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Money Loves 10 Things…

by yiye

1. Money loves open-minded receivers.

Money struggles to make it to your bank account if you make heavy & rigid assumptions on how you will attract money. And money cries if you make the assumption that people don’t have money/don’t want to pay you.

Want to turn it around? Start making a list of all assumptions you have in your mind about money. Then reprogram yourself.

2. Money loves speed.

Money doesn’t enjoy waiting around. If your product/service is 80% good enough, then it’s ready to go.

Launch, tweak, learn;

Re-launch, learn more & tweak again…

3. Money loves being paid attention to.

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Almost every money expert will tell you to track your money coming in. Why? Because it works. Definitely start doing it if you haven’t already. Stop moaning + start doing :)

4. Money loves collaboration with an empowered being.

Money loves being spent on your self-care.

Money loves seeing you pay your own salary (even if you are the solopreneur).

Money loves being respected – ie, take a stand for your own policy.

5. Money loves love.

If you love money, love the support which money can provide for you, and have the determination to do whatever it takes to release your money block, then your money will always be there for you.

It has your back, it catches you when you fall, even if you are not sure how you are going to land safely on the ground.

But you need to make the first move.

6. Money loves going around.

Money gets bored once it is in a stagnant mode.

Money loves you and money loves the wider community too. Donate, invest, re-invest, buy gifts for others, support good causes …all great to open up your money flows.

7. Money loves being tapped into.

Like everything else, money is an energy. Money loves it when you increase your receiving ability & really tap into the abundance flow. Infinite abundance flow.

8. Money loves being at one with you.

Money is an energetic being, it has a unique connection with you. It wants to feel at one with you, your talents, your gifts and your services.

Ask yourself today in what ways you are stopping yourself being at one with money?

9. Money loves helping you heal your past wounds.

Money loves being a faithful mirror, to reflect any injuries, judgements, resentment you might have.

Money loves being an honest bff with you, to guide you on how you can love yourself more fearless, how you can accept yourself unconditionally.

10. Money loves being honoured.

I once invested in a year long program – it wasn’t a complete shambles, but I had outgrown it within 3 months. In the mean time, the customer service went downhill, and so many classmates (including myself) wanted a refund. By the time, I requested one, it was already out of the guarantee time. I could have kept trying to get my money back on the ground that the marketing message was so misleading. However, once I tuned in, I realised that it was my responsibility to take action (eg, raise my concern before the guarantee lapses, communicate with the course leader that I wasn’t very happy with the program), which I didn’t rectify early enough. That was actually my lesson to learn how to honour my own decision and take 100% responsibility of any purchase decision.

I decided to let go in the end, it wasn’t an easy decision. It was a mid 4-figure investment, and I thought “what a waste of money”.

But I’ve grown up so much since then. Instead of spending my energy trying to get a refund, I put my attention and intention fully into my own business and services.

Guess what, within months, I got my initial investment back and much more…(going back to point #1 – being open-minded in terms of ways to receive money).

If you’ve made any purchase decision in the past, honour it, even if you’ve outgrown it quickly, even if it feels like a waste of money. Guess what? Once you honour it, your money will come back to find you, most likely in a different way!

To love & money,

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Yiye was made in China and shipped to the UK at the age of 17. After receiving a First-class degree in Maths & Physics, she became a chartered accountant, trained by Pricewaterhouse Coopers. As a natural intuitive and healer, she then left the corporate world and launched her virtual lighthouse for spiritual entrepreneurs. She uses both her intuitive and systematic skills to help you transform your Money stories and dissolve your income ceiling. When she is not helping clients, you can often find her in the Shaolin Temple or the Tate Modern in London town.

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