my coolest (yet) gift for you

by yiye

OK – I know that the email subject title was a big claim. You should be the one to decide if that is true or not. I haven’t lost my self-awareness!

However I have poured so much energy and love into this, please let me explain.

You know how 2012 and 2013 have been for you and people around you? Exciting turns, new opportunities and deeper healing perspectives…but also bumps. Some old stories and patterns got triggered over and over again…It is difficult to stay in a high vibrational place when you are overwhelmed and confused.

To help you love yourself more fearlessly and release some old stories that you’ve been holding on to, I’m going to create a special meditation for you: Raise your vibration & Leap back to your essence. This will help you to set a solid tone for your 2014.

It will only be available for a short time, so grab yours here.

When your essence is with you, you are always clear, whole and present.

Unfortunately, sometimes your essence cannot come through because of some earthly “agendas”, namely ancestral patterns, old soul wounding and all sorts of strong social conditioning.

If you want to wash away those old stories, and meet your most authentic self, this meditation will guide you and assist you.

And the really cool things are:
1) There will also be a piece of gorgeous & sensational music towards the end of the meditation, through which you can feel your body and simply dance with your very own essence.

2) I will release the mediation on 29 Dec 2013, as a community, we will be holding space for each other. And if you are an introvert, you can just do it in your own home & feel our support without getting overwhelmed. We’ve got your back!

Click here to claim your gift [time-sensitive]

Wanna make it even better? You can send the registration link/or forward this email to your soul family, and do this meditation together & have a spiritual blast!

Right, I look forward to talking to you soon!

Love & Light,

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