My first 12k month + Are you wearing your hot, red undies?

by yiye

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Happy Chinese New Year (CNY)! 

I wish you a year full of joy, creative and authentic expressions!

The CNY celebration usually lasts 14 days, so we are still in the holiday season! Are you wearing hot red undies? If not, feel free to do so. Because it can bring more abundance & good luck into your life.

As some of you know that my blog/website was off the ground quickly.

However, I didn’t want to run it in a traditional hard-selling way, my intention was to attract like-minded soul sisters instead of chasing clients.

So I surrendered into the divine feminine power, ideal clients found me through beautiful synchronicities. It certainly took a lot of courage to NOT to follow some advice that you don’t resonate with. But it did pay off…

I was happy to be a service.

However (there is always a however!), while doing what I absolutely LOVE, along came another problem… I quickly exhausted myself.

Mainly because that I had trouble of feeling comfortable to get paid.

In my first few months, I ended up giving away free services/products worth $2-3k per month.

The money in my saving account was consistently going down. I felt depleted, and much worse, I feared that my business wouldn’t work because of my money blocks…

It felt so bad that I literally kneeled down to pray for help.

Luckily, my Guides stepped in again and helped me to learn a systematic way to release my money blocks.

The whole concept of “releasing money blocks” might sound daunting and scary, however, it has been such a healing & profound experience.

As I gradually release those blocks, my life also becomes even better and more satisfying.

I just had my first $12k month this Jan and am feeling relieved, joyful and deeply grateful.

During this process, I healed a visibility issue that I’ve been carrying on for more than a decade.

Like it or not, money and your business is actually a beautiful healer to help you clear out many false-programmed patterns.

It isn’t a straight-line process though. Do you know that as soon as I made a decision to have a quantum leap, within 2 weeks almost everything went wrong? It was confusing and very very challenging.

During the past 45 days, I experienced 3 distinctive uplevellings. Each time, emotionally I felt like dying. But as I stuck with my initial intention, I came out stronger and more sovereign.

When I had my first 5k week, it was also followed by a breakdown.

Annoying questions like these kept bothering me: “Is this sustainable? Can I make it happen again? Do I actually deserve it?”

I had to do some intense inner work to be able to hold a high vibration, hone it and own it.

Uplevelling can sound very glamorous on the surface, but people rarely go in talking about the “darkside” of it. You know me, I’ve always been passionate to speak my truth. So while I am putting together my brand new audio class (Create your true desires with speed and ease), I’ve dedicated one class just on this topic: overcoming the darkside of uplevelling.

I’ve shared my experience and tips with a great level of transparency, so that you can learn how to handle uplevelling with minimum drama and make the whole process a lot smoother. 

And the beautiful thing about uplevelling is that once I take the leap, the right clients leapt with me, and their desires also leapt towards them. It’s such a bliss to be part of this ripple effect.


If you resonate, do check out this brand new 4-part-audio-class. 

Create your true desires with speed and grace. Sign up before midnight 14 Feb (GMT), you can ask me your hottest questions via live Q&A on 15 Feb (details TBC). If you are not able to join the live call, you can still submit your questions and the call will be recorded.

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