Mercury Retrograde: hell or a safety net?

by yiye

mercury retrograde, manifest money

We are still deep in Mercury Retrograde (and a few more planets are in retrograde too). I’m sure that you’ve seen plenty of “not to do” lists during Mercury Retrograde. You might feel nervous, depleted or just really pissed off in general.

Well, instead of worrying about technology/communication break down, putting your business/travel/life on hold, you can bless the PURE ESSENCE of the information age (connection that is!) You know, the essence of anything holds the highest possible vibration – something that is not our patterns, crazy thoughts or drama but the deep truth of everything in this Universe.

It is a perfect opportunity to look inward and pour endless love towards yourself as if you were pouring love to your family/friends/clients/this planet. It is so easy to forget about yourself – what’s your deepest desire right now?

If you feel challenged, I have some resources help you during this delicate time:

If things don’t go your way, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of judging yourself,ย read this and stop being so hard on yourself.

You might feel called to step into your sensual playfulness andย divine feminine power.

Instead of pushing through,ย gracefully release your fearsย (scroll down + you’ll get access to myย no costย mini-e-course: fear releasing, which contains some of my best content over the past 2 years).

If your self-worth issue comes up,ย use this to help you.

I manifested a healing trip (all-expense-covered) to Sheffield & the Peak District. I spent my Uni time there.

I couldn’t speak much English back then. Whenever I was judged or misunderstood due to cultural differences, I didn’t even know the right words to defend myself. Besides, I was constantly asked to prove myself that I can be respected. I fought for my right to work in the UK, fought my way up to prove that I could be a good resident, fought for a red stamp on my passport so that I didn’t have to report to the police every single time that I moved house…

mercury retrograde, manifesting moneyI had this pure intent to heal my younger self.ย To manifest this healing trip, I didn’t visualise or affirm much this time – don’t get me wrong, all those techniques help. But rather, I made it happen from such an organic place – I just want to heal, to love; to heal more and to love more.ย 

And it happened!ย I wasn’t involved in the booking details. But guess what, the hotel I was staying is just around the corner where I used to live as a student. Everything was so easy.

I devoted 3 days and took my 17 year old self around the town and the beautiful Peak District. We revisited all the shops/bars/restaurants where I used to work as a student. We took selfies. We laughed and cried over the memories. I appreciated her courage and I also witnessed all her pains and scares. One by one.ย 

Later on, we are at peace in terms of where I am now and how my past has contributed to help me get here…

Perhaps you also built a life in a different culture and continent completely from scratch, or your stories might different; but the underlying pains we experience are the same – the need to heal our self-worth. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

So, today, I invite you to get super honest and clear with your most immediate & authentic desires.

Sometimes you worry about not having enough money or support to carry you to get where you want to be.ย I want to gently remind you that your needs are always met. The problem is not that you are not good/worthy enough to receive your desires, but how to get money, abundance and resources on your side & heal your “working too hard” patterns.

If you are called to learn how to manifest with ease, heal your wounded self & support your truest desires, claim your Advanced Manifesting Course here.ย 

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Sherri Hayter

I love that idea Yiye Jhang, to take our younger selves on a trip of reflection. When I was in my 20’s, I travelled to Britain and Europe by myself. I was incredibly home sick, and in many ways it was so difficult and challenging, but I did it. It is my desire to follow that same path now as a mom of two young sons and do just what you did – revisit the places and the memories and give thanks for the bravery and courage of my 24 year old self.



Hey Sherri, thanks a lot for connecting and sharing your beautiful story! Love this “give thanks for the bravery and courage…”!


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