Soulful Entrepreneurs, How Can Money Heal You?

by yiye


Dear soulful entrepreneur, believe it or not, money can be one of  your best spiritual teachers and healers. Tweet this

As you know, money is just a form of energy. In essence, it is nothing different from the computer screen you are looking at now or the phone you are holding onto at the moment.

However, in our society, you are not brought up in a way which teaches or educates you or even encourages you to build a healthy and loving relationship with money.

Whenever you give or receive money, you actually exchange a type of energy, and the money is a manifestation of the energy in a physical form. However, if during this energy exchange process, you receive some unfair treatment for example, you are probably wired to blame the money automatically.

Say for example, if you have some self-worth issues, rooted from your childhood, that means that during this give and receive process, you will feel unbalanced, or perhaps you feel that you give way too much more than you receive.

If you face any of these challenges, this will impact on your relationship with money directly.

Just to share my example with you. When I first started this online business, I didn’t have a problem attracting clients. People from all over the world came to me asking questions, however I couldn’t bring myself to charge for my time. It just felt so wrong in my bones.

So I gave I gave I gave I gave and when it came to receiving I closed myself down. Until later on I learned that it was because of my relationship with money. 

Back in corporate days, I had quite a few abusive managers, in my early twenties. Quite often I was working something like 60 hours a week just to try and finish some project with really tight deadlines.

Because of the extra hours you put in, you also received some extra bonus; subconsciously I viewed money as a compensation to put up with managers who did not treat me well, or to put up with long hours, to sacrifice your time and life.

So when I started doing what I do now, that means I am doing something I love so much and I am serving the really nice and loving and giving light workers, it felt wrong to receive money.

You see, your money relationship is merely a reflection of relationship with your self. Do you feel worthy? Do you believe that you deserve it?

Perhaps you can relate to this as well. Maybe your subconscious is telling you that making money is not supposed to be easy or with grace.

Whenever you have a money challenge; I encourage you to take this as an opportunity and discover, “where can you love yourself more fearlessly?” “Where do you need to heal yourself more, in order to return to the wholeness?” The more you are friendly with money, the more friendly money will become towards you.

It is just the same as any relationship. I really encourage you to treat money as a mirror, in order to build the best possible relationship with yourself.

To start with, let’s take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out, Haaaaaaaaah. And repeat this after me. Money loves me and I am at one with a tremendous amount of money.

Some of my clients have asked me this question before. They saw some people doing silly tactic which they don’t resonate with, and those people are earning lots of money, and they start to feel resentful and they start to feel funny about money and they ask me what to do.

My advice to you would be to learn how to stay at one with money & transform your old stories. Essentially, what you don’t like is the old story, which has nothing to do with money.

So stay clear and stay conscious. Don’t let someone else’s experience or philosophy dictate your relationship with your money. This money piece is so important because of its impact on all your business building.

If your relationship with money is poor, then you will find it difficult to charge your worth, to attract your ideal clients and you probably end up giving way more than you allow yourself to receive.

That means you’re going to have a very weak boundary, which might cause some burnouts down the road. So I really encourage you to take an honest look. If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, make a real commitment today to improve your money relationship. law of attraction

Start this with feeling at one with money and feeling being supported by money. Ask yourself what other old money stories you can let go of today. You are a light worker, you enjoy helping people, but remember, the more money you are able to make, or the more money you allow yourself to make, the more support and capacity you will have in order to raise the vibration of our planet.

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love & abundance,

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