.

Maybe you are wondering, like some of my students, “Why are these “Guides” attracted to me and want to help me? Do I really deserve all their time, energy and support?”

My first suggestion for you is to ask this question instead, “Why wouldn’t you deserve any help?”

Each of us is a precious sparkle of the divine.

Each of us is made by stardust.

Although each of us is not “important” in a grandiosity sense, you are an essential part of this Universe through your own perspective – you are your everything!

So with this self-worth piece in mind, I invite you to open to explore this warm, benevolent and uplifting energy that your Spirit Guides are eager to bring into your daily living.

Even if you are still not sure yet, just your “curiosity hat” on – what can you lose?

Imagine your Spirit Guides as your “gang”/”crew”, they are as varied as your human friends to play different roles and help you on all sorts of things such as making sure you are safe, short-term projects, life-long learning, heal emotional wounding, unleash your creativity…

Most of your Spirit Guides have been living on earth in other life times and many of them perhaps have had connections with your previously, because of that, no wonder why they would volunteer to reconnect with you and offer assistance to your current incarnation.

Guides can be your teachers, helpers, past-life friends, deceased family members, high-terrestrial beings from other galaxies, and your fur family (animals).

The more you are open to your guides and their help, the more fluid and satisfying your work and life can become!

Having said that, high vibrational guidance is suggestive instead of intrusive. You will never ever to be forced to listen to any guidance when it doesn’t feel right to you at the time.

Want to dig even deeper? Curious to learn more? You can visit my shop + get the Spirit Guides Audio Class: Learn 5 sure ways to work with your Guides.

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