My biggest confession to date

by yiye

I have a confession to make. Peeling off all my layers: physicist/maths graduate, ex-accountant/analyst, writer, dancer, bloody foreigner – I am also a six-sensory/psychic/intuitive (whatever you name it…)

Talking about pyschic, you might think of someone who stopped you in the street, and told you how much your life was in danger, and if you didn’t pay them you will be in trouble….

That’s partly why it took me a lot of courage to get out of my “closet”. Psychic ability and metaphysical art are NOT openly, accurately or wisely talked about in our society (yet!)

What we normally refer to are often just misconceptions, or the psychic awareness at its lowest level, eg, the person in the street I mentioned earlier.

My signature reading is to see who you are, the beauty of your spirit, your higher-self, your oversoul, your life purpose.

Let me explain a little how I got here first…

After graduating in Physics and Maths, I took a job with PriceWaterhouse Coopers, the only reason being that it was one of the very few companies which would sponsor me a work permit (oh well, we were all desperate at some point!).

Several years later, after all the insane hours and chaotic lifestyle, I preferred to be the one who takes care of myself, instead of leaving it to the corporate ladder. So I quit being an permanent employee and started my first-ever company summer 2011 by taking on financial consulting projects.

Some of my friends thought I was crazy by taking such a “risky” move during the recession. It wasn’t that I had no fear of taking such a leap – but to me, the biggest risk is that you “live” by default but you actually never lived on your own terms.

However, I must admit that psychologically it was a huge leap: from being employed to taking full-responsibility of myself and my work. Not to mention that I always had the female money blocks (aka. the self-worth struggle), despite that I am pretty good with the practical side with money and business.

So I started to learn the mindset of being an independent service and shifted my relationship with money towards a much healthier direction.

The truth is that following my heart has paid off – not only did my income double (into the 6-figure zone), I was also able to take one or two months off here and there.

My spiritual awakening started while I was serving a corporate contract in the City of London. It’s actually a nice experience – I was having fun with a good bunch of people through our banter everyday.

But over time came another problem, behind the spreadsheets and endless account notes, I felt that a part of me inside was dying…

I knew that I had to do something but had no idea how to start. And worse, I kept questioning myself:“What the hell is wrong with me?! I am well paid in a safe profession and working with nice people. Why am I still feeling suppressed?!”

A voice in my head told me that this was not my path, it was so loud and clear until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

In the meantime, my psychic channels started to open: I started to see auras, geometric shapes in the air, and experience a flash/hunch in terms of which friends are getting married or pregnant even before they knew.

I was, to be honest, shocked.

My family did notice some of my psychic gifts when I was a child, but being a psychic is considered as “not proper” or “not a way out”. For a long time, I have shut down my channels. I was buried with endless exams in school and did not hear anything vivid for a long time.

Why are my psychic channels suddenly all coming back, and with more enhanced abilities and features (something like v2.0 lol)?

  • My understanding is that firstly I started to have more free time for myself so that I am not in the “get-go” mentality anymore.
  • Secondly I’ve been self-studying Chinese medicine from 2005 – 2010 aiming to cure myself from a long-term illness – I’m more and more sensitive towards energy.
  • Thirdly, probably the most importantly, the veil is lifting! There are more and more people awakening at the moment, on a global scale!

My experience is, although unique to me, COMMON.

The truth is that we are all psychics at some level. It’s up to you if you want to reclaim this innate gift or not.

One of the main reasons I open up about it, is to show people who are going through a similar experience but who are not able to talk about it with their family or friends, that you are NOT alone.

And there are people like me all over the world who are very happy to connect with you :)

Although I had been confused and lost for a LONG time – when I was young, I’d cry and felt pains here and there for no reasons at times, and easily felt mentally attacked. Because no one taught me how to use intuition correctly, how to protect myself, or how intuition can benefit people’s lives.

So here I am today, I finally woke up.

My soul connected to my spirit, I stopped dismissing my intuition; and realised that actually my sixth sense is my best friend, my safety net, and my golden compass.

To advance this gift, I have been studying from my wonderful spiritual teachers and mentors: Sonia Choquette and her daughter Sabrina Tully.

Firstly, I started to use this gift to help myself:

From summer 2011 until now, I have worked 75% less time than the previous year but have earned 50% more.

My relationships with my family and friends are so much more harmonic than ever.

I have managed to forgive anyone that I thought it’d be impossible to before (because I see what they are going through at a soul level).

Now, I am one of the happiest people that I have ever met! And I feel rich and have a lot to give.

In short, my heart is widely open to others, to the world and more importantly to myself.

I acted upon my own gift, finally!

Gradually I started to receive information from much higher frequencies – loving, humorous and clear.

I learnt how to discern the differences between true guidance and telepathic thoughts, how working with my spirit guides not only makes my life easier, but also can grow my beloved biz wildly fast….

The next thing before I knew, I started to feel the “personality” of people’s spirit, which is very different from the ego personality or soul frequency.

I started to see, hear and feel their gifts, talents and life purpose, soul age, and if there is a particular challenge they are facing right now. At this point, I knew that I must come out of this closet and get back on my true path.

And now I decide to use it more openly and widely, to help you, my dear friends.

I can see, hear, smell and feel your beauty, your natural talents, your heart’s deepest desires.

I don’t know how to explain it properly. Let me try to put it this way:

Each of you is like a symphony to me – so unique, powerful and gifted. You are so gifted that it is part of you and sometimes you don’t even know!

I appreciate that it can be very difficult to see, acknowledge and even act upon your own gifts – just like how I was!

I understand how the doubt, worries, concerns, frustrations, and confusions can really stop you.

But you know what? You are the co-creator in your life. And you always, always have choice, if you surrender to your spirit, see things from a different light and just allow amazing things to manifest.


I promise you,

that I’ll keep my heart open to you, no matter what;

that I’ll constantly reflect and tame my own ego and judgement, so that I’ll only give you love, hope and positive vibes;

that I’ll be a clear channel (as clear as I humanly can be), a messenger to convey information to you, for your highest good only, to serve your spirit.

Is it a selfless thing for me to do? Not completely. Because we are all inter-connected anyway: every time you raise your vibrations, I will also vibrate higher; every time you share your own gift to others and the world, I will also share mine.

Through serving you, I’m self-serving – serving my soul’s purpose.

I can only be who I am.

And my dear friends, you can only be who you are.

Who are you?

What is your purpose this lifetime?

What are the stubborn patterns that you MUST say goodbye to now?

How can you build a business and life that is a sacred channel of who you are?

I want you to be free.

I want you to be BOLD.

I want you to be courageous, dancing on the fire.

I want you to ignite a new flame, purifying old wounds and pains…



Congratulations on stepping out of the closet and into your power!

I love this “You are the co-creator in your life. And you always, always have choice, if you surrender to your spirit, see things from a different light and just allow amazing things to manifest.”


Thanks so much Shann! for being here for me and inspiring me – much appreciated!

samantha jenkins

Yiye, well done for sharing that which is most precious to you …wishing you all blessings in your new soul’s venture. I so agree that intuition is our own best friend and compass …like you it took me many years to realise this, but now there is no looking back!!!


Hey Sam – so happy for you that you are also enjoying your best friend and compass!! I adore what you do + thanks for inspiring me!!


Intuition, empathy, soul-seeing are such incredibly precious gifts, but they aren’t really encouraged in our world today, and certainly there’s no job “qualifications” that match those skills – so you went and created your own job that makes use of them! I love this 🙂

Your new program sounds AMAZING, I’m sure it’ll be a huge success!

Much love and blessings,


P.S. Oh, and I hope this won’t just be a short-term offer because I’m totally going to do this program once I’ve sorted out my finances a little more (I’m well on my way already, but not quite there yet)!


Hi Sibylle, together, let’s help to make the shift in the world!

re: your question – thank you so much!! this offer will be around, as it’s sums up my hearts desire pretty well! It will be more add-on in the future, eg. how to use dance move to free our spirit and balance our chakra 🙂 It’ll be great to have you on board!!

Good luck with everything, I am sending you energy and good vibes!


I find it incredible that you work with dance when all my life I’ve been dancing basically to stay sane and also as it seems to me the most natural expression to that most beautiful, ravishing, and divine thing we have here on this earth – music! Dancing is also a big part of my pagan rituals, it’s how I raise energy, celebrate, and express my appreciation of the divine 🙂

Thank you for your support. Much love and energy back at you!


Fantastic! Hope we can dance together soon Sibylle!


David M

Very brave. You continually inspire me!


and I am continually amazed by your beauty!

Jo Macdonald

This is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face simultaneously. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world ♥


Hey Jo, thanks so much for dropping by and connecting! Sending you all my love, best wishes and good vibes!

Karina Ladet

What a beautiful post and your new offer sounds gorgeous! You have so much wisdom to share, Yiye : ). I really loved this “every time you raise your vibrations, I will also vibrate higher; every time you share your own gift to others and the world, I will also share mine.”

Love, Karina


Hey Karina, how lovely to “see” you again!!
Thanks sooo much for your love and support!



Hey Yiye, I can feel the heavens rejoicing that you have stepped out into who you really are, ready to serve and be a wonderful catalyst for joy in the world. Congratulations brave heart and beautiful soul! xx


Aww thanks so much Donna! for your love and encouragement as always!!
sending you all my love and energy too xx


I loved this post Yiye. I loved your honesty. As a long time student of Metaphysics I am definetly seeing a “shift”. We are alot more free to speak without being carried off and burnt at the stake.
Bless you and your journey Yiye.


Thanks so much Toni!! enjoy your Metaphysical quest too!! Much love and blessing!

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